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GGPO redone by Fumimi (and Stockees)

This GGPO uses the savestate trick which replaces most of the games.

The folder contains the modified savestate and the GGPO client.

You have to download the roms yourself, and there is a notepad inside that tells you what games are switched.

Get these new saves too.


Just unrar to make a new GGPO dir to avoid replacing the regular GGPO savestate folder with this one just so that you can still play the unhacked state games


Garou : Baseball Stars 2

Metal Slug X - Metal Slug 3

Marvel vs Capcom - Dodonpachi

SamshoVSP: Madmax: SVC Chaos Super Plus Thunderdome Bootleg Edition

DnD SoM: Alien vs Predator

Super Gem fighter : Puzzle Booble ur a Bust-a-Move

Karnov's : Actually Karnov's

V Sav: Waku Waku 7

Windjammers : Snow Bros

MarvelvsSF : Sailor Moon

SF Alpha 3 : Slammasters

KoF2000: Twinkle Star Sprites

Samsho 2: Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

KoF 97 Basketball on Fire: Street Hoops

Final Fight: Capcom Sports Club

SF Alpha : Neo Turf Masters

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo: Super Lewd Puzzle FUCK THE SPIDER Turbo

SFII Champion Edition : Ultimate 11 aka FUTBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Here are the specific filenames of the roms. (OUTDATED, TOO LAZY TO EDIT)

Alien vs Predator (940520 Euro) 9.46MB

Baseball Stars 2 3.51MB

Capcom Sports Club (970722 Euro) 6.45MB

DoDonPachi (1997 2/5 master ver, international) 7.50MB

Gals Panic (Unprotected) 2.28MB

Metal Slug 3 75.5MB

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (version 95/03/22B) 13.0MB

Puzzle Bobble 2 ~ Bust-A-Move Again 8.05MB

Saturday Night Slam Masters (Slam Masters 930713 etc) 6.03MB

Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (set 1) 267KB

Street Hoop ~ Street Slam ~ Dunk Dream 4.50MB

SvC Chaos - SNK vs Capcom Super (bootleg) 41.3MB

Twinklestar Sprites 8.65MB

The Ultimate 11 - SNK football championship ~ Tokuten Ou - honoo no libero 13.0MB(ssideki4)

Waku Waku 7 12.6MB bios 714KB