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What are all these attacks[edit]

I'm assuming you've already played another 3D fighter or read Fumimi's guide so I am going to point out things I think are important, too. I'm also assuming you know what frames are and move notation.


5P is +2 on block

Most 5P are 12f

- Eileen, Pai, Kage, Lion have 11f jabs

- Jacky, Lau, Kage, Sarah have 10f jabs while Back Turned

Most throws are high and 10f

- Wolf, Pai, Aoi, El Fuerte, Goh, Jeffry, Vanessa have low throws.

I haven't tested out every single move yet so there may be a few other 10-11f jabs, other characters with a low throw, and throw startup isn't the same for every single one


Before anything else, mid elbows are meant to crush 2P. Typically this is 6P and 14f, but some people like Akira have 13f elbow using 66P. Note that if the jab executes before the elbow it does lose, but it won't trade otherwise. The best way to test is to set dummy to guard then 2P, then you do a blocked 5P followed immediately by a buffered fast mid.

Mids can be separated by classes and execution:

14f - Elbows like 6P

15f - Uppers like Jacky's 2_3P

16f - Side/middle kicks like 3K

17f - Knees like 6K

When mids like elbows and middle kicks hit a crouching opponent you will get +6/+8 advantage which is usually better than if it connected on a standing opponent.

Many combos can be started from a normal or a counter hit mid launcher. Some can start off highs, but mids are best to learn at first because they won't whiff.


Fast lows in general are -15 on block, -6 on hit, and even on CH. They have more range than 2P and are meant to peg your opponent for a little bit of damage. They can also be used to beat opponents fuzzy guarding but more on that later.

Special High/EX High

High moves with a special property that allow them to hit crouching opponents that are attacking. Like 6P above, it must execute before or it will lose

Special Mid/EX Mid

Mid attack that can be blocked standing or crouching, but forces the opponent to stand if blocked crouching. A guaranteed follow up is possible

Special Low/EX Low

Low attack that can be blocked standing. 2P 2P 2P 2P 2P 2P 2P


High throws are there to beat sleeping opponents and opponents that evade. Tech high throws with 4, 5, or 6 P+G. The last input of their throw is the direction you pick, so to tech Wolf's Giant Swing you do 6P+G. This also covers BURNING HAMMER.

Low throws beat crouching and fuzzy guarding. Tech with 1, 2, 3 P+G

Ground throws are gay as fuck stop touching me while I'm on the ground. 2 or 3P+G. 3 usually does more damage

The direction you get thrown is a decent guess as to what the final input is and neutral throws do the least damage. Teching Goh's faghug depends on where he wants to go to rape you

Catch throws are not techable, but lose to low, jumping, back turning attacks and throws.


Since this is a 3DPD game, attacks are separated as linear, half circular, and full circular. Evading will beat linear, can beat half if the right direction is picked, and will lose to full. Full circulars are telegraphed by the WHOOSH sound, and half circulars are dodged away from the attack.

Evades will also lose to throw, and delayed attacks. One of the reasons why delayed attacks can work, even if they are linear, is because the opponent will realign with you if you press any button including guard and offensive move, so wait for their flurry of attacks before mashing out. Another reason is that you cause them to do the failed evade animation that happens when an evade is attempted when there is no attacking move to evade. It seems obvious given the name, but avoid using OM during defense/when you're in frame disadvantage. Remember that even if you don't score damage, you get bonus frame advantage (usually +2) for side attacks.

If you need to block, cancel your evade with forward dash and guard.

I want the computer to do everything for me[edit]

Fuzzy Guarding

At -5 you can crouch dash then guard (33~G) to block a mid and duck a standing throw. Loses to lows, low throw, and delayed throw

At -3 you can tap down while guarding to do the same

Simple Throw Escape

While guarding tap and hold P and pick a direction and you will tech those throws while guarding.

Evade Throw Escape

Right after evading input a throw escape and you will tech those throws while evading.

Evade Throw Escape Guard

Same as the above but you continue holding down the guard button. I do it as evade, tap and hold guard, then tap and hold P. This way I don't accidentally attempt a throw out of the evade

Set your dummy to guard then randomly mid or throw and attack with 2P or other -5 moves to practice these.

Oh god how do I play this turn based game[edit]

The basis of strong offense in Virtua Fighter is nitaku, or 2 way choice. Starting at +6, the person on offense forces the choice between high throw, and mid attack. The person on defense must tech or attack the throw, or block or evade the mid. If they choose incorrectly, they eat a throw for their evade/tech attempt or counter hit mid for mashing. Otherwise, they take the advantage after guarding/evading/teching and do damage after mashing.

I know I mentioned throwing, evading, and circular moves but at the start focus on 2 dimensions then work on evade and its counters later.

