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"That's right, we bad!" - Daxter on how good they are in PSA


Jak's projectiles give him an excellent zoning game. In addition, his melee moves grant him impeccable mobility. Jak is able to set the pace of a match easily using his smooth moves and keepaway techniques.

SQ.png (Daxter Spin Kick) Multi-hit spin attack. Can move to the left or right during the move.(Air capable)

RA.png + SQ.png (Dashing Forward Punch) A quick dash punch. Landing this move successfully allows one to combo immediately into an uppercut.

UA.png + SQ.png (Uppercut) Launcher move that doubles as an escape. (Air capable)

DA.png + SQ.png (Super Dive Attack) Jak leaps into the air and crashes down onto the ground. Can be repeated continuously when Jak rebounds off the ground. (Air capable)

AIR RA.png+SQ.png(Jet Board Dash) Jak dashes forward on his board. Hitting anyone allows Jak to land a punch with heavy knockback.

TR.png (Arc Wielder) An electric stream that can be aimed up or down. Useful for spacing and removing traps. (Air capable)

RA.png + TR.png (Blaster) A long range attack that can fire up to three shots in a row by mashing or holding triangle. One of Jak's primary AP building and pressure moves. (Air capable)

UA.png + TR.png (Peace Maker) An anti-air move that aims 45 degrees upwards. Stuns opponent(s). (Air Capable)

DA.png + TR.png (Beam Reflexor) 3 shot bouncing beam that operates similar to the blaster, except shots are aimed downward. (Air capable)

CR.png (Gyro Burster) An airborne drone that shoots bullets under it in a horizontal path. Can be destroyed by anyone in one hit. (Air Capable)

RA.png + CR.png (Needle Laser) A 3 shot homing laser that hits the nearest opponent. Works on invisible foes. (Air capable)

UA.png + CR.png (Mass Inverter) Wave attack that surrounds Jak. Any opponent caught in it floats in the air briefly. (Air capable)

DA.png + CR.png (Wave Concussor) Jak aims an explosive blast downwards. Can be charged to increase its size. A weak charge will stagger an opponent with no guard. A full charge will either guard break a guarding opponent or inflict knockback to one that is not. (Air capable)


Level 1-Percursor Legacy Whoo, that's the stuff!

Jak shoots up from a Blue Eco vent, killing anyone he makes contact with. This super has a very quick startup and good vertical reach, but suffers from a poor horizontal hitbox and the inability to combo into it. Therefore, Jak will have to set this one up primarily with good reads.

Set Ups: 1) DA.png + CR.png (Stagger), R2.png (Most effective in corners. Requires slight movement towards opponent)

2) SQ.png (Wallbounce), R2.png (Your opponent should airdodge at the tip of the Lv.1's range

3) UA.png + TR.png, R2.png (A slight delay is needed. The super should be activated in the middle of the opponents air dodge following the stun. Must be very close to the opponent to use this if not close to a wall).

Jak has other ways to land his Lv.1, but these are the methods that take away the greatest amount of evasive options away from the opponent.

Level 2-Dark Jak's Dark Bomb Whoa, whoohoo, let 'em have it!

Jak transforms into Dark Jak and uses his signature Dark Bomb move. Upon activation, the move can be aimed to the right or left. This super has an extremely deceptive hitbox, as it is able to hit opponents at very unexpected ranges. Setting up this move is more dependent on ones surroundings than the execution of certain moves, but the Level 1 set ups work here with slightly different timing. Similar to Jak's level 1, this is a tech chasing super but with greater horizontal reach. There is one method that works slightly better with this super than Lv. 1, however.

Set Ups: 1)UA.png + Grab, R2.png

    2)RA.png + SQ.png, R2.png

Level 3-Light Jak Time to go Precursor on 'em!

Jak transforms into Light Jak, giving him enhanced mobility and new attacks.

SQ.png (Light Blast) Jak shoots an energy blast that can shoot forward and 45 degrees upwards or downwards.

TR.png (Light Shield) Jak surrounds himself with a shield that lasts for 3 seconds. Any opponent that comes into contact with Jak is killed.

CR.png (Flash Freeze Time) Jak slows time within a small area around him. Anyone caught in this attack is slowed down for 3 seconds.

