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>playing EX Kyo

Enjoy youre NODAMAGE.

Actually EX Kyo isn't that bad. Some matchups are actually better since the fireball gives you a long range poke and making people jump and then DP'ing them.

Yes you lose final showdown and the stun combos that make Rekkyo high tier, but the Chizuru and Mai matchups are lot better with a fireball. The Chris matchup becomes a lot easier because fireball gives an option to fight Chris df+B.

Also with EX Kyo you can safely outpoke Daimon since Rekkyo options to fight Daimon are unsafe and end up trading most of the time.

Basically with EX Kyo you're trading A FUCKTON OF DAMAGE for a character that can fight a better neutral game. EX Kyo already still has good normals and he still has upkicks and hcb+K for combos which are still better combo tools than what most of the cast have.

Mind you Rekkyo is still a better character since he still can beat any character after scoring a single knockdown thanks to his damage but EX Kyo is a safer option over most of the top tier that aren't Iori "Best Character" Yagami.