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El segundo Dreammatch de SNK.

(SNK second dreammatch)

Diferencias entre 2002 y 98(Differences between 98 and 2002)[edit]

Timmings are faster in comparison to 98, your jump-in followup needs to be faster, and links between pokes needs to be faster as well compared to 98, however poke timmings are different with some characters, like Vanessa for example or Tetsuo, keep in mind the hit and blockstun for EVERYTHING in KoF is the same between characters, only the hitstun and blockstun, everything else differs, there's also a new cancelling system in max mode and also HSDM which are done when your health bar is low and you are in max mode.

La mayoria de la gente lo juega porque tiene combos de barra amarilla(aunque todo puto mundo juega con Billy, Choi que no tiene putos combos de maxmode). Athena tiene un combo. Pheonix arrow > Psyco Sword > Repite.

(2002 got fancier combos, not that anyone uses them because everyone plays Billy, Choi and Athena who doesn't have fancy Maxmode combos)

(>implying Stock isn't the only person to use Team ABC in FV)

Estrategia para principiantes(Beginners Section)[edit]

Para ganar agarra a Billy, Choi y Athena.

(To win, pick Billy, Choi and Athena)

Estrategia para Expertos(Expert Strategy)[edit]

Trae el filero bien picudo.

(Sharp yo knives nigga)

Game Mechanics[edit]

Maxmode: 2002 Maxmode aka the yellow bar is a system that enables you to cancel specials for the cost of 1/5th of the yellow bar. You also do less damage during maxmode.

Maxmode Fightan /v/idya exclusive tech that useless SRK and other sites doesn't teach you: If you do a command normal (Like doing Kyo df+D) you can enter maxmode by doing a Special+BC given that the special is done with either B or C. A good example of this is Kyo beginners combo df+D, qcf+BC, qcf+A, qcf+C, qcf+,A, qcf+C, qcf+A UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF YELLOW BAR. Done this way, df+D is cancelled and Kyo C rekka comes out with Kyo flashing yellow because maxmode is activated as well enabling you to cancel into rekka rekka rekka rekka rekka rekka.

More Maxmode Tech: Everyone can Close C/Close D, BC, run Close C/Close D into maxmode combo, if you are having troubles just buffer the run.

Maxmode shit noone else seems to notice To be able to link moves together you MUST execute the chained move exactly when your character lands a hit from the first move/specialmove.

Personajes Relevantes y Lista Azorramiento de Niveles(Relevant Characters and Tier Whoring list)[edit]

God tier (ABC): Athena, Billy, Choi

High Tier: Leona, Yuri, Iori, Benimaru, Vanessa

Mid Tier: Everybody else

Bottom Tier: Seth, Chin


I love you Athena, I love you

Updated Tier list from SRK Wiki

God Tier: Angel, May Lee, Athena Asamiya, Billy Kane

High Tier: Choi, Kim, Whip, Clark, Vanessa, Benimaru, Iori, Kula Diamond, Yuri

High-Mid Tier: Leona, Chris, Yamazaki, O. Yashiro, Mai, Daimon, Yashiro, Andy, Maxima, Kusanagi, O. Chris

Mid Tier: Terry Bogard, Ryo, Joe, Takuma, Ramon, Shermie, Ralf, Robert, Kyo, Mature, K'

Low-Mid Tier: Mary, Chang, Vice, Kensou, Seth, O. Shermie

Bottom Tier: Chin