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Guilty Gear
High level gameplay.


The Guilty Gear series takes place around the year 2180, in a chaotic, mystical future world. In 2010, mankind discovered an unlimited energy source of incredible power, which was labeled Magic. Despite providing a solution for world energy crisis, wars continued. The power of Magic was combined with humans and other creatures creating living weapons known as Gears. Eventually the Gears turned on the human race, beginning a century-long global war known as the Crusades where the Sacred Order of Holy Knights (Seikishidan being the Japanese name), defeated Justice, leader of the Gears. Justice having been locked away in a dimensional prison, all other Gears seemingly ceased to function, bringing end to an age of conflict. (Yes copied from Wikipedia, not like the game makes fucking sense anyways)

Game Mechanics[edit]

There's a roughly 36 minute youtube guide that explains almost every non-character specific thing about the game. Easy to understand and has demonstrations.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core - Complete Tutorial (Part 1)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core - Complete Tutorial (Part 2)

Check the Dustloop forum and wiki for combos, frame data, and other information.

Default Arcade Stick Button Layout:

P   D

Default Pad Layout:

P   HS
With D being on a shoulder button.

P and K are interchangeable.
Shortcut buttons can also be mapped. Map your controllers however you want, though.

Roman Cancel, and Force Roman Cancel

An RC is when you are able to cancel any move on hit/block for 50% of your Tension. Used for combos, pressure, making things safe.

An FRC is when you are able to cancel certain moves your character has during specific frames of that particular move on hit/block/whiff for 25% tension. Used for everything. Learn your FRCs by going into training and turning on Display Inputs, and the bar will flash blue when you do a move that is FRCable.

NullDC and Netplay[edit]

Tutorial for netplay, which contains a download link. Also available for download from Versusplay.

NullDesync has record of constant... desyncing. Netplay experience is determined by how good your internet is and the connection quality between your opponent. Having a computer that is able to run the program at a constant 60 FPS is also helpful. Don't expect good results from EC vs WC, although it is possible.



PC (NullDC Netplay)

You'll need the IP address of whoever you want to play with. Look for matches with people by asking in in chat, forums, or wherever else.



XBL Gamertags

Not released yet.