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Sneaking her way into your heart (and your pants)
Pf-p.png ------------------ Pf-k.png ------------------ Pf-s.png ------------------ Pf-k.png+Pf-s.png

The ninjaninja herself, a mysterious entity who is essentially a slut in her actions and desires but is cute enough to somehow bypass it, causing some sort of kiwiislut waifu singularity.

One of the more technical characters, Ibuki plays well at the extremes of both ends, switching between fullscreen harassment with kunai and balls to the wall pressure. She takes quite a lot more effort than other characters and is lacking in some areas but learning to handle her right is sure to leave you feeling very satisfied.


  • One of the fastest moving characters in the game means she can move in and out well and collect gems before her opponent even gets close
  • Has very strong pressure and mixup tools that are only made better by the speed of her run and jumps
  • Reliable anti air and air to air punish options as well as a fantastic projectile give her a good runaway game
  • Can potentially deal very huge damage with meter or leveled specials
  • Can switch up her playstyle on a dime to confuse opponents


  • Her costume combos are on the whole unsafe and unreliable
  • Many of her specials require gem levels to be useful
  • Doesn't have any reliable reversal options
  • Can be difficult to use, keeping her pressure up and working takes some practice to be able to do

Ibuki starts with the Pf-ball-flame.png item.



Pf-p.png, not much to say. It's average in all respects and does what it do.

Pf-k.png is a poke rather than an anti air, but it's a good one and can still catch far jumps reasonably well.

Dir-2.png + Pf-p.png is a decent enough low but comboing some things from it can be awkward due to both kunai's overlapping inputs and the game's input leniency. Safe on block though so poke with it if you really want.

Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png slides forward slightly and very quickly. Very good normal but can be hard to use effectively as the cancel window is tight thanks to it's speed. It's also unsafe if not cancelled but it can be hard to react and punish because of how quick it is.

Pf-jp.png is a good fast jump in and will probably be your air to air too for it's speed. Just be aware of her jump speed so you don't go over and miss them.

Pf-jk.png takes a while to come out so getting used to it can be annoying, but it's hitbox for jumping in is far better and is actually one of the few moves that can potentially crossup (but it's hard as hell).

Dir-3.png + Pf-p.png - Split Kick - Ibuki boots upwards sorta like how her dp looks but on the ground, I'm guessing it's a normal she had but I forget. I honestly have little experience with this but I think it's better than it looks. It's reasonably quick for a ground anti air normal so can probably be quite effective provided you've got the timing down.

Dir-3.png + Pf-k.png - Spin Kick - Ibuki's sweep is quite unique in that it's really damn fast and safe. So fast and safe in fact that she can actually combo after it. You might want to be sliding with Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png etc more often to keep up the pressure, but if you ever feel like going for a safer knockdown with decent range, toss a few of these out. Comboing after can really rack up the stun too.

Dir-6.png Dir-6.png Pf-p.png - Ibuki does a really REALLY quick stab with a dagger. The speed of this cannot be emphasized enough, it's highly abusable either as a poke, chasing down someone recovering, or mixed up with dash throws. Quick, safe on block and goes further than it looks.

Dir-6.png Dir-6.png Pf-k.png - Ibuki does a pretty quick but long lasting slide forward which naturally hits low. This might look good on the surface, and it does come out pretty suddenly for a dashing low, but the attack is only active for a very short part of the slide. It also has a much smaller hitbox than it looks, meaning it can be easy to do it too early, miss the hit and leave yourself slowly sliding towards your inevitable fate. Try not to completely forget about it, but only use it when you're sure they have.

Costume Combos[edit]

(Pf-p.png Pf-p.png) Pf-k.png - Low, (Pf-p.png Pf-p.png X ) Pf-k.png = Charge grab, (Pf-p.png Pf-k.png) Pf-p.png = High, (Pf-p.png Pf-k.png X ) Pf-p.png = Blue Gem Unblockable

Pf-p.png Pf-p.png Pf-p.png Pf-p.png moves Ibuki forward but the last hit is a little unsafe. It's hard but not impossible for some characters to punish on block so go easy on it.

