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Shut up and Bleed!

Once was a nice Ice Cream man turned into a sadistic manly grotesque psychotic mother fucker now comes for blood from demi-gods, puppys, a raccoon, an obese princess, and pretty much whatever he can get his hands on. Obviously a perfect fit for All-Stars.


Ill just get this done quickly all his moves are good except for his CR.png + UA.png and his neutral CR.png attack. Some are a bit situational but we'll get into that in a bit.

How is CR.png + UA.png not good anon?

Just no.

Edit Edit: HERE YA GO edition.

SQ.png SQ.png "Machete Madness" (35 AP) ST uses his machete, quite punishable if you miss the second attack so don't forget to cancel on whiff. (Note: Landing Arial SQ.png on grounded opponent is a hit confirm for level 1.

RA.png SQ.png "Brutal Shoulder Crush" (20 AP) Lunge attack. Can cancel out of neutral SQ.png for this far safer move. Has some super armor.

UA.png SQ.png "Jaw Breaker" (20 AP) Knocks into air but recovery is pretty immediate. After attack people can tech out of next hit in combo but his UA.png CR.png will likely land if the players aren't quick enough.

DA.png SQ.png "Shin Breaker" (20 AP) Crumples enemy, but takes too long to into level 1. Can chain into neutral SQ.png, RA.png SQ.png, or RA.png TR.png.

DA.png SQ.png (Air) "Shock Wave" (20 AP) Knocks enemy in air, can chain into air combo, or just shotgun blast away.

TR.png "Chainsaw Slaughter" (10 AP) ST spins with his chainsaw. Very short range and fairly punishable, this attack is inadvisable unless you can find the perfect circumstance for it.

RA.png TR.png "Death By Shotgun" (30 AP) Sweet tooth's bread and butter attack. This extremely quick attack knocks an enemy across the map and gets sweet tooth nearly one third of the way to his level one.

UA.png TR.png "Spinning Machete" (10 AP) Sweet Tooth throws his machete in a small arc above him. Useful to prolong combos or to for air game, but not as much for a singular attack.

DA.png TR.png "Blown Ankle" (20 AP) Sweet tooth fires downwards, knocking the opponent prone. While it gets you less AP than the horizontal shotgun, it keeps the opponent close just how sweet tooth likes it. Its a good opportunity to lay down a mine and get ready to trap the opponent in another combo. Even better in the air.

CR.png "Hellfire Breath" (2-22 AP) Sweet tooth breathes fire, stunning anyone in front of him. Good way to pin multiple enemies against the wall.

RA.png CR.png "Fiery Molotov" (5-25 AP) A good Zoning mechanism, this attack can force the enemies towards or away from you as it creates a small area that will give you AP if the opponent stand there. Useful also for air game. Just no anon.

UA.png CR.png "Death by Fire" (20 AP) A lovely juggling tool, the clown knocks two molotovs together above his head, creating a fire burst throwing enemies upwards. A great way to bring a combo into the air.

DA.png CR.png "Roadkill Mine Drop" (20 AP) Your most useful zoning tool. This mine is what makes Tooth a great 1v1 character, forcing his opponent to choose between taking a machete to the face or rolling into a mine. Knocks opponent into air, which gives good opportunity for air shotgun. Keep a mine on stage AT ALL TIMES.

RA.png RS.png "Skull Breaker" (15% AP) Tooth punches the grabbed away.

UA.png RS.png "Human BBQ" (15% AP) ST Death By Fire's the enemy into the air.

DA.png RS.png "Grave Digger" (15% AP) ST throws enemy on ground next to him. Can be chained into RA.png SQ.png


Level 1 Sweet Tooth pulls out some dynamite, lunges forward a little bit to attach it to an enemy, then boots the opponent off to explode. It is extremely easy to interrupt so using it haphazardly is not wise. Note however that as long as the dynamite is attached to the character they will still die even if the kick off is interrupted. The blast radius is quite small, making it difficult to catch more then one person, but using it when the opponents are lumped next to a wall or even in certain team compositions, Sweet Tooth can actually organize a way to get 2 or 3 kills with this super.

