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Gill beat up Alex's foster dad. This made Alex mad, so he beat Gill up. Then, Alex fought Ryu and had fun. So Alex did the reasonable thing and abandoned his foster family to travel all over the world to find Ryu and fight him again.


I DON'T LOSE. Alex is a primarily a mixup-based character, similar to Makoto, but with far less options. However, if you manage to knock down your opponent, Alex can run a pretty dirty mixup game, leading your opponent into stun very quickly.

Starting Out[edit]

Super Art Selection - A lot of people say that SA2 is the best. It can be combo'd into and it does a good amount of damage. SA1 is only good as a punish, or after a parry, as it can be jumped out of on startup. The bar is also far too long and allows for too few EX moves (the damage it does after a MP Flash Chop or HP Flash Chop are negligible). Some argue that SA3 is the worst Super for Alex, but there is an unavoidable setup for SA3: Simply push your adversary away from the arcade cabinet and punch him in the stomach. You can now use Stun Gun Headbutt without fear of your opponent dashing or jumping away.

You should be selecting SA2 and hardly ever using it. Alex needs the EX moves to become a threat, which makes the other supers rather invalid.

Normals - Crouching strong is Alex's best poke, it has good range and priority. Standing forward is also good, though it has longer recovery. s.MP is good for building meter. f.MP works as a good standing poke and antiair. s.HP hits overhead with deceptive range and will knock the opponent out of the air despite being hard to use against aerial opponents. f.HP is another good antiair. b.HP generates a ridiculous amount of stun, and can connect after a flash chop. s.HK is mostly useless. c.MK is a good crouching poke, but doesn't combo into anything. c.HK should only be used from max distance and is rather slow. While in the air, j.LP stays out forever, j.MK has great range and startup, j.HK is a great defensive move. Superman Dive is for air-to-air.

Specials -

  • QCF+P - Flash Chop (EX) - A chop that negates projectiles, and, if it hits, turns the opponent around, leaving them vulnerable to Alex's b.HP and Power Backdrop. the L version comes out quite fast, but won't turn the opponent long enough to make use of your new options, while the H version comes out too slow to use in most situations but turns your opponents around for about a week. The EX version hits twice and comes out fast, but knocks the opponent away.
  • HCB+P - Power Bomb - Alex's signature move. L comes out in 7 frames, M in 8, and H in 9. Each version does more damage than the last. It's pretty good to use right when an opponent is getting up, although it can be hard to time. Its range is pretty ass.
  • HCB+P while opponent facing away - Power Backdrop - Identical to Power Bomb in frames, Alex does a cooler-looking move that is otherwise identical to power bomb except in the fact that Alex switches sides with the opponent.
  • HCB+K - Spiral DDT - Alex's less-important command grab. Alex jumps forward (L for a short distance, M for medium, and H for far) and prays that the opponent isn't crouching. If his prayers are answered, you perform a DDT. It does worse damage damage than Power Bomb, but to make up for it, you're totally defenseless for the jump and your opponent can easily see it coming and crouch it. So it's totally worse. Some people like it for the Hugo matchup, since it's safer[citation needed] than getting close to Hugo to use Power Bomb.
  • SRK+K - Air Knee Smash (EX) - An anti-air grab similar to Hugo's Shootdown Backbreaker. Most people won't expect it, but it's not actually safe unless you parry an aerial. EX tracks and does the most damage. It also can pick up opponents on the ground. Use close MK into the EX for safety.
  • (B)F+K - Slash Elbow - A swift dash forward with an elbow. A decent move. L goes the shortest distance, H goes the furthest. L is the only safe version, so only use that. L and EX versions punish blocked shoto cr. RH or fireball (at close range). You can combo into SA2 with the non-EX versions.
  • (D)U+K - Air Stampede (EX) - A jump up, and hard stomp on enemies, Mario-style. Crosses up. L goes shortest distance, H goes the furthest. Must be blocked high. EX tracks, but never crosses up. A lot of scrubs forget that Alex has this move, or otherwise can't deal with it.
  • 360+P while opponent facing away - Backdrop Bomb - This move doesn't exist. It's the backdrop version of Hyper Bomb that was mistakenly put in Alex's move list in 3sOE.

Game Plan - Alex can stun alarmingly fast if he scores a knockdown. After scoring a knockdown, you should Powerbomb, s.HP, c.MK, or Air Raid. Stun fuckers with hard hits. Once your opponent is stunned, you can do a Super, or H Flash Chop into Powerbomb. If you don't want to switch sides, H Flash Chop, n.MK, L Flash Chop is your most damaging combo. Alex claims not to lose, but that's a lie.


  • High/low/throw mixups. ST. HP and UOH xx SA2 are strong overheads.
  • F+MP is useful if someone is trying to jump around when you've got them in the corner.
  • Remember: Alex's lows can be cancelled into anything, but it WILL NOT COMBO.
  • Throw mixups include kara throw (kara with F+HP), B+HP, tick st. LP into Power Bomb, tick cr. LK into Power Bomb, and tick cr. MK into Power Bomb (may have to time this meaty). You can also time a Power Bomb to hit the opponent as they wake up. You can also try Spiral DDT, but it's not recommended most of the time. MK Spiral DDT may catch the opponent by surprise. Just don't use it up close.
  • If your opponent is wakeup-parry happy, whiff ST. MP just before they wakeup and then Power Bomb.
  • Alex needs EX meter to be effective. The EX version of his moves are much safer than the non-EX versions.
  • EX Slash Elbow punishes almost every sweep in the game on block.


  • j.HP, s.MP, EX Flash Chop (L Flash Chop if you don't have meter)
  • j.HP, s.MP, SA2
  • j.HP, s.MP, EX Air Knee Smash
  • n.MK, M Spiral DDT
  • n.MK, SA2
  • UOH, SA2
  • f.HP, SA1 or SA2
  • j.HP, b.HP
  • c.LK, SA2 (buffer the 2QCF)
  • c.LK xx c.MK
  • Meaty j.HK, cl.MK, EX Flash Chop (L Flash Chop if you don't have meter)
  • Meaty j.HK, b.HP
  • (antiair) s.MP, EX Air Knee Smash. Good after an anti-air parry.
  • j. HP, n. MK/MP xx EX Flash Chop xx SA2
  • cr.LPx2 xx SA2
  • Slash Elbow xx SA2
  • H Flash Chop, n.MK, L Flash Chop
  • H Flash Chop, Powerbomb

Not Combos

  • Slash Elbow, SA3
  • s.MP, SA3
  • s.LP, tick Powerbomb
  • UOH, tick Powerbomb
  • c. lk, tick Power Bomb
  • mk, tick Power Bomb (may have to time this meaty)


  • ReNiC (USA)
  • Duralath (USA)
  • Sanchez (USA)
  • Genki (JP)
  • Kazuya (JP)
  • KSK (JP)
  • Zangoefu (JP)

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