Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
It's a good game

Sutoreeto Faita 3: Sad Strike is the 12th Street Fighter game and second update of the fourth Street Fighter series. It's the only game in the third series anyone cares about, but New Generation and 2nd impact also exist.


Gill is Resurrecting and Alex has to stop him.

Meanwhile Ibuki is on the hunt for cocks, Sean is getting nerfed, Chun-Li is still old, Hugo becomes NUMBA 1, and Makoto is pure. :3c


  • Pick Chun Li or Ken
  • Strategically disrespect your opponents since taunts actually do shit
  • Parry everything


Who Cares[edit]

How to play on GGPO[edit]

Extract the file here to get the archive file. Extract the archive and place the respective ROMs and Savestates into the appropriate folders in your GGPO directory. This will replace Karnov’s Revenge with 3rd Strike and allow you to play it online in the Karnov’s lobby.


YamiAtomsk -US West Coast

MadWorlder -US East Coast

IcKY99 -US West Coast

Wakkaman-Man -US East Coast