Fat Princess

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Fat Princess


Fat Princess is a very close range melee focused character with few ranged moves; her exceptionally strong non-combo attacks build AP very rapidly.

SQ.png (Scepter Bash) A single hit from her cupcake scepter. Hold SQ.png for a more powerful attack.

Air + SQ.png (Scepter Bash) A single hit in the air from her cupcake scepter.

RA.png + SQ.png (Scepter Dash) A charging attack with the scepter.

Air + RA.png + SQ.png (Scepter Dash) A charging attack with the scepter in the air.

UA.png + SQ.png (Scepter Slash) An upper cut with the scepter that will send enemies into the air.

Air + UA.png + SQ.png (Scepter Slash) An upper cut with the scepter that will send enemies higher into the air.

DA.png + SQ.png (Scepter Flash) A twirl with the scepter that knocks enemy's away some times up; this does not hit behind Princess.

Air + DA.png + SQ.png (Scepter Smash) A downwards hit from the air that will send the enemy hurtling into the ground awaiting your fat buttox to land on them.

TR.png + MashTR.png (Ballerina Spin Slam) This move is arguably the most useful move fatty boom boom has. This creates a whirlwind the on both sides as well as above and below to some extent ending with a butt slam sending enemies flying away from you; this can be used in junction with other movies such as SQ.png + SQ.png + TR.png + Mash TR.png to generate a very large amount of AP in a few blows; this movie however locks you in place and is punishable.

RA.png + TR.png + MashTR.png (Patty cake) A forward dash with slaps that builds a moderate amount of AP and is punishable.

UA.png + TR.png (Ballerina Glide) An upward spin that sends the enemy flying usually against a wall, not useful in combo's but can be very useful for getting rid of enemy's.


Level 1 Super can be hit confirmed by the following moves:


-Air RA.png+CR.png


Ironically Fat Princess is all about air control, despite her large size. All of her best moves are the ones that she can execute from the air and she has plenty of attacks which provide lots of stun, enabling her to drop down from the skies and lay down some amazing combos. The best method of controlling the air and keeping pests out is her air SQ.png, a fast acting swipe with her cupcake scepter which sends enemies plummeting down and leaves them stunned for a short amount of time. While playing as FP, you should be focused on catching opponents off guard and laying awesome AP burst combos on them, then CAKE, PLEASE!.

While in the air, morbidly obese Princess Peach has plenty of ways to stun enemies on the ground then come down and deal ridiculous amounts of damage. Her air RA.pngCR.png is the most dangerous of her aerial arsenal, sending one of her loyal soldiers at her enemies at an angle with absolutely no risk to FP herself. This soldier, on contact with an enemy, will stagger them and allow FP to follow up with one of her many very strong combos or even a level 1 super. Additionally, she has other airborne attacks such as her air DA.pngSQ.png and DA.pngTR.png which will accomplish the same task as her soldier but at more of a risk to herself.

It is important to vary your attacks as Fat Princess, especially her air RA.pngCR.png. If she becomes too predictable, it is unlikely that anyone will fall for her stun, something that will quickly cripple FP.

The super you will be using most as FP is her Level 1 cake rush. As mentioned before, her attacks provide an amazing amount of stun, allowing her to hitconfirm almost all of her moves straight into her level 1. While her level 2 chicken can potentially provide 4+ kills, it's unreliable and incredibly inefficient on larger stages because of it's slow movement and telegraphed attacks. Fatty P's level 3 is a spectacular fireworks display, summoning hoards of her wizards, soldiers and explosives experts to come and dominate the field but it's entirely useless. The swordsmen don't kill enemies but simply stun them and the fireballs as well as the bombs can be easily dodged. Do not use it for anything but humiliating your enemies.

Jabba the Hutt's hard-counter is other aerial characters such as Jak. It's important to try and keep them pinned to the ground, otherwise FP will never get a single hit in. Her RA.pngTR.png is useful for knocking these airborne characters away from you, allowing you to focus on other enemies.


Fat Princess has many moves which are capable of comboing into each-other. Her SQ.png, air RA.pngCR.png, and air DA.pngSQ.png are all fantastic ways to start a combo with plenty of stun to ensure your opponent doesn't recover.

Air DA.pngSQ.png, RA.pngCR.png, SQ.png, DA.pngSQ.png, RA.pngCR.png, UA.pngSQ.png, air RA.pngTR.png - 150 AP (The first 3 inputs may be substituted with air RA.pngCR.png, air DA.pngSQ.png for a safer approach, but is more easily avoided)

Air RA.pngCR.png, SQ.png, RA.pngCR.png, SQ.png, SQ.png, UA.pngSQ.png, air RA.pngTR.png - 140 AP

Air RA.pngCR.png, SQ.png, RA.pngCR.png, air DA.pngSQ.png, DA.pngSQ.png, RA.pngCR.png, R2.png (level 1) - 90AP before the super, -60AP with it.