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Big Daddy
Fun fact, "Bio" means "Bees"!

Have you ever wanted to play as the iconic character "Bioshock" from Kevin Levine's smash hit, "System Shock 3"? Now you can! With amazing moves like "punch them", "slide forward and punch them a little harder", and everyone's favourite "punch them in the feet", you can experience the diverse and deep playstyle only available by playing as Biosh- DA.png+TR.png,TR.png,TR.png,TR.png,TR.png,TR.png.

Let's get this over with.



Jab: SQ.png 10AP Quick move, important for confirms as it cancels into Drill Skewer

Overhead Palooka: RA.pngSQ.png 20AP Will Flatten, has Super Armor while active.

Uppercut: UA.pngSQ.png 20 AP Does a little launch, isn't especially good in 1v1s, has Super Armor while active.

Sweeping Fist: DA.pngSQ.png 20 AP Has decent range, can go into Jab or Palooka, if it hits an aerial opponent, it will launch them up too high for a move to follow up. has Super Armor while active.

Aerial Jab: Air SQ.png 10 AP Land with basically zero cooldown, can block after hitting the ground for a dodge roll, and can confirm into Drill Punch after landing OR confirms into Drill Skewer if you and the opponent are in the air. This is your best close-range option for air-to-air combat.

Aerial Hard Punch: Air RA.pngSQ.png 30 AP Ejects opponents that are standing or are in the air, decent for an air-to-air. Has Super Armor while active.

Aerial Uppercut: Air UA.pngSQ.png 20 AP Does a little launch, but in the air, and isn't especially good. Has Super Armor while active.

Aerial Down Punch: Air DA.pngSQ.png 20 AP Knee drops opponents if they are on the ground, will spike them to the ground in a flattened state if they are in the air. If this hits your opponent while they are grounded, you can go into almost any of your normal moves. You have enough time to jump and confirm an aerial too if you want, has Super Armor while active.


Drill Punch: TR.png 20 AP Butt drops. Great for confirms as you move slightly forward as you use it, goes into Jab or Sweeping Fist at close range.

Charging Rush: RA.png TR.png, TR.png 15-5 The second hit will flatten and can only be done on hit, the first TR.png can be held to continue charging. If you hit with the first and don't go into the second hit, it will launch them and you will have too much cooldown to confirm into anything. If you bump into a wall without hitting anything and going into the second hit you will stumble for a bit. Has very high Super Armor while active. While predictable and not great for combos, this is one of Big Daddy's best approaches, especially after the midair variant's nerf. Use this attack to charge through a Radec or Ratchet's sniper attack and punish with a flatten, then followthrough with tech chasing to royally fuck a ranged character.

Drill Skewer: UA.png TR.png 30 max AP on full hit, This will eject your opponent. This move is vital for Jab confirms. Works as a decent ground-to-air attack. If you use this move in a corner on fake walls (Dojo 2, Fearless 1, etc.) you can actually jump and confirm into an Aerial Jab > Aerial Drill Skewer. A solid combo ender, you can keep the pressure going after sending an opponent away by throwing out a UA.png CR.png to catch foes who don't alter their recovery tech. Bonus points if you jump and follow up with a SECOND tornado to punish harder.

Drill Slam: DA.png TR.png (Mash) 5-5-5-5-5-20 AP This move should never just be thrown out. Best used in a clusterfuck if you can guarantee you won't get raped starting it. Always stop if things go wrong. In 2v2 or 1v1 situations, it is a good idea to keep count of which slam you're on. If you aren't pressured, it is often the best tactic to stop after the 5th hit (sixth on the air variant) to suffer less recovery and keep your opponent floored near by, allowing you to unleash your fantastic tech-chasing game and further fuck an opponent up, rather than landing the last slam and launching them to safety for a meager 20 AP. Always be aware of when it IS a good idea to launch, though, like if you can send them into an electric wall (Paris 2, Alden's Tower, Fearless 2), a fake wall, a stage hazard, or even a teammate's attack/super.

Aerial Drill Punch: Air TR.png 20 AP Butt drops grounded opponents. You move slightly forward when using this move. Soft stall attack that keeps you suspended slightly longer, and is notable for its great startup speed. Recovery is average for a drill move, but can end early by hitting the ground, allowing you to combo out of an AtG hit thanks to the butt drop. It's recommended that you practice the timing of this attack for AtG, because it is a very strict window, and it alters on sloped floors.

