King of Fighters 98

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KOF 98
Rey de Mexico 98, para chinos, mexicanos y huehuehue nada más, gringos favor de abstenerse


Agarra a Iori tumba al oponente y haz la patada taco todo el dia. (Grab Iori, drop the opponent and do the taco kick all day long)

Agarra a Daimon y espamea C o D durante todo el combate para automaticamente negar todo lo que el oponente hace. (Pick Daimon and spam standing C or D all the match so you can automatically negate all of the opponent doings)

Una tactica popular con los expertos es agarrar al Chin, y hacer su FDP+A para automaticamente contrarrestar todo lo que el oponente haga y asi asegurando que te den la putiza de tu vida en el centro de maquinitas en el cual estes jugando. (Another popular tactic is to pick Chin and do his FDP+A motion to automatically counter all of the opponent moves and thus reassuring getting the shit beat out of you in whatever arcade center you're playing at)

Usar billetera con cadena, llevar un picahielos escondido y vestirte como cholo son otras tacticas muy comunmente usadas para evitar que te roben te cojan y te tiren al basurero como puta de cd.Juarez. (Wearing a chained wallet, carrying a hidden icepick and dressing like a cholo are other of the commonly used tactics to avoid getting robbed, raped and dumped in a dump like a Juarez city whore.)

Pick Athena, get a life lead and do the I'M GOING HOME glitch

Mechanics (Gringo Edition)[edit]

Advanced, Extra mode and the Happy faces

Advanced mode is more reminiscent to KoF 96-97 while Extra mode is done to mimic 94-95, in Advanced you get several specials and the stock bar fills up, you can enter into max mode anytime at the expense of one stock by pressing A+B+C, when you are in max mode you do more pushblock but do more damage, also your DM's get converted into SDM's which vary in damage and shape/hits in some occasions. In Advanced mode you run forward but hop back when backdashing, backdashing leaves you in an aerial state for a brief period and you can do aerial movements like aerial command normals or aerial specials or DM's, all command normals which are doable on backdash will make you travel further back the earlier you do them so abuse the shit out of them. Advanced mode has Roll when you press A+B

Extra mode doesn't have run but a short hop forward which leaves you in an airborne state, so you can do your aerial command normals or aerial DM's/specials, which can lead to nasty shit like Kyo's infinite, the backdash is the same as advanced mode, you can also do a dodge motion which leaves you on the same place but dodges stuff for a brief period with A+B and you can stick out an attack if you press any button, you can also be grabbed by command normals but not by ordinary grabs, in extra mode you cannot tech out grabs like in advanced mode though, so you're bent if the opponent is throw happy, however in max mode (you reach max mode automatically with taken/done hits, specials either whiffed or hit or by holding A+B+C) you do more damage than advanced max mode, when you are in max mode you can do DM's at the expense of the bar, and if your upper bar is at certain lower point you'll be able to do SDM's on the spot if you have the bar on MAX, either that or just spam the fuck out with unlimited DM's if you are low on health.

Take in mind you need the lower bar on max in extra mod to do roll cancels or guard cancels, you can however still do roll recovery as usual.

Happy faces (hold start when selecting order to check the character compatibility) affect how they help you when you are being grabbed by multi hitting grabs such as Joe's knee bash, if the face is on red, they won't jump in to help you, if it is on white they'll sometimes jump in to break off the grab and if they are on yellow they will always jump in given the time, however if the team is knocked down you'll get bend and have to mash your way out of it, also red faces take away one stock of super to the next character, white faces leave you the same as it is, and yellow faces give you one extra stock bar when they get merked.

Guard Cancel

Done by pressing C+D on block and consumes one stock, useful for getting the enemy off your ass or cheap wins, of course if the opponent does an autoguard or his move has priority, invincibility or is a multi hitting projectile you'll get bent, if you miraculously land it on a corner and the result is a counter you can follow up with another attack since the opponent is in a juggle state, you can do any move and it'll hit 1 time, or you can do certain super moves and they will hit fully, for example if you do with Iori C+D and it counts as counter while the opponent is sandwiched to the wall, you can get a free shot at doing maiden masher (qcf hcb+p) and it'll connect.

Roll, Roll Cancel, Recovery Roll and You

Rolls in KoF are done with A+B, if you just press A+B without holding a direction you roll forward, if you press forward A+B you roll forward and back A+B you roll back obviously, they are invincible at the start but vulnerable at the end and you can be grabbed out of them, so watch it, unlike normal rolls you can do Roll Cancels which is basically a roll during block at the expense of one stock bar, unlike normal rolls they are invincible at all times, there's also Recovery Rolling which is basically doing A+B at the very exact time that you are thrown to the ground and touch it, this avoids some nasty wakeup games, however there are some attacks that leave you on hard knockdown and you can't do jackshit about it, like for example the third hit of Iori's rekka puts you into a hard knockdown state on hit.


Of course you also have the different flavors of jumps, the varieties are, Normal Jump (4,5 or 6) Super Jump (tap 1,2 or 3 then hold 7, or 9) Short Hop (tap 7,8 or 9) and Hyper Short Hop (tap 1,2,3 then tap 7,9) keep in mind the super jump and hyper short hop can only be done backwards of forwards, not straight up, practice all of this until your hands bleed or else you'll get bodied like Wong at SBO in SF4, you can also run then jump and you'll get a superjump or hyper short hop depending on how long you press 7 or 9.

Santísima Trinidad de Merk[edit]


La Mano de Dios, Ralf


Los Clacks de Pesadilla, Daimon


El Anillo de los Reyes, Las Monedas

Lista de Azorramiento de Niveles (Tier whoring list)[edit]

(Taken from Tougeki-Special Issue # 4)

A:Kyo, Goro, Chizuru, Iori

B:Benimaru, Robert, Ralf, Chang, Yashiro (Orochi), Chris, Chris (Orochi)

C:Kyo (95) , Terry, Joe, Yashiro, Takuma

D:Ryo, Clark, Kensou, Yamazaki, Mary, Mature

E:Terry (Alt.) * , Ryo (Alt.) , Leona, Athena, Chin, Mai , Mai (Alt.) , King, Choi, Kim, Shermie, Vice, Shingo, Saisyu

F:Robert (Alt.) , Yuri, Heavy D

G:Andy, Yuri (Alt.) , Billy, Heidern, Brian, Rugal

H:Andy (Alt.) , Joe (Alt.) , Billy (Alt.) , Shermie (Orochi), Lucky

Notable Players[edit]

U: "I suck cocks" Peña Nieto

Stock "Roll all day" ees

Fumimi "Embrace the Iori" Gonzalez

Falc "Yatachamp" on