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♪♪ 1812 Overture ♪♪


With a full-on arsenal of projectile weapons, minions and his always handy Omni-Wrench, Ratchet is able to keep opponents at bay while unloading a sea of ammo into the arena:

SQ.pngSQ.pngSQ.png Multi-Strike: 3-hit combo with Omni-Wrench

UA.pngSQ.png Lightning Ravager: Throws opponent into the air with a whip-like attack, usually connected with a Warmonger Rocket (UA.pngTR.png).

RA.pngSQ.png Comet Strike: Ratchet tosses his Omni-Wrench like a boomerang, can be combo'd into a Constructo Pistol (RA.pngTR.png) assault. Cannot move while performing this attack however.

DA.pngSQ.png Hyper-Strike: Downwards slam attack with Omni-Wrench.


TR.png Sonic Eruptor: Chargeable shot-gun like attack. Hold for maximum knockback and meter.

UA.pngTR.png Warmonger: Rocket projectile, great for mid-long range aerial juggling (sure to induce rage if on mic).

RA.pngTR.png Constructo Pistol: Three average-paced projectiles, the last of which has great knock-back for connecting with Warmonger Rockets(UA.pngTR.png).

DA.pngTR.png Buzzblades: Three buzz-saw projectiles that spread out and bounce once upon hitting the ground or wall. Good for air-to-ground harassing.


CR.png Plasma Striker: Aimable semi-long range sniper rifle. Holds you in place for 3-4 seconds when used mid-air.

UA.pngCR.png Mr. Muthafuckin Zurkon: Smack-talking robot who's all about kicking ass and taking names (i.e. firing about 6-10 shots every now and again that give 1 AP each). While he can be destroyed rather easily, having him out at all times will give Ratchet that extra edge.

RA.pngCR.png Agents of Doom - Deploys three cheerfully explosive bots that, while easily destroyed, can be used to stun opponents long enough to lead into a combo or even a R.Y.N.O. V blast.

DA.pngCR.png Tesla Spikes - Placing two of these in close proximity spawns a useful trap that may even confirm a R.Y.N.O. V blast, though they tend to be destroyed before even being fully set up.


Level 1 - R.Y.N.O. V

It's easy to see why the Rip Ya a New One V is Ratchet's go-to choice for ending his opponents. With a long duration as well as range (and a free musical piece), you'll be having opponents running and jumping like hell to stay away from it. However it's not without drawbacks, due to its duration if a charged opponent gets behind you it's unlikely they're going to show mercy.

There are 2 ways to confirm that this attack will hit:

1.) Use the Suck Cannon to carry your opponent to a corner, back up a bit and then unload. There's no escaping it.

2.) Spawning the Agents of Doom (RA.pngCR.png) and making sure all 3 Agents hit. This can be tricky due to the telegraphing and how easy it is to destroy/avoid them. But if the stars align in your favor and they get trapped by all 3 it's a sure-fire kill.

Level 2 - Clank Goes Commando

Clank decides to get in on the action in this Level 2 super attack. Sporting a Time Bomb deploying, insta-killing Chronosceptor, Clank runs around the fight trapping opponents in time, then wasting them.
Clank Controls:
SQ.png: Clank swings his chronosceptor, killing foes hit by it.
CR.png: Clank tosses a time bomb, which pops in front of and a bit above him. This move doesn't kill, but instead slows them. Use this to slow down pesky opponents before bopping them on the head with the chronosceptor.

Level 3 - Flight of the Aphelion

Ratchet and Clank jump into the Aphelion and rain down love and teddy bears... I mean missiles onto their foes. Like many level 3 supers, it lasts long enough to pick up kills on respawned enemies.
Aphelion controls:
SQ.png: Fires the basic laser where ever the player aims.
CR.png: Shoots a barrage of missiles centered around the aiming point. Useful for grabbing opponents who are trying to dodge-roll the laser shots.


Mr. Zurkon. There's almost no animation to pull out Mr. Zurkon and there is no real drawback to having him out. So, always have an active Zurkon for that little bit of extra AP he gains you. Likewise, the Agents of Doom are very spamable in many situations. However, be aware that the Agents have a bit of a start up time while you pull them out, so don't go summoning them if you're in the corner about to be comboed by a Raiden or something. By holding up-forward and pressing CR.png, you can both summon Mr. Zurkon while throwing out a set of Agents at the same time. This can be handy if you need to do both at once.

Ratchet is a great handy-man character. His ratchet, while not amazing compared to strictly close range characters, is still a decent tool and can net some nice AP if used correctly. His TR.png and neutral CR.png attacks give him some great midrange options, while his remaining CR.png attacks round out with some nice gadgets to keep opponents on their toes. Ratchet operates best just outside the 'battle ball,' shooting in on unsuspecting foes and playing keep-away with anyone who tries to go after him. UA.pngTR.png is angled well for a go-to move for punishing opponents attempting to jump in on him and it has great knock-back and gains a lot of AP for a single attack. RA.pngTR.png and TR.png are good for opponents advancing on the ground. RA.pngSQ.png is good for advancing opponents who are abusing the dodge roll as the longer active time and boomerang aspect of the move make it difficult to dodge, and the move can be comboed into another RA.pngSQ.png at mid-distance or UA.pngSQ.png at close range. However, keep in mind that you cannot cancel RA.pngSQ.png, leaving you a sitting duck for any foe behind you.

In the air, Ratchet has several options to keep him in the game. UA.pngTR.png is still great for opponents above him and RA.pngTR.png and TR.png maintain similar properties. RA.pngSQ.png stops Ratchet from falling and can pick up a quick hit on a fellow airborne opponent. For foes directly below, DA.pngSQ.png is decent, although be aware it it's recovery time if they dodge it. Finally, neutral CR.png is still aimable and stops Ratchet's descent, making it a great tool for sniping down on foes below or for stopping him from falling into ground-based supers like Radec's level 2 or Spike's level 2. Neutral CR.png is limited to about 90 degrees, centered in front of him (so 45 above that and 45 below that), meaning it is not good for hitting opponents directly below him.


RA.pngCR.png - CR.png - SQ.pngSQ.pngSQ.png: 60 AP

RA.pngCR.png - DA.pngTR.png - SQ.pngSQ.pngSQ.png: 60 AP

TR.png - RA.pngSQ.png - RA.pngSQ.png - UA.pngSQ.png - UA.pngTR.png: 140 AP *Close range, last hit whiffs if started too close to corner*

TR.png - RA.pngSQ.png - RA.pngTR.pngRA.pngTR.pngRA.pngTR.png: 80 AP

RA.pngCR.png - TR.png - RA.pngSQ.png - RA.pngTR.pngRA.pngTR.pngRA.pngTR.png - UA.pngTR.png: 120 AP