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I wonder why witty likes this game

Super Gem Fighter AKA Pocket Fighter

This game may appear to be silly and casual as fuck but beneath it's colourful exterior lies the fiercely beating heart of the most hardcore competitive fighting game in all of known existence. Underestimate it at your peril, but he who uncovers its secrets will be the true champion of combat.

Footage of superior japanese competition: [1] [2]


Akuma Ryu Ken Dan

Chun-Li Sakura Morrigan Hsien-Ko

Felicia Tessa Zangief Ibuki

Akuma is hidden in top left, Dan is top right. Pressing Pf-k.png + Pf-s.png on character select is a fourth colour.

Buttons and Shit You May or May Not Know[edit]


Pf-p.png = Punch, Pf-k.png = Kick, Pf-s.png = Guard Crush (chargable), Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Throw/Airthrow,

Pf-k.png + Pf-s.png = Item toss, Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png + Pf-s.png = Burst (costs at least 1 meter, drops everything)

Dir-2.png, Dir-8.png = Superjump, Dir-3.png + Pf-p.png = Anti-air, Dir-3.png + Pf-k.png = Sweep,

Dir-2.png + Pf-s.png = Anti-air Guard Crush, Dir-6.png + Pf-s.png = Long-range Guard Crush, Dir-4.png + Pf-s.png = Guard Crush Counter,

Dir-6.png + Pf-k.png + Pf-s.png = Far item toss, Dir-4.png + Pf-k.png + Pf-s.png = Close item toss, Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png + Pf-s.png = Item roll,

Dir-8.png + Pf-p.png / Pf-k.png / Pf-s.png when opponent is knocked down = Pursuit, Pf-start.png = Taunt/Cycle items

Dir-6.png + Pf-s.png in blockstun = Guard cancel (costs 1 meter), Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png in air after hit = You must (air) recover,

Dir-6.png / Dir-4.png + Pf-p.png / Pf-k.png / Pf-s.png while knocked down = Roll, Mash Pf-s.png while knocked down = ez reversal

Crouching punch, kick and anti air (Dir-3.png + Pf-p.png) are special and super cancellable for almost every character. Lots of characters also have their own command normals and shit.

Costume Combo[edit]

Standing Punch acts as the first attack in one of the more unique (and kiwii) aspects of this game, costume combos. They're basically 4 hit chains where the character goes into all sorts of funny outfits for each hit. After starting with Pf-p.png, you can mix the inputs between Pf-p.png and Pf-k.png to get different variations, some low, some overhead, some unblockable. They can be easy damage/frametraps/mixup, but are also a lot more punishable than you may think much of the time. Remember though that people can stop when they're still safe, so you do have to respect them at times. Each character has their own unique combo chains and outfits, some good, some not so good.
PF Mighty Combo chart.png

Guard Crush[edit]

Pf-s.png does unblockable attacks that on hit make your opponent drop their gems like a startled rich girl. Different directions hit in different ways and cause them to drop different coloured gems, and the longer you hold in the button to charge it the more damage it does and gems get dropped. Only way to stop them is to hit them before they hit you, be out of range or parry them with the unblockable parry, which is done by pressing Dir-4.png + Pf-s.png. Charge grabs can't even be parried with this, and if you mess up the timing you'll be more defenceless than a panicky rich girl, so predict/react well.

Pf-s.png = Red

Dir-6.png + Pf-s.png = Yellow

Dir-2.png + Pf-s.png = Blue



Somehow I got this far without properly talking about gems. Gems are love. When collected gems power up certain special moves your man or waifu has, while also giving you some meter. There are three gem colours, which correspond to three of your special moves. Each move starts at Level 1, and can go up to Level 3. You can make gems appear by simply beating the shit out of the other guy, and it's usually a good idea to pick them up, but remember that makes you - and your opponent - potentially predictable.


"red demon dude"
Every so often during the round one of many different random dudes will float across the top of the stage. Bully them and they drop either gems, items or health restoring food. But beware the red demon dude. Hitting him tends to give big rewards, but he also can shock you.

Pf-k.png + Pf-s.png will throw one of the items you've picked up. Every character starts with one item, which one depends on who they are. After being hit by any item it's possible to be hit after with pretty much anything, as you can't air recover. Different directions judge the distance it goes. Downward directions will make you roll it onto the ground in front of you where it will wait for a few seconds before detonating. It can be pushed along by attacks from either person and will hit both of you when it blows up so be careful. Item tossing is also special and super cancellable, and most characters can actually combo an item toss from a jump in, though it's hard to time and it has to be pretty low. Pressing Pf-start.png when you have multiple items will cycle through them. The button also taunts so press it when you won't get one and leave yourself open. This works between rounds though before they start so that can be the best opportunity for it.

