Garou: Mark of the Wolves (GGPO)

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Garou Mark of The Wolves
Are you OK?

Garou is the SNK equivilant of 3S, except it doesn't suck, as much.


Rock (Witty)

Terry (Bearmode lock u and ah u okhay?)

Grant (French Demon or something)


Kevin (Douche)



Freeman (more like, FREEman, ahue)

Hotaru (Loli Slut)

B.Jennet (Bimbo Slut)

Jae (Aka Poke into normal into special)

Dong (Da Bess)

Hokutomaru (Lil Andy)

Gato (nigga who wrestles bears)

Different Versions[edit]

There are a few different versions. Neo-Geo MVS (Arcade), Home Console AES, XboxLive, and Dreamcast. The XboxLive port is average, and is older so no offline play without being connected to the internet. There are slight differences between the AES/MVS versions, but nothing too drastic. And the Dreamcast version is generally considered terrible, desynced sounds, laggy. Avoid this port.


Kevin is the best, if you're a tier whore, here is where to start.

Tizoc is the worst, mainly because of a glitch which makes his grabs whiff. Even without the glitch he sucks balls and has bad matchups everywhere, he's not even really tourney viable.

Freeman is also pretty bad, he has no wakeup game, unless you get top and spam that shitty C+D move which leaves you open on block.

B.Jenet is very good, fast as fuck, pokes into combos out of the ass, unpunishable divekicks if done correctly and also, usually listed as 2nd in the tiers.

Everyone else is mid.

However, Japan tier lists are constantly changing, Jae has gone from 2nd worst, to 2nd best and back and forth on tier lists.

How to get started[edit]

Garou is a 4 button game. A, B, C, and D. A = Light Punch B = Light Kick C = Heavy Punch D = Heavy Kick

Garou is a game that rewards pressure and mixup. There a several mechanics in the game that support this:


Every character has one move that can be "broken". Similar to an FRC in Guilty Gear. You do this by hitting A+B while mid-animation during the move that can be broken. The window to break a move on whiff is usually much smaller. You can find a list of which characters moves are breakablehere.

Feint Cancelling:

Every character has the ability to feint cancel, some to greater effect than others. The purpose of this is to cancel your normals to make them safe or combo into something new. The general rule of thumb is that any close C or D can be cancelled and be advantage enough to get another hit in. This can be done on hit or block (though not every normal is feint cancellable, and some are only feint cancellable on block). This is achieved by pressing dA+C or fA+C when you would usually cancel into a special move. This is important for many characters guard crush strings and extended combos. It is worth noting that dA+C has 1 less frame of recovery, but fA+C is easier to buffer into a run or dash.


Not a lot of info is available about hitxboxes in garou, but several characters are available to download here. Garou Hitboxes


When playing against Kevin consider having your top bar activate at the start of the round so you can try to inflict as much damage as possible before he inevitably kills you.


These are the matchups, keep in mind for Tizoc (Griffon) it doesn't include matchup based on his glitch, meaning all of his are much worse.