Aerial Charging Rush: Air RA.png TR.png 10-20 AP The first hit (in the air) will butt drop your opponent, the second hit (the roll) will sweep them up a bit like sweeping fist, as long as the first hit connects. Very fast moving speed with this move, confirms into Jab, Electro Bolt and Incinerate. This is a key move for Big Daddy as it is his best aggressive approach (with the ground variant being his best defensive approach), but the startup time and reliance on this attack make it very predictable. Keep in mind that unlike most divekicks, this attack will only travel a set distance and can sometimes fall short of hitting an opponent, so learn the spacing or be prepared for less AP and a different hit than you'd expect. For best mileage, follow up with an Electro Bolt, then whatever combo ending you want to use (see combos and strategies for more).

Aerial Drill Skewer: Air UA.png TR.png 30 max AP Can be chained after Aerial Jab, ejects opponent away. Same strategy works as with the ground variation, follow with a tornado to punish poor recovery.

Descending Drill Slam: Air DA.png TR.png (Mash) 10/20-5-5-5-5-5-5-20 AP Slightly better than just using it on the ground, once again, best for crowd control and it gives an extra little bit of AP hitting on the way down. Grants more AP on the first hit for a higher drop. Avoid using this move during Time Station's gravity trip and Fearless's descent, as you commit to the attack and are susceptible to counterattacks until you finally touch the ground again. Otherwise, see ground variant.


Incinerate: CR.png (can be held for a second hit) 10 AP (+20 AP if held) The first hit will pop them up a tiny bit which will lead into the second hit should you hold it, which ejects the opponent. This move is important for a couple reasons: If you hold CR.png and the first hit whiffs or gets blocked, you can dodge roll forward or backward as long as it's before the second hit starts charging. This makes this move fairly safe. The other option if it gets blocked is to continue holding it, as the second hit will guardbreak, the opponent does have time to react to this, so be cautious. You can also Jump Cancel this move at the same time you could roll dodge for combos and is actually best used as the crux of high-AP combos.

Electro Bolt: RA.pngCR.png 10 AP This will electrify the opponent and stun them, up close you can connect Jab or Incinerate and from any other distance you can use Charging Rush or Overhead Palooka.

Cyclone Trap: UA.pngCR.png 20 AP This launches opponents high up. The tornado is launched up at a 45 degree angle and lingers a bit. Works as a decent anti-air if someone's jumping in from far away, but bear in mind it doesn't hit until it reaches its destination. Best used to air-chase opponents by punishing their approaches and recoveries. Toss it out after many of your eject attacks to set up for a possible hit. On successful hit, it is wise to jump and throw a second tornado higher, as you can catch their recovery again with that tactic, but smart foes often realize they need to recover down through it. This attack also is notable for the fact that it will stop at a wall and become a useful juggle hazard, as you can place the tornado then hit a foe into it and continue chaining attacks on them (including more wall tornados).

Winter Blast: DA.pngCR.png 10 AP Freezes opponents that touch it. The ice patch doesn't last on the ground forever, and actually melts away fairly quickly, including when hit by an enemy's attack. Any hit to a frozen opponent pops them up into the air a bit, so Sweeping Fist won't connect into Jab (or anything, really) and Drill Punch will push them away. Useful to punish with a short-hop DA.pngTR.png without the last hit, flooring them again so you can lay a new ice trap and prepare to punish further. Keep in mind you should NEVER USE THIS MOVE ON THE GROUND. The recovery time is absurd, especially when you consider simply short-hopping then using the air version is better in every way.

Air Incinerate: CR.png (can be held as you drop) 10 AP You shoot a stream of fire from your fist down and in front of you at a 45 degree angle, and if it hits someone, it will spike (midair) and flatten them. Soft stalls Big Daddy in the air, and maintains a slow decent. THIS IS YOUR BEST MOVE FOR AVOIDING STRAIGHT-LINE SUPERS, like Radec, Dante, and Good Cole's Level 2s. Also useful in Stowaways 1 to send opponents to the floor, where they will often wakeup into a descending Drill Slam from you. Useful in Alden's tower because of the decent range, slow descent, and spiking property; set up a kill by sending a foe off the bottom of the screen.