Pf-ball-petrify.png turns your opponent to stone for a free single hit. If it lands on the ground it turns into an orb, which fires a laser that can also turn them to stone if it hits. The stone state can be mashed out of though so do something fast. Pf-ball-water.png sends out ice pillars which freezes them solid if they're on the ground, giving you a free anything (except possibly throws). It can be mashed out of but it takes way more than the rest. Pf-ball-skull.png releases a small poison cloud that puts them into a dizzied state that can be mashed out of as well. Pf-ball-banana.png drops a banana peel on the ground that your opponent can slip on. While it's on the ground if they hold back they'll start blocking when close to it. Pf-ball-flame.png explodes into three jump-height pillars of flame. Pf-ball-bomb.png is just a bomb, more or less the same thing but with more range, and on hit it launches them really high into the air, making followups easy. Pf-ball-lightning.png is one really thin thunderbolt that's twice jump height, and if it hits someone instead of being able to hit them with anything, you can only airthrow.

Best items in order (in my opinion): Pf-ball-petrify.png / Pf-ball-water.png > Pf-ball-skull.png / Pf-ball-banana.png > Pf-ball-bomb.png > Pf-ball-flame.png >>>>> Pf-ball-lightning.png

Mega Crush[edit]


If you're feeling particularly pressured, you can burst with Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png + Pf-s.png. This costs one meter to use, and can be used while blocking, while being hit, while in the air, you name it. It blasts them back for teeny tiny damage per hit and is unblockable. But (and this is a very big butt, perhaps Morrigan-tier), on activation you will drop all of your current gems and lose all remaining meter. Use it only if you really need to. The type of burst changes depending on when you use it.

Supers/Easy Reversal[edit]


While you can do supers with the inputs you know and love, every character has shortcuts for supers using the Pf-s.png button, therefore using these instead is more worth your time.

You can also do an EZ REVERSAL by pressing (read - mashing the everliving fuck out of) Pf-s.png on wakeup (actually I think mashing is necessary, that's funny). Your character will do their typical dp-type move with no drawbacks compared to doing it normally, except that instead of saying "Reversal" on screen, it will say "Easy Reversal". Mixed reports suggest that it also says under it "wow what a turbo scrub haha" in very small letters, but this has yet to be verified.

Super Skrt Special Moves and Super Shortcuts[edit]

These are all the moves not shown on screen along with super shortcuts. Maybe I'll end up making it a full on movelist with command normals and whatever, but for now this is the important stuff. Note - some move names may not be accurate but there is no way to know for sure. Felicia and Chun-Li have walljumps. Most people seem to have a second taunt done by holding down. Dan can taunt in the air and his taunts build meter. Hsien Ko has her airdash, the bitch.



Dir-421.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Tomoe Nage

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Ryu Gets Mad as Fuck and Punches a Nigga (charge grab, also mashable)

Dir-236.png Pf-s.png = Shinkuu Hadouken

Dir-214.png Pf-s.png = Boufuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Reppuu Jinrai Shou


Red Ryu

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Tomoe Nage But We're Not Clones Different Input See?

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = I'll Score With You Then My Wife (charge grab)

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Shouryuu Reppa

Dir-421.png Pf-s.png = Shinryuu Ken (mash for more hits)

Dir-41236.png Pf-s.png = Shippuujinrai Kyaku



Dir-41236.png Pf-k.png = Spinning Bird Kick

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Street Gladiator

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Doki Doki <3 (charge grab, severe morale damage on hit or whiff due to qt)

Dir-236.png Pf-s.png = Kikou Shou

Dir-63214.png Pf-s.png = Rinkaisho

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Hazan Hishou Kyaku



Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Toss Off

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Bunny Butt (charge grab)

Dir-236.png Pf-s.png = Shinkuu Hadou Ken

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Midare Harusame

Dir-63214.png Pf-s.png = Haru Ranman



Hold Pf-s.png, Dir-6.pngDir-6.png / Dir-4.pngDir-4.png = Vernier Dash

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = This Has A Name But I Forget and it's Not Where I'm Looking

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = "Fireworks" (charge grab)

Dir-41236.png Pf-s.png = Darkness Illusion

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Death Blade

Dir-214.png Pf-s.png = Parasite Tempest


That Zombie Girl Who's a Pain in the Ass to Fight

Hold Pf-s.png, Dir-6.pngDir-6.png / Dir-4.pngDir-4.png = Teleport Dash

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Zombie Toss Off

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Houtengeki (has the artist even done any Hsien Ko pics? Why would you name yourself after a character's move, then not draw any pictures of that character? Get it together dude, whoever you are. Oh right, charge grab)

