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Does this look like the face of mercy?
Pf-p.png ------------------ Pf-k.png ------------------ Pf-s.png ------------------ Pf-k.png+Pf-s.png

It's that fucking cat. Here to jump fierce her way to stardom same as always, along with a mysterious squad of cats following her from offscreen. What do the other catgirls even do before the super though? Do they teleport in or something? Surely they're not following her around the whole time. These are the real questions that need to be asked, not this nonsense on how to play as her, but lets answer those.

In some ways, I personally consider Felicia to be the quintessentmeowl Gem Fighter character, as to learn her and how to fight against her is to learn the game's systems. She can have a wildly varying playstyle based on her gem levels and is fierce when taking advantage of air recovery or lack of. She can require a solid nyeutral game and her costume pressure can have nyumerous holes, but using all her tools can make you look and feel meownstoppable.


  • One of the most volatile characters in the game, depending on gem level she can play in any way, from rushdown to keepaway to grabbler, which can make her feel like a handful to deal with
  • Really fast at moving and has multiple mobility tools, allowing her to rush all kinds of down and grab gems
  • Her command throw and air throw combine to give her a very difficult to avoid air pressure game. She's kinda like the other grabbler of the game because of the big threat her grabs are, or some kind of air grabbler due to the 50/50s her air throw can provide
  • Has access to some very high damage and high gem output, particularly from supers
  • Is very effective at punishing, with one of the best supers in the game for it
  • Some very strong normals along with being one of the few characters in the game with real crossups


  • Costume combos are somewhat weak as they can be poked out of and punished more easily than others
  • Can be gem dependent if you want certain options and requires some gem awareness
  • Doesn't seem to have anything invincible so reversal options are few
  • Has to play a pretty honest neutral game, doesn't have an easy way in against someone that wants her out, and starts with the weakest item

Felicia starts with the Pf-ball-lightning.png item.



Pf-p.png is the typical starter. Honestly, most of these pages will go like this in regards to this nyormal, it's pretty basic but essential for meowst.

Pf-k.png in vast contrast to the earlier cattack, is actually very special because it's the cat's pajamas. Fast startup and recovery, along with a HUGE hitterbox makes it perfect to use in many situations as antiair, poking or pressure. One of the best buttons in the game.

Dir-2.png + Pf-p.png, while fast low and safe, sees fairly limited usage due to it's low hitstun and comboability. Kinda works in blockstrings and combos after neutral jump attacks but doesn't have much use otherwise.

Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png is almost always the low nyormal of choice. It's still fast low and safe, but you can actually combo things from it despite the pushback, because of meow much hitstun it has. Meowever it has less range, and actually whiffs on nyeutral jumps, so keep that in mind when you're using it to fish for something.

Pf-jp.png JUMP FIERCE INTENSIFIES Though nyot as oppressive as it's other rendition, this is still a good nyormal for jumpins, and can actually crossup quite consistently, unlike the rest of the cast's air nyormals. Her quick pounce speed lets her put this to use often and kittigates her lack of a nyormal overhead.

Pf-jk.png is also a similarly good nyormal to use. To compare to her other option, it has more forward range but is maybe a little less of a crossup, though it's still good at that. Use either one depending on your distance.

Dir-3.png + Pf-p.png - Upper Kick - An antiair kick that has some incredible range to it. Reaches so high while still being at a typical speed for these buttons making it a fantastic cattack.

Dir-3.png + Pf-k.png - Toe Kick - Felicia's sweep, which also goes ridiculously far and can be used to punish all manner of attacks as well as catch people low unawares. It can be quite hard to punish as well with it's long range so throw it out there all the time to pave the way for your other stuff.

Dir-6.png Dir-6.png Pf-p.png - Unleash the neko punch. Has a bit of noticeable startup to it but has a big hitterbox and is safe on block, though a little risky to whiff. Really catisfying to use and is effective for chasing.

