Marvel Super Heroes

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Marvel Super Heroes
The Marvel Super Heroes have arrived


Marvel fighting game for Arcade and one of the pre-cursors to the Marvel vs Capcom series.

Also known as Lord Rick's favorite fightan game.

Not at all related to the Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems game on SNES.


Heroes and Villains are fighting over Thanos' DL...erm Infinity Gems so that they can fight Thanos and prevent him from taking over the universe.

Loosely based on the Infinity Gauntlet story line.


Ported to Saturn and PS1.

Going to be ported to PS3 and 360 in the upcoming "Marvel vs Capcom Origins" pack.

Character Codes[edit]

Play as Anita MP, LP, LEFT, LK, MK at Character Select screen

Play as Dr Doom MK, LP, DOWN, LK, MP at Character Selection Screen

Play as Thanos HK, MP, MP, UP at Character Selection Screen

GGPO playerbase[edit]