Dir-63214.png Pf-s.png = Tenrai Ha

Dir-236.png Pf-s.png = Rairai Kyuu

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Tenkaisan


Felicia/Blanka, the keepaway grappler (yes she is that weird in this game)

Pf-rp.png = im blanka now

Dir-214.png Pf-p.png, mash Pf-p.png on hit = Rolling Scratch

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = No Felicia Please Get Off (mash for more hits)

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Rolling Toss Thing

Dir-360.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png (yes really) = Star Grappler (charge grab)

Dir-41236.png Pf-s.png = Please Help Me

Dir-63214.png Pf-s.png = Crazy For You

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Dancing Flash


Tessa, aka Best Girl, aka qtest ever, aka a shit

Dir-2.png Dir-8.png, Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png = Muse Whip

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = High Kitty Toss

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = To The Skies With Ye! (charge grab)

Dir-236.png Pf-s.png = Astron Cannon

Dir-63214.png Pf-s.png = Untouchable Force

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Dragon Apocalypse


Zangief, Lead Singer of Degeneration X

Dir-2.pngDir-2.png Pf-jp.png = Iron Press

Dir-6.png / Dir-4.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Hammer Throw

Dir-2.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Piledriver

Dir-236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Suuupleeeeex

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Suplex II: Suplex Harder

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (charge grab)

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Russian Beat

Dir-41236.png Pf-s.png = Heavy Bite

Dir-360.png Pf-s.png = Final Atomic Buster



Dir-214.png Pf-k.png, Pf-k.png / Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png, Pf-k.png / Dir-2.png + Pf-k.png = Tsumuji

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Same Throw Only Higher

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Shogun Getcha (charge grab)

Dir-236.png Pf-s.png = Kasumi Suzaku (doable in air)

Dir-63214.png Pf-s.png = Jiraiya

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Hayate


Evil Ryu Before Evil Ryu Was A Thing, aka Gouki if You're A Weeb

Dir-63214.png Pf-p.png = Shakunetsu Hadou Ken

Dir-623.png / Dir-421.png Pf-p.png + Pf-s.png / Pf-k.png = Ashura Senkuu

Dir-236.pngDir-9.png Pf-p.png = Hyakki Shuu (nothing after or Pf-p.png / Pf-k.png, or Dir-6.png / Dir-4.png + Pf-p.png / Pf-k.png when close for followups)

Dir-421.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Gou Tomoe Nage

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Gettin Told (charge grab)

Dir-41236.png Pf-s.png = Messatsu Gou Hadou

Dir-41236.png Pf-js.png = Tenma Gou Zankuu

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Messatsu Gou Shouryuu

Dir-63214.png Pf-s.png = Raging Demon (costs 3 bars)


Dan The Man

Dir-421.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = The Original Tomoe Nage

Dir-41236.png Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png = Voice of an Angel (charge grab)

Dir-236.png Pf-s.png = Shinkuu Gadou Ken

Dir-623.png Pf-s.png = Kouryuu Rekka

Dir-41236.png Pf-s.png = Oyaji Blast

Dir-63214.png Pf-s.png = Reasonably Ticked Off Demon (costs 3 bars)

Dir-236.pngDir-236.png Pf-start.png = The Greatest Super Ever (not a shortcut but has to be mentioned)

Tier List[edit]

Not posting one. Not only does there not seem to be a definitive one (and the only random one I've seen I sort of disagreed with anyway), but due to the nature of the game, every character has a very strong chance of winning any match. I could say it's the most balanced game in the universe in shining lights but you motherfuckers would disregard that and hurr the top turrs anyway. I'll consider changing my mind and putting up my own only after I have more experience with the cast and can decide. Just pick your waifu.

System Mechanics[edit]

Air Teching[edit]

Just Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png after you get hit in the air depending on what hit you.

Hold a direction before teching to tech left or right. No direction is neutral.

You can actually move differently by teching neutrally and then pressing left or right to be more unpredictable.

When you recover you keep your momentum, you can use this to escape further pressure or surprise opponents.


Everyone has a dash and backdash performed by double tapping on the stick. Forward dashes can become a run by holding forward longer. Backdashes have no special properties like invul or anything. You cannot block during dashes, but runs can be cancelled into most things, including blocking.

Everyone has a special punch and a kick attack during a forward dash.