(Pf-p.png Pf-p.png) Pf-k.png honestly isn't that great, it's slow and not advantageous if blocked so just use it for a cheeky mixup once in a while since it's the costume low.

Pf-p.png Pf-k.png Pf-k.png Pf-k.png is shit. Really shit. If it's blocked they can mash out at the end without even trying. Don't use it if they understand that, it's really risky. Only throw it out to give them something else to think about. If the last hit whiffs she moves forward really far.

(Pf-p.png Pf-k.png) Pf-p.png is crap. Very crap. It's the most obviously unsafe out of all the costume overheads and easiest to mash out of. I fucking hate you mediawiki

Guard Crushes[edit]

Pf-s.png - Ibuki swings a fan while in a kimono. Below average height and average distance makes an underwhelming guard crush, but by god will you put it to work if you want those kunais.

Dir-6.png + Pf-s.png - Stabs with a shinai (japanese bamboo training sword for you baka gaijins). The way it stretches makes the range deceptive and it pokes really far so it's pretty good.

Dir-2.png + Pf-s.png - Strokes a calligraphy brush upwards and on hit leaves them stuck still covered in sticky ink for a moment. Has really poop horizontal range and meh vertical range so at first it would seem awful. However this attack holds an intriguing secret, after the ink part they are open to being air thrown if they don't perfectly time the recovery afterwards. Yep, this is perhaps the only guard crush that lets you get some extra damage in afterwards so it will see some usage to cover jumps and take advantage of that.

The costume combo version is surprisingly sudden, even after the crappy overhead. If you do use that chain or heaven forbid that overhead then you should more or less always go into this afterwards. You're unsafe anyway, right?


Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png - A ninja trap thingy appears underneath the opponent and shoots them straight up into the air. Since she has no effective grounded overheads whatsoever, Ibuki has to rely on her throws a bit more than others, but her walk and dash speed makes them much more useful as well.

Pf-jp.png + Pf-jk.png - Just sorta kicks off of them sending them kinda far back. Seems fairly standard as far as air throws go, but feels really good to land it. Gotta keep it in mind for when people want to meet you in the air to stop the kunai.

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png - It's pretty much the same ground throw, only it sends them higher. She can combo more or less anything off of this if they don't recover, and the motion makes it a bit easier to do off of moving forward so it's more of an option in pressure than it is for some characters. Something to keep in mind, Ibuki's command throw also recovers on whiff much faster than any other kind of throw in the game, making it even better to try going for.

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png - Shogun Getcha - Ibuki dons a samurai outfit, ties up the unlucky (or lucky ;) ) opponent and spins em round. It's not really that great, it takes far too long to actually grab not even including the charge time. It does stay out and active for a ridiculously long time though, which is a double edged sword really, but I've seen people jump out without coming down with anything and then landing back into it getting grabbed anyway.

When used in her chain combo it does that full lewd "twirl the japanese girl out of her outfit" thing. I suppose it's slightly better since they have to notice it coming out of the blockstring and you'll be in range but better isn't good.

Special Moves[edit]


Dir-236.png Pf-p.png - Kunai (Air OK)(Red Gem special) - This is almost certainly Ibuki's most valuable move. Half of her game revolves around it and the other half is enabled by it. You know what it is, she jumps up and throws (depending on level) a kunai/shuriken/big brown thingy down and forward. It can be used in the air, and is generally much better used then, so that you can time it well and better control your flight path after throwing it. The direction it's thrown in is also dependent on the way that you jump beforehand; jumping backwards will cause her to throw it angled to fly further forward, whereas jumping forward and using it will aim it more downwards. As it levels it increases in size and hits done from 1 to 3, even allowing combos from a kunai hit. It's really effective for both offense and defense, and gets way better as it levels, so doing so should be a priority. You just have to be careful not to overuse it or pull it out at a time where you can be interrupted or punished for it.