Dir-6.png Dir-6.png Pf-k.png - Turns into Megacat and does a low hitting slide. Takes quite long to start and doesn't go as far forward as you would expect it to from the animation, but is still quite good to use and has an alright hitterbox so works well as a mixup considering how fast she runs.

Costume Combos[edit]

(Pf-p.png Pf-p.png) Pf-k.png - Low, (Pf-p.png Pf-p.png X ) Pf-k.png = Yellow Gem unblockable, (Pf-p.png Pf-k.png) Pf-p.png = High, (Pf-p.png Pf-k.png X ) Pf-p.png = Charge grab

Pf-p.png Pf-p.png Pf-p.png Pf-p.png is alright, but after the first hit it can be a little slow and pokeable, especially between the last two hits, so be wary of using it on block. The last hit is great at stopping them from jumping out, but can be punished by some things. All in all, try nyot to rely on this too much, meeting someone that can deal with her costumes if you have nothing else would spell catastrophe.

(Pf-p.png Pf-p.png) Pf-k.png is a low similar to her dash cattack, which leads to a pretty good spacing to go for the guard crush or to stop and go for whatever else, but it's startup leaves a gap and the distance doesn't save you from everything.

Pf-p.png Pf-k.png Pf-k.png Pf-k.png is ok but feels like it can be poked out of even more than the other one. It also only combos on the first two hits but can still be worth using for meore options and variation.

(Pf-p.png Pf-k.png) Pf-p.png comes out rather fast for a costume overhead, but is still as unsafe as most of them. Sneak it out and if you have meter to burn and feel crazy do super afterwards since it's the fastest thing you can do so there's a chance it'll catch someone if they're slow on the uptake. But don't listen to me that's probably a bad idea.

Guard Crushes[edit]

Pf-s.png - Felicia puts on a Huitzil inspired outfit and bonks down with one of his spiked wheel things. To me this sucks fullstop, it has average speed but very small range, so your whiskers have to be touching for it to hit. I guess it has a small hurtbox? Sadly, cat, like many others, benefits more from red gems than the other kinds, so if mew want to power it up you'll have no choice but to make it work.

Dir-6.png + Pf-s.png - Megacat returns to fire off a charged Megabuster. Nyot actually a projectile before mew think it is, this has some pretty reasonable range and speed to it, so it's rather usable.

Her costume combo version can take advantage of the distance the low gives her, or the relative speed of doing it from the nyormal combo. In either case it's a decent option but them being pokeable can make it harder at times, so make sure you'll land on your feet if you try it and get hit.

Dir-2.png + Pf-s.png - Puts on a Rimgal outfit (woo I didn't even have to look up the name) and swings his skull club upwards. This is a fantastic guard crush, still quick but has a gigantic hitterbox that goes further in all directions than all the others. If you just want a guard crush, this is the one for mew.


Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png (mashable) - Grab your opponent and make them your new scratching post. Can do some decent damage and has pretty high max damage when mashed, just be prepared cause it needs a lot. If you want to give yourself nyightmares, let a CPU Felicia grab you.

Pf-jp.png + Pf-jk.png - Grabs em, does a spin and throws them away. Because of mow close they remain after the throw, you can actually pounce after them and air throw again leading to a pseudoinfinite, as it can be escaped by breaking the next throw, air recovering or bursting. Reading the air recovery right can allow mew to attack or even air throw again, putting them back into the same situation. This makes Felicia's air game very damaging and scary.

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png - "Rolling Toss" - Felicia rolls along and throws the opponent waaay up into the air. They stay very close horizontally, meaning you can easily continue pressure in the air, like going for an air throw. To avoid facing the wrong way or going under, walk backwards slightly before you jump up after them.