Some characters have special dashes while Pf-s.png is held. (Morrigan, Hsien-ko)


6 frame jumps

  • Akuma, Ryu, Ken, Dan, Sakura, Felicia

7 frame jumps

  • Chun-li, Morrigan, Hsien-ko, Tessa, Ibuki

8 frame jumps

  • Zangief

Super jumps (Dir-2.png Dir-8.png) are 1 frame slower, except Felicia and Zangief's are 3 frames slower.

Everyone has 4 frames of throw invul during prejump but you're unable to block any attack, and I think there are some frames on landing where you are vulnerable too. It might be more or only if you land from a jumping attack, hard thing to test fully.

Throw Invulnerability[edit]

Startup and active frames of most non grab moves have throw invulnerability. exceptions: gief spd has throw invul, Pf-s.png unblockables are throwable while charging for the entire animation.

Air Blocking[edit]

Block advantage against an air blocking opponent is not the same as with an opponent on the ground. Like Vampire Savior, moves blocked in the air may be punished more easily because of the shorter block stun (it's more like attacking or throwing cancels blockstun, since you can't do anything else). In other words, just mash buttons if you find yourself blocking a move in the air.

It's not always a great idea to just air block everything though. Moves performed on the ground that leave the attacker grounded may usually have an air unblockable property. Beware of chicken blocking. Also being predictable by always jumping expecting to block leaves you open to throws, but if you don't jump and they whiff the airthrow you can quite easily antiair.

Throw Teching and 2p Advantage[edit]

Apparently a quirk with many cps2 games, player 2 will have the advantage in all simultaneous throw situations. Throw teching is in the game, and in most cases works like ST where you take reduced damage and recover normally, but the timing is a little weird. It's sorta like you do it right after you've been grabbed I think. When you get it it says "Tech Bonus" in big letters though so you'll know.

Negative Edge[edit]

Throws can be performed on the release of the Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png buttons immediately after entering a grounded state. There might be more to explore here if you are interested in becoming the highest level gem fighter player.

Counter Hits[edit]

Counter hits add 5 frames of extra hitstun to any move that leaves the opponent grounded and deal double the dizzy value, but they also push them further away. Also on counter hit, certain moves (such as dash attacks) cause a different launch effect, sending them bouncing about the screen. If one of these moves counters and dizzies the other guy, that will cause the neat ROUND THE WORLD animation to happen. Landing a counter hit against an aerial opponent seems to leave them open to another attack, but they might be able to air recover if they react fast enough. If not though, air throw. Hitting a chained low (Pf-p.png, Pf-p.png, Pf-k.png for most characters) on counter hit will cause a mini launch that allows you to follow up with much more, but this can make you whiff if you finish the chain without taking it into consideration. A counter hit Dir-3.png + Pf-p.png causes a much higher launch with them in the same state, but the height makes it easy for them to recover.


Very few attacks can cause a true comboable juggle state. Example, bomb item. If you see yourself being caught in a juggle "infinite" it's very likely that you can simply air tech out with Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png while holding left or right.


Not air recovering, along with certain moves' specific hit effect can cause you to get knocked down.

On wake up you always have the choice of waking up normally, or rolling by pressing backward or forward on the stick along with any button. The button you pressed determines the distance you will roll.

Theres possibly a counter to variable roll distances in pursuits, although it seems unlikely since they all have such long recovery time.

Alpha Counters[edit]

Consumes 1 bar. Performed with Dir-6.png + Pf-s.png while in blockstun. Alpha Counters are capable of KOing the opponent, and certain attacks can even be linked after them. Getting a counterhit with one will knock them away.

Chip Damage[edit]

There is no chip damage.

Corner Cross Up[edit]

Seems like nothing or else very few things will ever cross you up while in the corner. Some attacks can bounce you off of the wall though, making you fall out of the corner. Something to remember for when you or your opponent are cornered.

Meter Building and Gems[edit]

Hitting, getting hit, whiffing normals, whiffing specials, and collecting gems will all grant you meter. Blocking gives no meter.

Big gems fill about half a bar.

The more hits you do in a combo, the more gems you'll get. Very high combo counts also give you bigger gems, meaning certain random supers can pay for themselves in meter from gems AND MORE if they actually hit. The rich get richer, so don't hoard your meter.

Chests (not that kind)[edit]

Hitting someone with either the fourth normal hit in a costume combo, a guard cancel, a parry, or a fully charged unblockable causes a treasure chest to appear. These chests then open upon landing, releasing either gems, food or items.

At the start of the round, a treasure chest sits in the middle of the stage. This one always holds at least one big gem and can be opened by hitting it. The gems fly out upwards in the direction of the one who opened it. It's up to you whether you want to go for it, ignore it, or try and hit someone that tries to open it for themselves.

