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Dante contemplates the mysteries of the FUCK YOU.

Dante likes to swing swords and shoot guns. He's also the perfect Prom Date, you ugly sack of shit.

Below are the moves you will be using to STEIRISHRY take out all those angry Kratos players.


SQ.png - Hacker/Aerial Rave (air) (repeat input for a basic combo)

TR.png- Ebony & Ivory (Press once for 4 shots which lock onto a target, press twice for 4 more shots)

CR.png - Parry (Counters any attack with a quick slash, causing a butt-drop)

X.png - Jump/Double Jump (aka Air Hike)

UA.png + SQ.png - High Time/Roulette Spin (air) (hold command on the ground to follow an enemy into the air, juggle an enemy higher into the air with Roulette Spin)

RA.png + SQ.png - Karma/Hunger (air) (quick AOE combo on ground and in air)

DA.png + SQ.png - Tremor/Helm Breaker (air) (Tremor causes an OTG bounce, Helm Breaker results in a hard knockdown)

UA.png + TR.png - Inverse Rain Storm (can be considered a command jump, useful for OTG jump-cancel combos)

RA.png + TR.png - Ebony & Ivory Rushdown(remind you of something from Marvel vs Capcom 3?)

DA.png + TR.png - Gun Flurry/Rain Storm (air) (useful for some quick AP gain in the air)

UA.png + CR.png - Prop Shredder (AOE Launcher)

RA.png + CR.png - Angel Boost (Command Dash)

DA.png + CR.png - Arbiter Hurl (Projectile)

UA.png + RS.png - Payoff (Launcher)

RA.png + RS.png - Blowout Kick (sends the enemy flying)

DA.png + RS.png - Hammer Punch (hard knockdown)


Level 1 - Overdrive

Three swipes finishing with a shockwave

Level 2 - Stinger

A very fast dash directly ahead, sword first. Difficult to dodge if performed close to enemies.

Level 3 - Devil Trigger Unleashed

Donte steals Classic Dante's color scheme and turns everything blue. All enemies are immediately super slowed and all of Dante's attacks instant kill. Enemies can move at normal speed after respawning.


Although equipped with two female pistols, Dante is a close ranged character with a heavy emphasis on quick and technical combos. His party piece is a cancel system which allows him to switch between his square, triangle and circle attacks at any time during attack animations. He has good mobility, mainly due a command dash which can be used in an instant.

The three Supers he sports are very well balanced and easy to execute. His Level One has a large wind-up time but can net multiple kills. The iconic Stinger super is almost unavoidable and can easily clear the whole screen with good timing, and is especially useful to counter other supers. The Devil Trigger transforms him into someone you love, and makes all of his attacks deadly. On a small map, this super can easily get 6 kills.

The first thing an aspiring Dante player must do is learn combos. Dante does not feature any moves that are easily spammed. Begin with simple Rebellion combos, and work your way up to insane cancel combos. Do not try and practice in Free-for-All, as this will only lead to frustration.

Square features basic melee attacks. Hacker will be your BnB combo starter, due to the spin-crumple on the third hit. Karma is a short, wide range combo which finishes with an eject. Use this when enemies are grouped up for good AP gain. Tremor serves a similar function to Dante's Volcano move in MvC3, as it causes a ground-bounce which can be followed up with gun shots and aerial attacks. High Time is mainly to begin aerial combos.

Ebony & Ivory do not cause a hitstun, rather they have the special property of extending hitstun animations (ie. "juggling" an enemy). They are useful for advanced combos and quick AP gain. Any AP they gain in combos isn't counted in the amount needed for an AP burst.

Prop Shredder is a good finisher for AOE combos and useful for punishing enemies after their aerial recovery. Use parry to set up combos when your opponents least expect it. Arbiter Hurl can be used to set up the Stinger super, however, it can also be used as a keep-away tool in a similar vein to Nathan Drake's barrel kick manouver. Angel Boost's hidden invincibility frames are useful for dodging supers and getting some space when you need it.


jump square (whiff)- square, square-square-square-triangle-forward circle-downback circle, square-square-down square-up triangle-forward circle-up square-down square

up throw, up circle, jump forward square-square-forward square-triangle-forward circle-up square-down square

forward square, square-square-square-forward triangle-forward circle-up square (hold square), square-square-up square-triangle-forward circle-square

square-square-square-triangle-triangle-up circle, jump square-square-up square-triangle-forward circle-up square-down square

square-square-square-triangle-forward circle-downback square-triangle-forward circle-up square (hold square), square-square-up square-triangle-forward circle-square

square-square-square-triangle-up triangle-down circle, square-square-up square (hold square), square-up square-triangle-forward circle-square

down square, square-down square-up triangle-forward circle-square, jump up square-triangle-forward circle-square

forward square, square-square-square-up triangle-forward circle-downback circle, R2 (level 2)

Update shit:

Square, Square, Square, Up Square, Square, Square, Up Square, Up Square, Up Triangle (Cancel)-> Side Circle, Up Square, Up Square, Down Square (140 AP Burst, to be more SSSTYLISH end it with an Up Circle for a little less ap)

How to empty cancel like a little bitch:

(Square x3) Up Triangle, Side Circle (Opposite Direction), Square


(Square x3) Up Triangle, Side Circle (Opposite Direction), Circle

Getting this completely right will take a lot of practice. You need to input the buttons really fucking fast, or else your cancel will A.) Fail or b.) Not even start correctly. Most people say using the D-Pad helps, but I use the analog stick. The game is not forgiving with the timing of this at all; even if you think you landed the cancel, sometimes lag will cause your opponents to crumple prematurely.

The empty cancel can be used to confirm into both Donte's level 1 and 2, and can be a valuable asset once mastered. Get to practicing, and FUCK YOU


He has a smaller dick than Vergil.