Air Electro Bolt: RA.pngCR.png 10 AP Electrifies opponent still. Good to use as you fall or to use while jumping away and pivoting to shoot it behind you. It is shot at a 45 degree angle down and in front of you, and is fairly safe when you land. This is important for Incinerate combos, so learn the timing!

Air Cyclone Trap: UA.pngCR.png 20 AP Launches really high up and is sent at a 45 degree angle upwards. This is a great move to follow up on eject hits or to keep opponents pressured into coming from the ground.

Air Winter Blast: DA.pngCR.png 10 AP Sends down some icicles (no hitboxes here folks) that freeze into the same small patch of easy to melt ice on the ground. You SHOULD use this variation to set up ice patches, never use the grounded one.


Drill Forward Eject: RA.pngRS.png Ejects opponents if you want to get them out of your face. Useful only to bank them off walls, catch them in fake/electric walls, or to relieve pressure off yourself (the exact opposite of what Big Daddy is supposed to do).

Drill Up Eject: UA.pngRS.png Launches opponents very high up, so high they will air tech before you could hope to do anything. No real reason to use this grab in particular.

Slam: DA.pngRS.png Bounces opponent in front of you, can confirm into Jab and only Jab. Useful to keep pressure on foes since you can follow with tech-chasing if you don't Jab and Drill Skewer them off the bounce. Also very important when corner-trapping opponents with your level 1 (see Supers section for further detail).


Level 1: Little Sister Gather, AKA BAWOO![edit]

Your Little Sister hops up and over your shoulder in a forward arc, sucking the ADAM out of anything she runs into or lands on. Stays active a teeny bit after hitting the ground before standing and doing nothing, until she vanishes.

As of 1.10 this super is now usable in situations beyond just Mienaikage's crazy setups (see here: ), as Big Daddy's roar (when LS appears on his shoulder, but before she leaps) now has a hitbox and butt drops grounded opponents. This means you can somewhat punish whiffed attacks or supers with it, since the butt drop is a setup on almost every character (sly, parappa, and toro sometimes evade the hit even after eating the stun). The most reliable approach is to use a midair electro bolt on a foe, then land and super them. It's not a hit confirm, but as the electro bolt stun ends the roar will hit any foe who does not tech backward (assuming they have room behind them) or forward and though they won't be butt-dropped (since they are in midair), they will be pushed right into LS's arc. Beyond Electro Bolt and Winter Blast set-ups, this can be used to punish a predictable roll and more effectively trap characters in the corner. Interestingly enough, though the roar does not kill, because it counts as part of a super it can hit foes who are using their level 2, meaning you can catch overly-aggressive Raidens, Big Daddies, Chicken Princesses, and other transformation supers off guard and counter-kill them for a meager 100 AP.

Still no confirm yet for this super even with its new roar (besides impractical wall-reliant and spacing-particular ones), but it has become much more usable and considering the low AP cost, this is no longer the actual worst level 1 super in the game (probably).

Level 2: Frenzy, AKA BEES!![edit]

You mumbled that they wouldn't like you when you're angry, and they did it. In this state, Big Daddy kills with every/any attack, and speeds up in several ways. His movement speed is greatly increased and you can now chase down every character. His attack speed is also improved, specifically with his drill attacks. the startup is gone from almost every drill attack and their familiar and large hitboxes make drilling opponents a VERY reliable way of netting kills. Note that the drill speed was improved in patch 1.10, so if you're playing on an old version for whatever reason, just stick to your circle moves, because

BEES! That's right, your plasmids all become everyone's favourite grotesque bodymod horror ability from the Bioshock games, the insect swarm. Press circle to use one of four different bee attacks that kill on contact with foes. Keep in mind with your bees that they have noticeable start up time that makes them predictable, and each attack will only kill one opponent before the swarm vanishes, EXCEPT the neutral variant.

CR.png - Creates an insect barrier around your briefly, this large circle of insects will kill anyone in the radius, fairly quick and pretty big.

RA.pngCR.png - Sends an insectball in front of you, goes a bit further than Electro Bolt and remains at the end of its path for a moment.