X.png (Light Boost) Jak propels himself a great distance forward, up, or down.

Probably one of the most powerful supers in the game. Unlike most transformation supers, this one isn't limited by larger stages as much due to Light Boost. The primary method of getting kills here is utilizing the Light Shield in combination with Light Boost. In FFA, 2v2, and 1v1, one can expect to get 4-6, 2-4, and 1-2 kills, respectively.


FFA is where Jak really shines. Use the his forward triangle attack to farm easy meter off preoccupied opponents, it hits low enough to catch an invisible sly(unlike drakes AK47)and can catch all small characters.

Jak's hoverboard is great for escaping dire situations such as level 3s, use it to travel between high platforms.

Up triangle is a great anti air, it shoots at a 40 degree angle directly up and leaves the opponent in a shocked state for a second. Its possible to set up level 1s this way but with Jak you generally only want to use a level 2-3.

Jak's level 1 is a vertical column, not unlike dan's when directed upwards. It can travel through thin or solid floors, so use your opponents positioning against them for a sneaky kill.

The Wave Concussor(air) is your primary approach tool, and it also functions as anti-approach. It is not only safe, but builds a generous amount of AP. Also useful on the ground for punishing rolls and setting up blaster shots. Exceptional vs characters with weak projectile game.

The Arc Wielder is an excellent spacing tool that is good for handling mid-range characters like Kratos. It allows one to stay just outside an opponent's range. It can also take out objects like Sackboy's panels and cakes along with Sir Dan's hand with ease.

The Needle Laser is not a move that will be used often, but is good for stopping an opponent that is approaching Jak in the air. This attack is one of the few answers to Sly's stealth game, so use it well against him.

The Gyro Burster (neutral 3) gives you good chip AP if you position it right. In FFA keep it up when the other three players are crowded together, like near the beginning of Dreamscape when the players are all in the ditch to the left or right.

All of Jak's square attacks give him a measure of enhanced movement. For example, similar to the games, Jak can use his spin attack to give him longer air time. Knowing how to position yourself with melee attacks is key.


UA.png + CR.png, UA.png + SQ.png 30 AP Must be positioned close to opponent for the second part to land

DA.png + CR.png, RA.png + CR.png 26-30 AP Amount depends on how many shots hit and distance from opponent

(Air)RA.png + SQ.png, SQ.png 35 AP Good for approaching and punishing bad jumps.

UA.png + CR.png, UA.png +TR.png 10 AP Opponent has to be at the edge of the Mass Inverters range.

RA.png + SQ.png, SQ.png 25 AP Quick n' easy launcher.

DA.png + CR.png, DA.png + TR.png 35 AP Stagger Wave Concussor. Pay attention to the layout of the stage to make sure the ricocheted shots land.

AirDA.png + CR.png, DA.png + TR.png 35AP Same as the previous combo, but starts in the air and will likely end on the ground.

RA.png + CR.png, DA.png + TR.png(Hold/Mash) 18-21AP An ugly, unreliable combo. Please, don't even bother.

DA.png + CR.png, RA.png + SQ.png, SQ.png 45 AP You'll be using this...a lot. Air version gives 55 AP; a little shorthop can make a big difference.

UA.png + CR.png, (Air) RA.png + SQ.png, SQ.png 40 AP You know, if you ever manage to land the mass inverter.

DA.png + CR.png, SQ.png 36-50 AP This one is a bit tricky. The AP you get depends on the number of spins that land. If you press square immediately after shooting, you'll get 36 when you move into someone. If you input the direction towards your opponent for half a second and then spin toward them, you'll receive 50. This can be done in the air for roughly 40 max.

DA.png + CR.png, TR.png(Hold/Mash) 50AP Another combo utilizing the Wave Concussors uncharged stagger effect. Can also start in the air with a shorthop.

(Air)DA.png + CR.png, RA.png + SQ.png, SQ.png (Wallbounce), UA.png + SQ.png, RA.png + SQ.png, SQ.png 140 That's right, 140 AP-comes with the burst and everything. Too bad this is Jak's most situational combo. You won't be pulling this out much, so don't bother forcing it, as it requires very tight positioning. Just...know it's there.