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png - "No Felicia please that's enough stop" (mashable) - Felicia, er... starts licking the opponent excessively. This does damage somehow. Anyway, it doesn't do too much damage, even when mashed it's not as high as max damage normal grab, but I guess it's still a command grab. Stick to the other one, unless mew really want a command grab that keeps them low, or you get crossed up and don't do it on purrpose, but hey at least there's no charge time.

Dir-360.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png - Gamo Screw (charge grab) - Hell yeah, Felicia has a 360 thanks to Gamof. Unfortunyately, it's nyot a very usable one, and it's damage is only slightly more than the nyormal throw. Really only worth using for the style.

Unless you're using the costume combo version. Going into it from that makes it a lot more difficult to avoid due to the speed and can be well worth going for every once in a while or to close things out.

Special Moves[edit]


Dir-236.png Pf-k.png - Sand Splash (Red Gem special) - Felicia kicks up a little cloud of sand as a projectile cattack. This move is mainly what lends to Felicia's radically changing playstyle. Comes out and recovers very fast but at level 1 this isn't really worth using as it's range is tiny and it's hard to even use it to negate fireballs, at most you'd use it to build meter at a distance. Meowever, at level 2 it's range almost triples, gaining more hits and damage while retaining it's speed. This makes it a really great move to use in pressure and rushing down as well as dealing with other projectiles. At level 3 it's range doubles again, reaching about halfscreen(!) along with another increase in hits and damage and becoming easier to combo into, though it's recovery increases as the move travels along much further. This enables keepaway cat, with one of the best projectiles in the game that she can combine with her mobility. It's only real weaknyess is it doesn't go fullscreen, but who cares.

Dir-236.png Pf-p.png xx Pf-p.png - Rolling Buckler (Yellow Gem special) (mash for followups at level 3) - Felicia becomes less cat, more hedgehog as she rolls almost fullscreen at a pretty speedy pace, almost as fast as running and bouncing off the opponent on contact. Pressing Pf-p.png again at any time after the initial input cancels the roll into an uppercat slash knocking the opponent up. Combos fine from nyormals for solid damage, but the uppercat is unsafe on block and it's unsafe on hit if uncancelled, so it's important to confirm it. The uppercat part of the move is actually a pretty good antiair, just remember that you can do it immediately, but you can also antiair at far distances by rolling over there. Gains more damage and hits as it levels, so it's a more consistent antiair at level 1 and can be riskier to use for that later, but gets better for combos. At level 3 you can keep hitting Pf-p.png to add additional hits.

Dir-623.png Pf-k.png - Delta Kick (Blue Gem special) (add kicks for followups) - Felicia leaps straight up with a kick, then comes down moving forwards with another, kinda like a divekick you have to start from the ground. Pressing Pf-k.png when this divekick hits adds another kick to it that minilaunches the enemy. Gaining more levels makes the first upkick go higher, and increases the number of followups available, with it losing the minilaunch and her adding another upkick launching higher at level 2, and her doing two full very high Delta Kicks and the extra upkick at level 3. The counterhit reaction increases too, at level 1 it knocks back on the first divekick hit, any higher and it causes a screenbounce. The upkick and divekicks will only combo together if done up close and in the corner while at level 2 or below, and you only get a shot at an extended combo off of the divekick at level 1. This is a very curious move indeed, if it wasn't obvious by how long it took for me to explain how it works, but that may not kill the cat today. It doesn't have any invincibility, but the upkick can work reasonably well as antiair. It can also be used to avoid projectiles and get in from a distance like a true divekick, though that can be spotted. It can even be used as a crossup or escape when leveled up. For all it's potential uses though it feels pretty unsafe to use and just throw out there, so try and find the situations you yourself can put it to use in.