Top 4 moves for every character:



6P or =<14f elbow equivalent



When starting any character you want to know these moves because on counter hit 5P, 2P, or elbow you get nitaku. Then you want to figure out mids that are fast enough (<18f to beat 12f 2P after +6) to follow up and kill 2P mashing. Using normal hit launchers after CH 2P is the fastest way to victory against the greatness that is 2P. But what if they block it? Then you're stuck at -15 and you're taking the dick for autopiloting. This is when you find mids that only launch on counter hit, as these are -9 or better so no damage is guaranteed. However, they're still blocking it and you've given them nitaku! Now is the time to look for mids/lows/highs that are -5 because they allow you to fuzzy guard.

This is where it gets more character specific, as some of these moves and other moves at higher disadvantage may have additional, delayable follow ups that allow you to continue fuzzy guarding, mixup mid/low (unsafe on block), beat crouching attacks with Mid/EX High, score a knockdown when hit (make sure it combos), enter stances, break guard, etc. There's also moves like catch throws, reversals, parries, etc. to beat your attacks so you have to consider which of your moves can beat those, like normal throw or a different type of attack.


- Counter hit with 5P/2P/elbow

- Find launchers that have strong damage potential

- Find counter hit launchers that are "safe"

- Find fast mids/lows/highs that are -5 on block

- Find fast moves that allow follow ups

Extending from the first 3 moves, look for other moves that give at least +6 on CH or normal hit to start this offense as well as moves that give you advantage on block like 5P so you can attempt moves slower than their jabs.

Right now, we've got a pretty linear mid offense going, our opponent has stopped mashing attacks, and at any good opening our opponent can evade our attacks. You can start throwing your opponent or going for half or full circular attacks in nitaku to beat these options, and the circle of life is complete. Attack -> Throw -> Evade/Guard -> Attack

If the opponent starts mashing again you can now choose to evade during disadvantage to steal back your turn. At -10 you can do ETEG to evade a 14f mid, but at -12 you can get jabbed out of evade, at -14 elbowed, etc. Do note that the timing for evading feels different depending on (dis)advantage. It is much easier to get pegged by 2P if you buffer an immediate evade after 5P (+2 on guard) than after 2P/elbow (-5 on guard).

If the opponent keeps high blocking and teching, you can draw a bit of blood with low moves, but an opponent that's aware of nitaku won't try going for low blocks much because getting launched hurts a lot more, and full circular lows have an obvious tell. There is also the option of 2P against your slower lows to flip it entirely back in their favor. Just remember that connecting a normal low that doesn't knockdown more or less "ends" your turn and puts you at disadvantage unless it's counter hit.

Lastly, you can go for high attacks to further variate your offense but beware they can lose to their quick lows that will crouch underneath them.

I haven't mentioned this until now for a reason, but at +5 or worse your opponent can fuzzy making the mixup significantly weaker since they no longer even have to think about which direction to tech - they avoid the immediate throw with a crouch and gain advantage. This is where fuzzy counters come in. Lows, low throws, delayed throwing, hell you can even be brave and go for Offensive Move and get that side advantage. Beware that timing OM can be tight and would lead to your opponent tracking your movement if you fail.

The frame advantage needed to build any kind of half decent offense would be: (Your fastest mid) - (Their fastest jab) = Advantage needed

+4 is the most reliable as that covers 10f jabs vs 14f elbow and makes OM a bit easier


Guard and abare 2P a lot

Okay but really, the easiest way to win back your "turn" is to (fuzzy) guard as the majority of moves are minus on block. You can try to 2P under highs but an opponent can evade or crush them. For the most part just reverse the offense section and consider what defensive actions people can do to you. Throw their OM, evade or delay 2P their EX High, evade their linear attacks, attack their normal throw, reversal/parry/catch throw, etc.

For punishment, at -10 you get throws (but they can be teched), -12 jabs, -14 elbows, -17 launchers, etc.

Always keep calm, and always be aware when you get hit or not. If they do nothing waiting for you to do something, you get to return to neutral. Reading your opponents habits while clouding yours is the key to victory. No need to go for throws if your opponent doesn't respect your frame traps. No need to go for linear moves or finish your series if your opponent evades at every chance.


Tutorial covers the basics, just some extra things to consider:

Quick rise = P+K+G

Tech roll = 2/8 P+K+G

- Generally wake up attacks do 20 damage. Make them whiff, guard it and regain advantage, or meaty with a move stronger than 20 and enough active frames to make it easy.

- Mix up ukemi to disrupt opponent's momentum

- Hold guard after quick rise/tech roll to block down attacks as soon as possible

- During recovery of quick rise/tech roll you can't evade

- Face Down, Feet Toward quick rise allows a meaty low/mid for free

- Face Down, Head Toward tech roll allows a meaty low/mid for free

- Use P+K+G to recover from fake combos and certain throws like Wolf's Giant Swing

There are a bunch of other things like how most rising K/2K kicks are -6/ full circulars on block but a few aren't and can be evaded and even reversalled/parried/etc. I still don't understand these completely.

About back dashing: if you land a 3K, you get a stagger where they land on their ass and you can follow up with a launcher. Mess around with the dummy options to see how you can punish a back dash and use it against the opponent to make their attacks whiff and whiff punish with a launcher.

Some other shit I forgot like staggers, crumples, back turned, etc. I'm not gonna explain until I understand how to use them better.