Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
It is none other than the infamous bout between the characters of Marvel Comics and game developer Capcom, baby
A warning before playing Luvcheez


Wesker and Doom decide to team up and take Galactus's Cosmic Power. Hijinks ensue, Souls are Fisted, Beserkers are Barraged, and everyone whines about no BB Hood or Songbird.

Ignore what everyone has to say in the fighting generals. No one knows how to play on 4chan except Viscant.



Luvcheez - US West Coast

ClawsOfSteel - DaveOfSparta - US Pacific Northwest

SpammyWhite - Britoon

strongbad1 - US East Coast

MysticBash - Calexico

kwfang - South as South can get

IcKY99 - US West Coast


YamiAtomsk - US West Coast

MiyakoYS - US West Coast (Bad at this game)

Pastadruid - US East Coast

MadWorlder - US East Coast

Fireriku546 - Firerikku - US West Coast


O9KLuvcheez - US West Coast

Dynn Javier - US West Coast

Bonafeezy - Midwest (FIOS connection)

Soletz - US West Coast

DeadBeatLotus - US East Coast

HangingSquid - US East Coast