Dir-214.png Pf-p.png xx Pf-p.png - Rolling Scratch (add punches for followups) - One of the unique moves that doesn't have a gem associated with it. Felicia bounces along like a ball twice, bouncing off of the opponent on contact. Hitting that button repeatedly after making contact makes her start bopping them for a total of 5 hits. Is somewhat similar to Rolling Buckler in those aspects and is just as unsafe, but is unable to be combo'd into. This can be a bit more difficult to work into your game because of that, but it does have some uses. It goes as high as a jump but faster, so can be used to dodge fireballs to get in or punish sometimes. It can also be a surprisingly good antiair if timed right, and is also able to crossup so knowing that spacing and how to get it (a lot of typical jump in things give it if they don't move) is nice to have access to. Mowever, something I recently found that is very odd is that this cattack only lands on people standing. If your opponent crouches, then it can only hit on the way up, meaning the crossup doesn't work. Might not be as bad as it sounds though, as most would think to block a theoretical jump in anyway, but it's worth mentioning. The move overall isn't as great as her others though, but it's at least a bunch of fun to do.

Pf-rp.png - Hysteric Star - "Excuse me, Mr Combat Designer?" "Yes? Is there a problem?" "Well, it's just that here you've given Felicia one of Blanka's moves for some reason and-" "Are you trying to tell me how to do my job?" "No Sir, gomenasai I'll get back to making Tessa cuter." So yeah, Felicia just straight up has Blanka's electricity. Has no gem level, comes out on the fifth button press and lasts for as long as you can. Rangewise it's got a pretty solid antiair hitbox but horizontally you have to be up close and purrsonal. That's not the problem this move has though. The problem is almost entirely the input. It being on only a single button, and that button being the costume combo starter button at that, can severely limit it's usability. To give my own example of the speed of it, generally from nyeutral, I'll end up whiffing Pf-p.png twice before it comes out, or whiff Dir-2.png + Pf-p.png twice and cancel the second into it, or I can do one taunt into it. This makes it really awkward to get any mileage out of it, so most of the time I don't really use it unless I just feel like tossing it out there.


Dir-63214.pngDir-41236.png Pf-p.png / Dir-41236.png Pf-s.png - Please Help Me - Call for help, making a kittygirl run across the screen, starting from the side that's behind you and being around the same height as Felicia hitbox-wise. If it hits, all the other cats leap in and raise kitty hell, doing huge damage and dropping an insane amount of gems, about 2 bars worth, as well as giving you plenty time to close the distance. In short, the ultimate fishing super. Because the cat always comes from the edge of the screen, where you're standing will have a big effect on when you'll use this super, as well as how punishable it is, though it's not the safest thing to just do in quite a few situations. The cat moves a little too slowly to punish a lot of things fullscreen on reaction, so often it has to be a read, but it's one that pays off so incredibly well that it's totally worth tossing a few cats out if you have the meter. It's also purrfect for certain punishes depending on where you're at on screen, or comboing from items.

Dir-41236.pngDir-63214.png Pf-k.png / Dir-63214.png Pf-s.png - Crazy For You - Felicia puts on a fancy show outfit and a bunch of Felicias in rather intriguing outfits appear across the screen and do a cancan one by one from Felicia herself to the furthest one. The cats appear from where Felicia is standing, and spread out to reach the other end of the screen. This means the super again vastly changes depending on where you're standing on screen, each cat will also kick faster when they're closer together. If all the cats hit this can actually do a decent amount of damage, but it has too much startup to combo or realistically use and gives little gems. I'd like to be pawsitive about this super, but I can't think of any real use for it outside of cuteness. The closest thing would perhaps be that if you use it when far from the screen edge, you could force the opponent to block it and get pushed all the way out for you to continue playing keepaway cat. If you can find anything else I'd like to know.

Dir-236.pngDir-23.png Pf-p.png / Dir-623.png Pf-s.png - Dancing Flash - Take Rolling Buckler, make it travel twice or three times as fast and start up instantly, go into an autocombo type thing on hit for big damage and good gems while bouncing off and being somewhat awkward to punish for most characters on block, and you get one of the best multipurpose supers in the game. It's just that clawsome, it's one of the best punish supers, you can combo into it or frametrap into it, you can use it for a corner escape or to pick up gems/items. Just keep in mind awkward to punish doesn't mean it's unpunishable, but usually people have to try something difficult like dash attacks or supers, and you can be funny and do two in a row to stop failed punish attempts. The only limit is your imagination and your meter.


