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Final Fantasy Explorers
Finally a 3DS game

Since most of you are playing off emunand and got new friendcodes. This was made for Final Fantasy Explorers but feel free to add others for other shit.


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Knight – In addition to attacks, Knights boast numerous defensive abilities.

Thief – Thieves posses the unique ability to steal from enemies, allowing players to pilfer a variety of materials.

Dark Knight – Dark Knights use powerful scythes to cause tremendous damage, making for a perfect heavy hitting attacker.

Ranger – Rangers specialize in long-distance physical attacks with a multitude of abilities that inflict status ailments on their foes.

Bard – Bards enhance their comrades’ abilities from the rear ranks by playing special songs using their instruments as weapons.

Samurai – As an all-range attacker, Samurai wield katana and have an exceptionally high damage output.

Ninja – Ninjas use their vast number of combat enhancing skills, high speed, and high evasion to confound the enemy.

Paladin – Paladins may move slowly, but are ideal in creating an impenetrable barrier with their physical and magical attack, and high defense power.

Monk – While Monks have low defense, they overwhelm their foes with ferocious physical blows.

Dragoon – The greatest asset of Dragoons is their Jump attack, leaping high in the air before plummeting down on enemies with incredible speed.

Sage – Sages have the highest magical attack and healing power, and can use their Concentrate ability to enhance their own skills.

Machinist – Machinists use guns for long-range attacks, inflicting status effects on the enemy and enhancing their own combat power.

Red Mage – Red Mages are skilled equally in magic and swordsmanship, using their Chainspell ability to create powerful spell combinations.

Alchemist – Alchemists are experts when it comes to using items combining attacks with alchemy to react to a variety of different situations.

Beast Master – Despite a slower attack speed, Beast Masters user their powerful axe to pack a real punch.

Freelancer – Freelancers are not particularly gifted in one field, but have great freedom in abilities and gear they can equip.

Geomancer – The Rune Strike, a special ability of Geomancers, takes time to charge. But raises their magic power with each hit.

Time Mage – Time Mages aid their comrades with a plethora of time manipulation spells, such as Haste and Slow, and offensive magic, such as Gravity and Meteor.

White Mage – White Mages specialize in healing and support to aid their comrades in a tight spot.

Black Mage – Black Mages are experts of offensive magic, raining damage on their foes from afar.

Blue Mage – Blue Mages have a unique ability to learn and master techniques used by the enemy, allowing them to fulfill many different roles.

Friend Codes[edit]

Name Friend Code Jobs/Classes
Lightning is God
Ecterim 1822-3260-9898 Black Mage/dunno yet
Yellu 4699-9544-1000 Ninja/Bard/Ranger/White Mage/Red Mage maybe more
Boots 0705-6347-3778 BST/GEO
joep 3411-4661-7217 play guilty gear
gonnhead 1392-8306-5244 Monk/Dragoon/something else

Unlocking Jobs[edit]

Freelancer - Default

Knight - After Tutorial

Monk - After Tutorial

White Mage - After Tutorial

Black Mage - After Tutorial

Ranger - After Tutorial

Thief - 2* Quest called Test for Thief and Time Mage

Time Mage - 2* Quest called Test for Thief and Time Mage

Geomancer - 3* Quest called Test for Geo and Alch

Alchemist - 3* Quest called Test for Geo and Alch

Ninja - 3* Quest called test for Ninja and Bard

Bard - 3* Quest called test for Ninja and Bard

Dragoon - 4* Quest Called Test for Drag and Sage

Sage - 4* Quest Called Test for Drag and Sage

Paladin - 15% of all unique equipment made (Weapon, Armor, and Acc combined) (rumor that this just needs armor collection to 15% not total)

Samuari - Requires to to craft 150 unique equipment peices total (Weapon, Armor, and Acc combined)

Beastmaster - Create 20 monsters

Dark Knight - Kill 500 monsters

Blue Mage - Kill 750 monsters

Machinist - GEt 150k cp points total gained (You can spend them it's the grand total it is reading for it)

Red Mage - Learn Curaga, Firaga, and Graviga

Mastering Jobs: You have to complete 10 quests as a specfic class and you will unlock the quest once you get to 5* difficulty quests. This can easily be done in Solo Mode but entering and then returning to town in Free Roam. The only Expection is Freelancer which can't be mastered till you master all the rest first

Unlocking Magicites[edit]

Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Dryad, Phoenix, Diabolos, Fenrir, Alexander, Amaterasu, Leviathan, Bahamat, and Odin requires you to use the Crystal Surge "Encase" when they are at low health. Get close to them because this can miss. I will include the Location Data Below for you. This is thier normal location only. Some quests move them.

