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I'm not sure if this is a joke character or not

Starting Out[edit]

>implying there is a metagame for this poverty-ass game

Hanny has two sets of standing and jumping normals and specials, one for Sword and one for Wand. His crouching normals are the same regardless of stance. His command normals are also the same regardless of stance. Hanny's "crouch" is actually just closing his eyes. His crouching attacks do not hit low.




2A - Poke. Low range. Avoid using.

2B - Headbutt. Slides Hanny forward.

2C - Flip maneuver. Hits twice.


5A - Shield hit. Low range.

5B - Sword swipe. Hits low, should be your most-used normal.

5C - Sword sweep. Hits low. Good range.

JA - Air shield hit. It's 5A in the air.

JB - Air sword swipe. It's 5B in the air. You can use it to cancel 6A, somehow.

JC - Spin and stab. It has a lot of recovery. Doesn't cross up even though it really looks like it should, so I don't think anyone will block it.


5A - Slap. Moves Hanny forward.

5B - Lightning. Hits three times all over, but they must be close to be hit all three.

5C - Fireball. goes fullscreen. good zoning tool.

JA - Air slap.

JB - Air lightning.

5C - Air fireball. Travels diagonally downward, making it exceptional to throw from Manny's excellently high super jump or double jump.

Command Normals

6A - Motorcycle. It's a launcher and Hanny's best anti-air.

6B - Horse. It's bad.


  • Weapon Switch (D)

Changes Manny's weapon from sword to wand and back. There's an indicator near your B-Gauge.


  • Sword Flip (214H)

Hanny runs back and flips with his sword. It can be used in the air. On the ground it's nearly impossible to combo into it since Hanny runs back.

  • Sword Upper (623H)

Hanny does a familiar upwards slash, complete with jump. A great antiair, as one might expect. It can also be done in the air, and is Hanny's best combo ender in Sword stance.


  • Denji Blast (236H)

Hanny throws an electric charge that puts the opponent into a lot of blockstun. The charge normally only explodes when it makes contact with a wall, the ground, or the opponent. It's usable on the ground and in the air, but you should only use it in the air.

  • Sunstrike (214H)

Hanny marks the ground with a bright light. When the opponent steps near the light, a pillar of fire strikes them. Great for oki. Your Sunspots will remain even if you change stance.


  • Run Away! (63214L)

Hanny runs away on the ground as opposed to his aerial backdash. I don't really get it.


  • Sonic Wave (41236D)

Well, it's a beam, with 5 hits of no damage, and I don't get it. It can be used for oki, I guess? It's really bad...

  • Big Bang Break (41236A+B+C)

Hanny makes a giant Haniwa that does a good bit of damage. Is he a joke character or not?



  • 5A 5B 5C 6A JC 523C - try not to start this with 5A. 5B is better.


  • 5A 5B 6A JB, 214C for oki