UA.pngCR.png - Sends an insectball straight up from your fist (not directly above you)

DA.pngCR.png - Sends an insectball straight down from your fist (not directly below you)

So, with these new options, you have lots of ways to kill. It's important that, when starting this super, you get your opponent somewhere you would like them, and close to you. Arguably the best method is to hit them with a midair Electro Bolt, then super as soon as you hit the ground, then jab or Drill Punch them immediately, either before they recover or just after they recover (depending on netcode finnickiness). Other examples include hitting them so they will air recover above you so you can use vertical bees, or flattening and then using insect barrier. If you start this and your opponent escapes, use Charging Rush to catch back up to them. You are not invincible to Supers in this state, so don't Frenzy TOO hard. If opponents have their supers loaded, tihnk about how their super works and if you can counter their counter. There's nothing more satisfying than jump over a Raiden who thinks he's clever, then dropping BEES on him as he whiffs his "YOUR MINE!"

This is a great level 2, and lasts long enough that, in a 1v1 situation, should you kill them immediately after starting it (this is what you should aim for), that you can net another kill before your Super ends. Frenzy will secure even more kills when more players are involved, and the smaller the stage the better. 6 kills with a single Frenzy on Dojo or Stowaways 1 is not at all far-fetched.

Level 3: Flood, AKA Teachin' Bitches How to Swim.[edit]

The entire stage gets flooded. You, equipped with your diving equipment, are much more suited to this environment than your unfortunate victims. You move around quickly, and only have access to a charge that kills on contact. You can hold up to do a rising attack or a neutral to go horizontally, but you CANNOT ATTACK DOWNWARDS.

This is a decent game ender. This will get you typically 2 kills per opponent, but is less effective on larger stages. This Super is fairly straight-forward, is one of the most fitting/enjoyable level 3s, and it plays Andrew Ryan quotes. Not sure what else you want. Just make sure your opponent(s) is/are alive when you start this.

Fun facts: Big Daddy's level 3 is the source of a LOT of easter eggs in the game; basically fire it off and keep an eye on the changes to the background. Each stage typically has some unique animations or reaction to the super, like Buzz holding his breath on Dreamscape or Captain Qwark swimming around on Metropolis.

For bonus points, micspam with this song during the super:

... (for those of you too lazy to wait for a joke, )



1) SQ.png, UA.pngTR.png 40 AP

This is Big Daddy's standard finisher and will work off anything that can confirm into Jab It will be referred to as RTD for the rest of these combos

1.1) CR.png, jump cancel, Air RA.pngCR.png, land, jump, Air RTD

It is very important to master this because this is what combos SHOULD go into if you can confirm into Incinerate. I would have put this down before but I didn't know and just wanted to make this page not empty.

2) TR.png, DA.pngSQ.png, RTD 80 AP

At max range of Drill Punch, Sweeping Fist won't connect because the startup is too slow, go with RTD at max range

3)DA.pngRS.png, RTD 40 AP

Takes meter, only option fast enough to confirm after the throw

4) Air RA.pngTR.png, RA.pngTR.png TR.png(Second Hit) 50 AP

Good if you want to flatten the opponent afterwards, otherwise RTD will build more meter after the Aerial Charging Rush

5) Air RA.pngCR.png, DA.pngTR.png(Mash) 55 AP

Confirm into Aerial Drill Slam if you're falling with Air Electro Bolt, otherwise, use RTD (50AP)

6) RA.pngCR.png, RA.pngTR.png TR.png(Second Hit) 30 AP

The charge can be used off of a max range Electro Bolt, if you are close up, go into Incinerate.

7) Air DA.pngSQ.png, land, short hop, Air RA.pngTR.png, RA.pngCR.png, CR.png, jump cancel, Air RA.pngCR.png land, jump, Air RTD 140 AP

Combo stolen from bottom video. Combo is fairly easy, the trickiest part is the Incinerate, jump, Electro Bolt. Make sure you do a small jump for your jump cancel.

Ignore my combos and just watch this.

woah woah hey 130 ap burst coming in niggas: the combo

Air Side Triangle, Electro Bolt, Incinierate, jump cancel, Air Electro Bolt, Jump, Neutral Square, Up Triangle