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Evil Cole
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Evil Cole is the evil version of the character Cole MacGrath from the inFAMOUS series. According to fan reaction, he apparently took the spot of Crash, Spyro, Cloud, Snake, and other Sony first party and non-first party characters.


SQ.png, SQ.png, SQ.png: Amp Combo - Cole hits the target 3 times, with the third hit knocking them away and flooring them. Only has two hits in the air, but will still floor the opponent.

RA.png + SQ.png: Induction Grind - Cole grinds along the surface via electricity, allowing high speed movement

UA.png + SQ.png: Amp Blast - Cole slashes diagonally upwards in front of him with his amp

DA.png + SQ.png: Thunder Drop - Cole strikes the ground with his amp, causing a burst of electricity. If done from a sufficient height, the blast will be larger and will knock foes into the air.

(Grind)SQ.png, SQ.png: Zappy Slice - Cole strikes the opponent twice with electrical blades. The second hit knocks the opponent into the air. I don't know the name of this move.

(Air)RA.png + SQ.png: Lightning Tether - Cole extends a line of electricity from his hand. If the tether connects with a player or terrain, Cole will retract the tether and pull himself in. Air dodging, jumping or attacking can be used to end the pull prematurely.

TR.png: Lightning Bolts - Cole fires a small bolt of electricity, can be mashed for repeated bolts and can be angled up or down. After connecting with several bolts in a row, Cole will channel electricity in to the target, locking you both in place. Fires faster while in the air but loses its ability to channel.

RA.png + TR.png: Double Grenade - Cole throws a ball of electricity forward which, upon impact, detonates and launches a second ball a short distance upwards.

UA.png + TR.png: Tripwire Rockets - Cole throws a ball of electricity upwards, which expands to form a line of electricity as it ascends. The line will collapse in on enemies who pass through it.

DA.png + TR.png: Nightmare Blast - Cole fires an electrical ring which ejects foes. Fires horizontally while grounded or diagonally down and forward while airborne.

(Grind)TR.png: Static Thrusters - Cole envelops himself in electricity and launches himself at a 45 degree angle upwards.

CR.png: Giga Punch - A flaming punch. Holding circle will allow you to charge it up. The higher the charge, the further the punch carries Cole. A charge can be stored and moved around with. A fully charged punch gives you armor while the punch is in motion and crumples victims.

RA.png + CR.png: Firebird Strike - Cole flies forward enveloped in flames, ejecting those he collides with. Connecting with a foe will prematurely end your flight, so it can not be used to pass through multiple foes (however multiple foes can be ejected by the initial collision)

UA.png + CR.png: Hellfire Rockets - Cole causes a small explosion above his head. Can be tapped multiple times for three explosions, each bigger than the last.

DA.png + CR.png: Oil Spike - Cole creates a puddle of oil beneath him. Enemies who touch the puddle will be enveloped by oil and unable to move briefly. Great for disrupting enemy combos, however enemy strikes will destroy it. There is no reason not to have one of these on the field at all times.


Level 1 - Human Bullet:

More commonly known as special delivery. Cole telekinetically lifts a target into the air (I assume he uses electricity to magnetize the metals in a person's body or some shit, what do I know, I ain't a scientist) and then throws them across the stage, killing them when they collide with a player or the terrain. Only one target can be lifted at a time, however throwing one enemy into another will kill them both. You can hold down the super button upon activation to hold the enemy in the air above you until your AP meter fully depletes (or you release the button), allowing you to time the throw so that you can hurl the first victim into a second victim. Upon activation Cole releases a wave of electricity into the ground around him, however this visual aspect of the attack is not indicative of the hitbox. Characters in the air around him can also be caught.

Giga punch hit-confirms into this, both at full and near-full charge. This can also be used on enemies trapped by oil spike. Lightning Tether acts as a tech trap, meaning it will catch them if they don't tech away from you as they recover from the tether's stun, so this works on most players. Additionally, Evil Cole can up throw most of the cast and catch them with his level 1 as they fall down (Good Cole cannot do this due to the higher launch distance of his up throw). You must take one step towards your opponent after throwing them before you activate the super. Up throw into human bullet does not work on Toro, Parappa, Big Daddy, Nariko, or Sackboy on flat surfaces (however it can be used on them if you are on a ramp).

Level 2 - Ionic Drain:

Almost as overpowered as Sweet Tooth's level 2. Cole surrounds himself with a vortex of electricity for a few seconds. Anyone who touches the electricity will be stunned, and will explode at the end of the super. Enemies killed will drop AP orbs. There are a few set ups for it, such as up throw or thunder drop, but generally speaking it is extremely predictable and not worth using. Its best use is probably using it while standing atop multiple floored opponents, because they will be trapped in it as they get up. Have fun using this in a free for all, catching two opponents in it, and having the third opponent kill you AND your two victims before your super ends. I pretty much shit my pants in rage whenever I accidentally build up to this worthless piece of shit, and you should too. Fortunately Human Bullet is so easy to use, you will rarely accidentally reach level 2- DISREGARD EVERYTHING YOU CAN NOW CANCEL THE LEVEL 2 EARLY SO YOU WONT BE A SITTING DUCK!

