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Raging Demon And Multiple Setups[edit]

Lets be honest, someone can do a proper write-up for this character but the only reason to even play this character is to use Raging Demon. It is so good in this game where if you do it next to the other character, they are fucked and they get hit by it unless they are already jumping or soemthing else. Akuma gets killed quickly due to having the lowest health in the game so this is how you will style on people before you die.

Kara Demon - f+mp~jab, jab, down torward, short, fierce

Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AErqKebdqjU

I would say this is the absolute best way to hit someone with the Demon.

Basically the command overhead is masking your inputs for demon. You know you did it correctly when the demon cancels out of the overhead as shown in the video.

Other Setups listed below

Dash Demon - dash, demon input

This is also really great, especially if you have conditioned your opponent by throwing them. When you dash up to them they might be ready for a throw tech but just kidding they ate a Demon right in the face.

Demon flip

You can buffer demon after the kick of your demon flip, you have to input the motions a bit late because you want to walk toward them a little, the timing is a little tight but I usually do something as such... Demon flip kick, input jab jab right as its ending as late as possible, hold forward then finish the rest of your inputs

Now you won't be walking as much as you would think, but you are moving just a tiny bit toward them after ending your flip kick to catch them pressing buttons or even just sitting there if you are next to them. Make sure you can delay this when Demon comes out that they are out of block stun, if they are still in block stun they can jump out for free. This is also a great way to set up a Kara Demon.

Backdash Demon back dash, demon input

You probably won't be using this one very much or at all, this works best when playing against people who are playing grapplers who love to grab on wake up. You just back dash when they are waking up and buffer the inputs, if they whiffed a grab they are most likely fucked. Needs more testing against normal throws.

Buffering demon through normals

Whiff a normal and the opponent is next to you? No problem just Demon!

Jiro Demon aka SGGK Demon f.MP~LP+LK(the kara throw), LP x2, f.LK, HP

Video Demonstration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9g-6VHkypk

Kara Demons are the most reliable but if you can master this technique then you are going places.

This is an option select that combines a parry, a demon, and a kara throw all rolled up into one as this excerpt from SRK explains it.

Thanks to BillyKane's blog, I learn about SGGK application to gouki(I already knew SGGK from Mymoza) a.k.a the jiro demon.

here's what it is.

you must have noticed that when you're trying to karathrow someone but end up parrying right before doing it, you only get a f.MP, but no throw. well, the Jiro demon takes advantage of it. if you're opponent doesn't move, he gets kara thrown; if you land a parry, he gets kara demoned. here's the how to.

down or towards(the whiffed parry), Neutral(for the parry input to last longer), f.MP~LP+LK(the kara throw), LP x2, f.LK, HP. the breakdown is: -whiffed parry, karathrow if there's no parry -parry, Kara demon if you land the parry.

The rest of this can be found here http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/20209/the-sggk-thread

So to summarize, be like Jiro! http://youtube.com/watch?v=951ES-CIwFU http://youtube.com/watch?v=fPzzv36TxyA http://youtube.com/watch?v=un1J_bCuDP0#t=51s