Ifrit - Loithus Isle

Shiva - Lake Tinze

Ramuh -Dell'antoni Bluffs

Dryad - Fosta Gardens

Phoenix - Mount Hibat Summit

Diabolos - Ciej Cavern

Fanrir - Maxon Cataract

Alexander - Sacred Tree Woll

Amaterasu - Wreck of Donnyglen

Leviathan - Travi Cove

Bahamat - Mount Chaminil Summit

Odin - Porjio Woods

Cecil - Deal 10k damage in one hit

Bartz - Get a Monster to lvl 50

Terra - Encase 8 different eidolons (Unique ones don't count has to be from the list above using Crystal Surge "Encase")

Cloud - Reach El 30 (Aka complete 30 different missions)

Aerith - Cast 500 healing spells

Tifa - Trance 50 times

Squall - Use 1000 abilities

Tidus - Must Reach Grand Crystal in the 5* mission aka beat the game

Vaan - Crafting 50 different items (Weapons, Armor, and Acc Combined)

Yuna - Defeat any 10 elidolons (Can be the same one in a row)

Lighning - Gather a grand total of 100k Cp


General info on Mutations. Mutation is when you Crystal Surge some skills will change color. When this happens they have a chance to get a mutation. Mutation will vary based on the Crystal Surge in effect. These become Custom Abilties at the Central Crystal for you to learn once you learn and equip it then it can be mutated again. At any time a Skill/Spell can have 8 Different Mutations and 16 stacks total between the different mutations each.

Example: Fire16 Spell

Mutation List Fire 2 Ice 1 Dark 2 Expose Weakness 2 Hp Factor 4 Inverse Hp 1 Area Effect Up 3 M Defense Down 1

See there are 8 different mutations but it only goes to 16 tops the same can be done like below


Fire16 Spell

Fire 6 Hp Factor 4 Expose Weakness 3 Area Effect Up 3

This spell is maxed on mutations as well but only 4 different ones were applied so that is it for that spell you'd have to go with an early mutation.

Mutation Info

Fire - This will up the damage the fire spell does by adding a backend fire element

Ice - This does the same as a fire mutation but when two backend elements are on. the game default and picks whatever the monster is weaker too. So you can not get Fire base with Fire backend then Ice Backend it will end up being either Fire backend or Ice backend based on the monster weakness

Other Notable Mutations

Reduce Cooldown - This I've only seen poped up on support spells it lowers the cooldown of your spells so you can cast it faster.

Inverse Hp - The less health you have the more your spell does damage wise at 100% health it does 0% and every 10% health loss it ups about 1% for each stack of the effect.

Hp Factor - This is reverse of the Inverse Hp and is based on your total health %

Area Effect Up - Increases the Aoe damage of a spell.

Added Mutation Note: As you make the mutations you want and buy them. Don't forget to sell old ones back when you're done get some of your CP back from them.

Weapon and Shield Schmea Location:

Post game 6* boss fights destorying limbs gives a chance for them to drop...

Artilery - Phoenix, Alexander

Axe - Ifrit , Dryad

Bell - Shiva, Dryad

Book - Ramuh, Amaterasu

Bow - Fenrir

Buckler - Ifrit, Dryad, Alexander, Amaterasu

Club - Ifrit, Ramuh

Dagger - Dryad, Leviathan

Fists - Ifrit, Fenrir

Gun - Fenrir, Bahamut

Instrument - Phoenix, Diabolos

Katana - Bahamut, Odin

Ninjato - Shiva, Amaterasu, Leviathan

Rod - Shiva, Phoenix, Amaterasu

Scythe - Diabolos, Bahamut

Shield - Ramuh, Phoenix, Alexander

Spear - Leviathan, Odin

Staff - Ramuh, Diabolos

Sword - Amaterasu, Odin

Misc Tips[edit]

Bard Sing:

1 Charge: Gradually restore allies' HP.

2 Charges: Increases Evade and Magic Evade for allies in range.

3 Charges: Increases allies' Attack and Magic Attack.

4 Charges: Full HP & AP recovery to allies in range.

Default Harp: 4th attack Ups Defense and Magic Defense, and Increases Mobility.

Blue Magic:

1,000 Needles Cactuar Various (Found mine in Debbis Heights)

Aero Ramuh, Ahriman Various (Ahriman)

Aerora Ramuh 4* version

Aeroga Ramuh, Ahriman 4* version (Ramuh), higher level Ahrimans

Aqua Breath Crabs (3*) Various

Bad Breath Malboro Maxon Ravine

Fire Breath Demon, Lizard, Red Dragon Diabolos cave (Demon); Leggi Steppe & Hibat (Lizard); Quest (Red Dragon)

Goblin Punch Goblins Anywhere

Grand Delta Magic Pots 5* quest "Doing a Fine Job"

Leaf Cutter Mandragora Lake Tilouz

Magnetic Storm Behemoths 7* Quest or random spawn in Hibat Caverns

Mighty Guard Iron Giant, Omega Weapon Do the Alchemist/Geomancer quest. The boss uses Mighty Guard.

White Wind White Chocobos 1* quest after defeating Phoenix

Spreadsheet with more info and drop list