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Who are you kidding, pick a real character


Nobody fucking knows. Q does whatever he wants, anywhere he wants. And then he steps on your face.


Q's movelist is like Boxer from other Street Fighter games. The main difference lies in Q having a command grab, which leads to almost all of Q's combos. Q's godlike taunt gives him extra health, and can be considered a core part of his gameplay.

Starting Out[edit]

Super Art Selection - SA1 and SA2 are Q's best supers, although SA3 generates maximum salt. SA1 is 3 high punches, one low punch, and a final high punch that causes a swag wall bounce. You can get a free taunt after the last hit. SA2 is a two-hit combo that works as a decent anti-air, although it can be hard to hit. You can get two free taunts after hitting SA2. SA3 activates a timer that gives Q two extra moves: QCF+P, where Q reaches out for a punch and then explodes for sick damage, and QCF+K, where Q reaches out for a hug and then explodes for even sicker damage. However, when the timer is active, your opponents become extra careful not to get hugged or punched, making SA3 very hard to connect. If your opponent plays keep away when you activate SA3, get your taunts in.

Normals - Q's best normals are s.MK, c.HK, and b.MP. b.MP and b.HK are your best defense against jump-ins. b.MP gives Q his best kara-throw range. In the air, you can use LP to beat out a lot of aerial normals. j.MK is good for jumping back. j.HK and j.HP can both be used to trade with anti-air, and Q loves trades when he has 2050 HP. j.HP is used to hit confirm most of Q's non-CaDB combos. Q's best meter-gaining normal is crouching forward. Q's best meter-gaining move is c.MK.

Specials -

  • (B)F+P - Dashing Straight (EX) - Probably Q's most-used special attack. Can be blocked high or low. L goes the shortest distance while H goes the furthest (this holds true of all of Q's Dash attacks). EX comes out faster than normal, but only travels L distance.
  • (B)F+(P) - Dashing Head Attack - Hits overhead, but comes out slower than Dashing Straight. Very useful for mixups. Can be combo'd into SA2 if the opponent is crouching.
  • (B)F+K - Dashing Leg Attack (EX) - Hits low, but comes out rather slow. Useful to mix up opponent. EX hits twice, travels H distance and comes out very fast.
  • QCB+P - High Speed Barrage (EX) - L slaps low, M slaps mid, and H slaps high. L will hit all opponents standing or crouching, while the other versions will sometimes whiff. H can be used as an anti-air. EX slaps 7 times as opposed to the normal 3.
  • HCB+K - Capture and Deadly Blow - Q's command throw. Has a longer range than Hugo's Moonsault Press, but it has a rather substantial recovery time. Used to set up many of Q's most damaging combos.

Game Plan - You have two separate objectives as Q. Your primary objective should be to land Q's command grab, Capture and Deadly Blow (CaDB), and combo into shit (mostly M Dashing Punch). Your secondary objective is to enter IDGAF Mode by taunting three times. When in IDGAF Mode, Q can do whatever he wants because he has too much health.


  • Universal Overhead, SA2, M Dash Punch
  • Dash Punch, SA1
  • EX Low Dash Punch xx SA1
  • LP, SA2, H Low Dash Punch
  • b.HP, SA1
  • j.HP, close s.MK, M Dash Punch, SA1
  • j.HP, close s.MK, EX Dash Punch, s.HK
  • j.HP, close s.MK, EX Slaps
  • H Capture and Deadly Blow, M Dash Punch
  • H Capture and Deadly Blow, EX Dash Punch, s.HK (M Capture and Deadly Blow for Yun, Yang, Remy, Oro, and Ibuki)
  • L Capture and Deadly Blow, H Slaps
  • H Capture and Deadly Blow, L Overhead Dash Punch, L Dash Punch xx SA2
  • (Corner) H Capture and Deadly Blow, X Dash Punch (H for Yun, Yang, Remy, and Ibuki; M for Makoto, Oro, Alex, and Q; L for everyone else)
  • (Corner) Capture and Deadly Blow, j.LP, SA2
  • (Corner) Capture and Deadly Blow, L Dash Punch, (walk forward) SA2
  • (Corner) Capture and Deadly Blow, L Dash Punch, SA3, QCF+P
  • (Against Crouching) Overhead Dash Punch, SA2, M Dash Punch

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