Dir-623.png Pf-k.png - Kazekiri (Yellow Gem special) - Ibuki does a jumpy kick directly upwards with a lot of recovery afterwards. Obviously a reversal/anti air, with the height, damage and number of hits vastly increasing based on gem level. While it does do a shit ton of damage, especially when levelled up, as a reversal it can be somewhat lacking. It gets beaten pretty often unless you do it earlier than you would expect to, like as an anti air, so it's not all that effective in urgent situations. If you could reliably hit confirm into it though your damage will skyrocket.

Dir-421.png Pf-k.png - Hien (Blue Gem special) - The tracking overhead jumping penguin kicks, taken more literal this time as Ibuki puts on a qt penguin costume. This move is actually almost completely useless until it hits level 3. As it levels it does more hits and therefore damage, but it only knocks down once it's at level 3, before then it can actually be punished on hit with certain attacks fairly easily if they're used to it. At lower levels you'd only really use it if you were certain it would finish the job, but at max it's a risky but considerable option, since it's still punishable on block, though the length of the move can trip people up if it's sneaked in. Funnily enough, the true use of this move relies on not making contact with the opponent at all. Ibuki recovers instantly if she lands after not hitting anyone, so it can be used after an airthrow or similar moves to chase after them and keep close. It at least jumps really far, almost fullscreen.

Dir-214.png Pf-k.png xx Pf-k.png / Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png xx Pf-k.png / Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png - Tsumuji - One of the unique moves that isn't affected by any gem level, this is Ibuki's rekka kick thing. Each kick has really long range and comes out quick, and by doing Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png she will kick low. The low kick on hit works almost identically to her sweep, meaning she can get stuff off of it too. However, while you can combo into the first kick, none of the three kicks will combo into each other. "Shit that's useless then what good is a rekka that doesn't even combo?" you may ask. Well, helpful voice that allows me to move onto the most important point, the thing about this move is that each kick has INSANELY fast recovery, allowing for super deadly pressure tactics. This move is the cornerstone of Ibuki's pressure game, and is why she can be so hard to use, as constantly cancelling into this from the rather tight Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png while watching for jumps can take some real getting used to. It's very important to do so though, the offensive benefits are huge, and you know she likes it that way.


Dir-236.pngDir-236.png Pf-p.png / Dir-236.png Pf-s.png - Kasumi Suzaku (air OK) - Ibuki does 3 kunai throws in a row tossing out a ton of random projectiles independent of what gem level she's at. As you would expect from a super version of what's probably her best move, this is incredibly useful, incredibly versatile and incredibly damaging. It works pretty much the same way as normal kunai as far as the flight arc goes too, and can be comboed from quite often if they all hit, though it can depend on your luck as what she throws is random. It pretty much always gives you a free mixup if going in with it though. It can be risky if they're close in the air so beware, but like the normal kunai, usually if one hits then all hits will connect. Use it liberally.

Dir-63214.pngDir-41236.png Pf-k.png / Dir-63214.png Pf-s.png - Jiraiya - Ibuki summons a giant frog which then proceeds to breath fire. Sounds cool right? Sadly, this super is borderline fuckin useless. The flames go a bit of a distance but much shorter than they actually look, and it doesn't do much damage compared to all other options. Also, if you hit someone with the initial hit of the frog summoning, the flames don't even hit anyway, but if they block it all you're still punishable. The only plus this super has is that the initial hit does at least seem to come out pretty much instantly, so with testing it could be a reversal option, something that Ibuki sorely needs, but I just don't know...