Alrighty, this might be tough. As cat, you've got quite a lot to use, but none of it particularly overshadows anything. Your greatest asset is probably how fast you can go, but when moving in nyeutral you have to keep somewhat patient even as you're dashing and walljumping around the place. Use that speed to move into a place where you can make your big nyormals do some work, and keep an eye out for something you can punish to also move in. If you have the meter send cats out if they're distracted to keep them on their toes, but use it wrong and it can be punished even at fullscreen. She doesn't have anything invincible so if you get in a bad spot you have to block things, or try and find holes to either strike out with Dancing Flash, or get outta there with it. Once you do manage to get in, be aware of all the offensive options you have and can gain based on levels. Abuse crossups, dem nyormals, and your command grabs into aerial pressure and 50/50s on whether or not they air recover. Most important is to nyot rely on one thing for too long, as each option can be countered alone, but with all of them together it keeps your opponent guessing. It's all about the cattitude.


Legit Combos[edit]

Pf-p.png Pf-p.png Pf-p.png

Pf-p.png Pf-k.png

Dir-2.png + Pf-p.png / Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png xx Dir-236.png Pf-p.png xx Pf-p.png

  • When comboing from Dir-2.png + Pf-p.png, you have to be right up close and cancel into the uppercut immediately, whereas when comboing from Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png you let it roll a little so it hits and then cancel.

Dir-2.png + Pf-p.png xx Dir-623.png Pf-k.png

  • Needs to be very close

Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png xx Dir-236.png Pf-k.png (Level 2+)

  • At level 2 you need to be up close, level 3 it doesn't matter

Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png xx Dir-623.png Pf-s.png

  • 1 meter

Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png xx Dir-41236.png Pf-s.png

  • Requires you to be in the corner and for them to be up close
  • 1 meter

Dir-236.png Pf-k.png (Level 1/2), Pf-k.png

  • Corner only, and you have to be up close

Dir-236.png Pf-k.png (Level 1/2), Dir-623.png Pf-s.png

  • Corner only, and you have to be up close
  • 1 meter

Air Recoverable "Combos"[edit]

Pf-jp.png + Pf-jk.png, Pf-jp.png + Pf-jk.png, Pf-jp.png + Pf-jk.png etc

  • This is a pseudoinfinite, if the opponent doesn't break the airthrows or recover then it can keep going until you win

Dir-623.png Pf-k.png xx Pf-k.png (Level 1), Pf-k.png

  • Midscreen only

Dir-623.png Pf-k.png xx Pf-k.png (Level 1), Pf-jp.png + Pf-jk.png

  • Requires the opponent to be in the corner at a very specific spacing, and is hard to time at that

Dir-623.png Pf-k.png xx Pf-k.png (Level 1), Dir-623.png Pf-s.png

  • Midscreen only
  • 1 meter

Counterhit Combos[edit]

Dir-2.png + Pf-p.png, Pf-p.png

Tips, Tricks and Interesting Info[edit]

  • Dir-214.png Pf-p.png crossup spacing is about after you land closeup Pf-p.png Pf-p.png Pf-p.png or Pf-p.png Pf-k.png Pf-k.png, assuming they don't move.
  • Felicia's nyeutral crouching animation is a miracle of the universe
  • For some reason, if you get hit by the cat super, you're able to tech it, like a throw. Doesn't seem to have an effect on damage or anything though.
  • Here's a long video that eventually goes into constant Felicia mirrors. Should help for learning the matchup both ways as well as just seeing general play. Maybe it should go on the front page too I dunno. [1]

Moves Breakdown[edit]

Super Gem Fighter/Pocket Fighter