Arcana Heart 3

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Arcana Heart 3
Not just for pedophiles.


Scharlachrot is lesbians for Weebee.

Everyone is lesbians for everyone else to varying degrees.


This game is actually pretty dead, but if you're new to the game and still want to learn, watch this video. There's also a dedicated online community depending on what time of day you try to find matches. The wiki on Mizuumi has frame data, combos, system mechanics, and character information. HomingCancel is where you go if you need further help.

Tier Whoring[edit]

Pick Elsa and a cool Arcana. Fire, Wind, Evil, Sin, or Halo have touch of death combos because of unavoidable resets. Fire and Wind easily have the most practical 100% combos, so if you're going to be a true tier whore, choose your Arcana based on the abilities that they provide you with. Halo is also up there, but you need more meter to kill.

Other notable characters that you can faceroll with are Plant Scharlachrot and Time Weebee.

(Tyr Catherine is actually the strongest character in the game.)


"I like Arcana Heart 3 because all the girls look like they could be pushed over really easily. I don't know why, but I like the idea of pushing over girls these days. There isn't even the thought of sexual or further physical violence after the fact. Just the pushing is enough.

Yoriko looks like the most pushable, so I guess I'd choose her. I'd love to feel her delicate figure give only the slightest resistance against the force of my arms before disconnecting from me entirely and crashing to the ground with a light thud."

-Some guy, Summer 2011.

Character Information[edit]

Use these if you don't want to go to Mizuumi for some reason:

- Weiss


auctaway - US East Coast (New York)

Butu_Porter US West Coast (Arizona)

ozzcar - Mexico

Scaipgote - UK London

MiyakoYS - US West Coast

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