Dir-236.pngDir-23.png Pf-p.png / Dir-623.png Pf-s.png - Hayate - Ibuki dashes forward with a katana and, if she hits, does a super cool slash them into bits thing, with them reappearing knocked down. If you finish someone with this it actually does a unique awesome japanesey YOOOOOOOOO screen instead of the usual super victory animation. Easy enough to combo into and does very respectable damage. Depending on timing it can also be used as an anti air due to being air unblockable or even a reversal if you're lucky, but it can get beat out sorta often so try not to rely on it too much for reversing.


As I said up there a bunch, Ibuki's main assets are her speed and ability to harass people from any distance while trapping them in the corner where she loves to do all manner of things to them. So do exactly that, toss kunais and dash stab them at any opportunity you get to make things happen. However it's important not to overextend yourself. Just like in Episode 3: Revenge of the Shits, Ibuki especially needs the high ground for most things she does otherwise she's a sitting duck, so you gotta let her get on top to get things started. Also, always be on the lookout for red gems to power up your kunai. Steal them from your opponent if you get the chance to since her options increase drastically with her kunai level. At level 3 don't get too complacent but you've more or less won if you know what you're doing (aka spam kunai for free combos/mixups).

Another thing to be wary of is how unsafe your costume combos are, so choose carefully when you want to go further and finish them. Speaking of being safe, her dp is one of the highest reaching and damaging so keep that in mind for dealing with superjumpers. She can also airblock and punish with kunai which allows her to hit people in a lot of situations where others might miss. She has very limited reversal options so you will have to be prepared to sit there and take things, when in doubt just block. Once you have them cornered though, pay close attention to their habits. Pf-jp.png is hard to hit people in the air with and Pf-jk.png is slow to come out so placing your airthrows and attacks well is key to pinning them down for as long as you want them.


Legit Combos[edit]

Pf-p.png Pf-p.png Pf-p.png

Pf-p.png Pf-k.png Pf-k.png

  • Might actually be punishable on hit by some supers, but I forget

Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png xx Dir-623.png Pf-k.png

  • Works with Dir-2.png + Pf-p.png but is a bit harder due to the overlapping inputs and not sliding forward

Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png xx Dir-623.png Pf-s.png

  • Works with Dir-2.png + Pf-p.png but is a bit harder due to the overlapping inputs
  • 1 meter

Dir-3.png + Pf-k.png, Dir-6.png Dir-6.png Pf-p.png

Dir-3.png + Pf-k.png, Dir-623.png Pf-s.png

  • This one's tight to land, and you have to be up close too, tip range sweep won't cut it
  • 1 meter

(Dir-214.png Pf-k.png) Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png, Dir-6.png Dir-6.png Pf-p.png

Dir-236.png Pf-jp.png (Level 2+), Pf-p.png / Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png etc

  • At level 2 can only be done from a superjump in

Dir-236.png Pf-js.png, Pf-p.png / Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png etc

  • Only consistent from a superjump because of how random the super can be
  • 1 meter (at least)

Air Recoverable "Combos"[edit]

Dir-2.png + Pf-s.png, Pf-jp.png + Pf-jk.png

  • Is really hard to avoid since they're stuck in place and you can sometimes grab them through the recovery. Active frames or something I dunno.

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png, Dir-236.png Pf-js.png

  • 1 meter
  • You can do anything you want from this throw

Tips, Tricks and Interesting Info[edit]

  • From point blank range assuming the opponent is sitting put, Ibuki can do Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png xx Dir-214.png Pf-k.png and then Dir-2.png + Pf-s.png or another Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png xx Dir-214.png Pf-k.png after which she can connect Dir-6.png + Pf-s.png or jump in without going over. Learn this spacing.
  • Ibuki's alpha counter is glitched or maybe just bad. On hit they recover faster than she does so it can be punished. Pretty shit huh? They have to react to it though and if you get a counter hit it knocks them back same as any other.
  • You thought that was all? Ibuki's pursuit is glitched or just bad too. On hit they'll pop up on their feet instead of staying down and I'm pretty sure that once again they recover before she does. Might be able to cover yourself with items but overall this isn't so bad because hah, pursuits.

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