Sweets best super and the only super you should be using at any given time. Cost about 100 AP to use which is extremely cheap for a Lv1. Because of the low cost, it allows Sweet Tooth to have a very high score potential in a given round. It can be used to punish long recovery moves, some supers on reaction, reading a roll, ect but is most optimal to combo into it. From the beta I was only able to combo using Air Neutral Square on grounded opponents but that is an excellent move as its a key combo starter to his game.


Sweet Tooth fires off a missile that he controls. He is completely invincible while the missile is out. Has an ok-ish size blast radius box.

With an AP Cost of around 300-400 it essentially is useless because the the Lv1 is infinitely cheaper and can net you more kills guaranteed when combo'd. Personally if I'm building meter and accidentally get to Lv2, I will purposely get hit by stage hazards and items to level down. Its that bad a super.

Level 3

Sweet Tooth goes into Mecha Tooth and obtains a new move set that kills on contact. SQ.png is a minigun that can be aimed up or down, TR.png‎ he launches missiles straight up from his body and CR.png is a foot stop that will kill any opponents near Sweets that are GROUNDED.

It has decent killing potential for a Lv3 vs people who don't know how to deal with it. Vs a smart player it is probably the worst Lv3 out of the 6. Avoiding this super is extremely easy. All you need to do is get in the body of Mecha Tooth and wait. He only has 2 options at that point, Missiles which will hit anyone around his upper body or above him and the Foot Stomp which will hit ONLY GROUNDED OPPONENTS. Mecha Tooth's moves are so slow that you can actually react to them with ample time. If he does the foot stomp, just jump, you will not die, if he does missiles, stand still and wait.


The basic strategy for him is to take control of the stage by placing mines (DA.png + CR.png) in important spots and with your many projectiles such as molotovs (RA.png + CR.png) and his machete (TR.png + UA.png).

Shotgun (TR.png + RA.png) is your best friend due to its knock back and meter gain. It can also punish many moves such as Kratos's grab and pretty much any charge move. When moving in on opponents his down shotgun is good because it knocks them down and it gives you a good chance to do some sort of mixup on him.

If far away from your opponent start throwing molotovs (CR.png) while slowing making your way to them and if they're in a cluster just stand on the side lines and throw molotovs at them until one of the idiots realizes that you're just fucking with them. This also goes for his machete.

His shoulder bash (SQ.png) is something that's I can be used like the shotgun because of its knock back meter gain and it has more distance BUT can be punished so watch out for that. Its something is use to avoid level 3s like Kratos and Radecs level 2 because you'll stay afloat a little bit and you can travel a bit with it through the air.

His mines (DA.png + CR.png) are really good due to their juggle property meter gain and how people tend to forget they're there. Try to place mines close to the enemy because they can either A. Roll into it or B. get hit by trying to get to you. If you're high in the air like WAY the fuck up there don't butt stomp throw a mine and then move away (Note. if they get hit by the mine if you're quick enough you can shotgun them away while they're in the air something fairly easy to do.)

His chainsaw (TR.png) isn't something to be "thrown" out there I mainly use it when you're stuck between people I just start to mash it and slowly gain meter by doing so. If you get hit out of it don't be surprised it happens.

His butt stomp (SQ.png) is something I use to start a "combo". After it just jump shotgun them when they're in the air. Its kinda unsafe since you can be grabbed out of it so use with caution.


DA.png + SQ.png, X.png, RA.png + TR.png (2 Hits)

DA.png + CR.png, X.png, RA.png + TR.png (2 Hits)

DA.pngRS.png, UA.png + SQ.png, RA.png + TR.png (3 hits)

X.png, AirSQ.png, land the ground SQ.png + SQ.png (3 hits)

This all I really do and all the info I really got im pretty sure when the full game is out there will be much more to him.

Thank you for reading