Ionic Drain can be handy in the beginning stages of Stowaways, as an Evil Cole spamming aerial nightmare blast can reach level 2 very quickly, and given the small room you all start off in, catching three enemies in it is not unreasonable. Stowaways is the only stage I would recommend aiming for a level 2, and even then only if you think you can use it before you're ejected from the plane.

Level 3 - The Beast Awakens

Cole absorbs the powers of a giant flaming naked man, and gains a new moveset. Pressing circle will tether all enemy players to you and slowly draw them towards you. Pressing triangle will fire a vertical beam, killing anyone touching you, as well as anyone above you (if used on the ground) or below you (if used in the air). Pressing square will fire a slow moving ball of flame horizontally that gradually arcs downwards, causing a rather large explosion upon impact. This is very slow and easy to dodge, and will almost never hit directly unless used at point blank range, however you may catch opponents in the blast radius from time to time if you aim at the terrain near them. A pretty poor level 3 overall, but there are worse ones out there.


The induction grind is your primary method of movement. It is much faster than running or rolling across the stage, can be started the instant you're touching ground, and can be cancelled instantly via jumping. You can't quickly stop and roll or block like you can while running, but you can cancel the grind with a jump and air dodge almost immediately, so it is still a relatively safe means of travel. In addition to vastly increasing your speed, the induction grind has some interesting properties regarding your momentum. First, jumping out of a grind gives you a little more distance than running and jumping does. Second, and more importantly, if you run, jump, and use an aerial attack, you will lose your momentum. If you grind, jump, and use an aerial attack, your momentum can be maintained. This allows you to attack while moving. Some examples: You can grind away from an enemy, jump, turn towards the opponent, and throw a double grenade or lightning bolt barrage at them while keeping your momentum and continuing to fly away from them. You can grind, jump, drop an oil spike mid flight, continue flying in the direction you jumped, and begin grinding again as soon as your feet touch the ground, allowing you to place oil spikes without stopping. You always want to be grinding, even if you're only touching the ground for a second. I will regularly grind along the ground, jump up onto a platform, grind along the platform, and jump off it. It may seem unnecessary to grind for that fifth of a second you're on the platform for, but it's things like this that really increase the ground you cover over the course of a match, and less time spent on travel means more time spent on murder. If your feet are touching the ground and you aren't grinding, it should only be because you're blocking or performing a ground attack. There is rarely any reason to run as Cole.

Another thing to consider when using the induction grind is the fact that there is, for the most part, no landing lag in this game. You can attack in the air and act as soon as your feet touch the ground (with the exception of thunder drop). For instance, you will enjoy a higher rate of fire while spamming double grenades if you jump before throwing each one. Since you can act as soon as your feet touch the ground, you can grind as soon as your feet touch the ground. You can therefor combine grinding, the lack of landing lag, and the retained momentum from jumping out of a grind, to spam double grenades while you approach or retreat. Grind, jump, throw, land, grind, jump, throw, land. This can be tricky, especially if you're spamming while retreating, as you will be constantly changing direction to grind away from the opponent while spamming towards them. However it gives you a very mobile spammable attack, and the flexibility it gives you allows you to switch from a retreat to an approach (or vice versa) in an instant.

A few other things to note. Cole can slow his descent by holding the jump button. This can be used to reach platforms your jump would otherwise fall slightly short of. If you tap the jump button repeatedly you will flap your arms like a bird. You will descend faster than you would were you holding the jump button, but you will cover greater horizontal distance too. Additionally, Cole can cling to walls by holding towards them and pressing the jump button. The jump button can be released once he is clinging, but you must continue to hold in the direction of the wall. While clinging you can fire lightning bolts with triangle, and you can still angle them up and down. The static cling is a useful means of avoiding hazards, such as the missile barrage on Franzea (LocoRoco).

One last tip that springs to mind is the use of lightning tether to punish predictable techs. When an opponent who has been hit into the air is about to tech, they rarely mix things up. You can almost always punish their tech with lightning tether. From there you can double grenade > lightning tether > firebird strike (if you are close enough to the ground to catch them with a second lightning tether after the double grenade), or just follow the initial tether with a firebird strike for simplicity (and safety, as it launches them away and is rather quick if someone else is pursuing you). Furthermore, tether into firebird strike is a great way of getting an ally out of a combo without getting caught in the combo yourself.


Just watch the video below, it will teach you all the combos you need to know. I ain't got time to write that shit out I have a workout to continue.