Spinning to Win[edit]

By doing them fast enough, it's possible to do 360s with no buffering at all. I think it's because superjumps have startup or something, because you still hear the superjump noise, but you'll do the throw. Probably not as useful for Felicia, but it makes Zangief even scarier.

The Backturned State[edit]

In some situations, either after recovering from certain attacks or simply the opponent walking under you will leave you facing the opposite way while in the air. When this happens, not only are your special move inputs reversed, but your blocking input is too. Essentially this means you may have to hold towards the opponent to block properly if they force you into this situation and keep attacking, so you have to take this into consideration as well as the direction you want to move in. Makes for a sneaky mixup.

Hit States[edit]

After you hit someone theres a number of effects that can happen. I'm gonna make up names for all the ones I know, what you can do to people in these states in bold, and what the defender can do in bold italics. In just about every case you can burst/counter roll as well.

  • Normal hitstun - You just stay on the ground after getting hit on the ground.
    • Hit OK

  • Normal Air hitstun - You flip backward in the air, usually after getting hit in the air. You are completely invincible and cannot do anything until you reach the ground in a standing state.

  • Knockdown - All sweeps and few moves can cause an unrecoverable knockdown. You could be hit again in theory before landing I believe, but as far as I know only Ibuki's sweep recovers fast enough to do so. Pretty much all sweeps allow for a pursuit that actually combos afterwards however if you're fast enough. If near a wall you'll still be bounced off of it.
    • Hit OK (in a sense, but in most cases not really)
    • Pursuit OK

  • Float aka Blown Away - You flip backward in the air until you recover (Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png), counter roll (Pf-p.png + Pf-k.png + Pf-s.png) or hit the ground in a knockdown state. Some moves cause this on counter hit, but there's a few that always do it. You'll bounce off of a wall if you hit it as well.
    • Hit OK
    • Air throw OK
    • Pursuit OK
    • Recover OK

  • Shocked - You got electrocuted, either by the lightning item or the fabled red demon dude. Similar to the standard air knockback, except that you can only be airthrown (if they can even reach) and can't recover.
    • Air throw OK

  • Petrified - Caused by certain grabs and the stone item. You get turned to stone for a length of time, during which almost any hit will shatter you. Afterwards you reappear knocked down where you were, though sometimes certain single hit attacks avoid this somehow and keep their properties. While turned to stone you can only be hit (by a single hit), not grabbed, and you can mash to free yourself faster.
    • Hit OK
    • Mash out OK

  • Frozen - Get hit by the ice item while on the ground and you'll be frozen solid for a length of time. During this you can be hit by anything except throws and you're treated as standing when they do so, meaning they can get a full combo of whatever. You can mash to get out a little quicker.
    • Hit OK
    • Mash out OK

  • Poison Stun - Get hit by the poison item either on the ground or in the air and you'll get dizzied. It works more or less the same as the normal stun in regards to what you can be hit by (anything and everything), but it's different in that you recover much faster and can therefore mash out of it even quicker.
    • You can do anything you want because they are dizzy, just be quick about it

  • Blown up - Getting hit by any of the other items or the ice while in the air (I know that's not being blown up I'm being a little lazy here) will send you into the air in an unrecoverable state where you can be hit with anything or will land knocked down. The direction you fly in depends on what item you were hit with. Fire and bomb go straight up, with bomb going up much further. Aerial ice and banana knock you back, though banana is much lower to the ground and harder to follow up from.
    • Hit OK
    • Airthrow OK

  • Wallbounce - Many moves when they knock you back can cause you to bounce off of the wall. When this happens you're usually put into a state where you can't be hit but can be airthrown, however in some cases (most notoriously Zangief's lariat) you can get hit by attacks as well. Not entirely sure how this works, but it might actually be timing specific, as in you have to hit them with it right when they bounce off.
    • Hit OK (in some specific cases)
    • Airthrow OK
    • Recover OK

  • Screenbounce (or super wallbounce or whatever, not to be confused with the more average wallbounce up there) - Counter hit only? Only certain moves can do this. Makes you bounce around the screen and actually gives you an unblockable hitbox that does very very tiny damage, resulting in some silliness. It's possible to hit someone again while they're bouncing around, but pretty hard due to the hitbox and flight path, as well as them being able to recover.
    • Hit OK
    • Air throw OK
    • Recover OK

  • Earth Orbit - Counter hit only. Occurs when certain ch moves also cause dizzy. Also gives you a hitbox like the wallbounce and you can hit or grab them as they come back onto the screen before landing if you really want to.
    • You can do anything you want because they are dizzy
    • Mash out OK