AquaPazza: Aquaplus Dream Match

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Kawaii animu fightan.


Examu's newest animu fighter and it doesn't even have air dashes. You can play as your waifu (or husbando) from To Heart, Utawarerumono, Tears to Tiara, or whatever other light novel Aquaplus made. It's essentially a dream match game for weebs. Gameplay-wise, people compare this game to Vanguard Princess or call it Super Turbo with assists.

This game also doesn't look like it will ever see dirty gaijin soil because of licensing issues. If you want to play it you'll probably have to import it for your PS3 (no 360 version) like a true weeb. Well, shit. No one saw that one coming.

Characters and Information[edit]

Chizuru is apparently faceroll tier. Damage, good crossups, resets, oki, and everything else that top tier characters have. You could also pick the mage girl if you want to zone your opponent to hell. No one knows anything about this game though, so just pick your waifu/husbando and do your best to win.

If you want to watch High Level Japanese Match Videos™, look on NicoVideo. You'll find the occasional YouTube channel with a lot of good content.

There's also a proper AquaPazza wiki if you want to learn the game.

PSN IDs[edit]

Add your PSNs here for when the game is released.