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Keeping it classy.


Born and raised as a wealthy lad in London, Dudley has always been able to get what he wants with his superhuman charm. Everything, except his father's classy car, that is. Although some may call Dudley spoiled, he does know how to get something when he wants it: by showing all the world's best Street Fighters that your style of boxing is the supreme martial art until you get your father's car(?).


Let's fight like gentlemen!

Getting Started[edit]

Super Art Selection - SA3 is your best choice. It has a 1-frame startup and is better antiair than Dudley's uppercut super somehow. SA2 is the worst, SA1 is passable. Dudley's a meter-building machine, just avoid SA2 and you'll do fine in the meter department.


  • c.HK = Launcher that hits low
  • f.HK = Overhead, links into sa1/sa3, can also press MK for a 2nd hit instead(parry bait)
  • s.HK = Best poke and the only poke Dudley has that he can cancel his ex machine gun blow from
  • f.MK = Another amazing poke with great priority, use for ticks, and moving closer while building meter. Comes out +7 on block, can be used to punish mashing.
  • s.MP = Great poke, 3 frame startup, can be canceled to super, hits high only and is good anti air, dont use on short characters outside of anti airs or reversals, go with c.mp instead. Als good for meter-building.
  • s.HP = Great standing poke hits mid/high for great damage, comes out very fast
  • s.LP = Terrible, never use it, comes out slower than his mp, and is parried high and low
  • UOH = Dudley's is very good and very easy to land a super after
  • c.MP = stuffs sweep and low kick attempts, easier to super after, but moves your hitbox lower, and is 1 frame slower than s.mp

Game Plan [1] Get them to the corner, then destroy them.

Advanced Play[edit]

While jumping in, you can hit early or late because of dudleys jump arc. Depending on how early or late it lands, you can follow up several ways.

  • EX uppercut (throw bait)
  • c.lk c.lk -> SA3
  • parry/throw (get them closer to the corner)
  • f.hk -> link super/throw


  • c.LK, MK
  • MK, HK, HP
  • LK, MK, MP, HP
  • F.MK, MK, HP
  • c.LK, c.MP, c.HP
  • MP, MK, HP
  • F.HK, MK
  • c.HK, c.HK, c.HK, c.HK, c.HK, c.HK(Only works on Chun, Remy, Oro, Alex, Q and Necro)
  • c.HK, L Machinegun, c.HK, L Machinegun, c.HK, SA3 (Only works on Makoto, Ibuki, Chun, and Remy)