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After losing the Thunder Zords and their powers the rangers travel to the temple of power where they meet the legendary being Ninjor. Ninjor restores their power coins and infuses them with the power of ninja. With the power they gain new ninja zords: The red ape, blue wolf, black frog, yellow bear, pink crane, and white falcon. The core 5 ninja zords can combine to become the Ninja MegaZord and can further combine with the Falcon Zord to become the Ninja Mega FalconZord.



Flying Kick - (in the air) quarter circle forward + A/B

Spinning Rise - quarter circle backward + A/B

Slashing Combo - quarter circle forward + C/D

Spinning Jump - (in the air) quarter circle backward + A/B

Fire Bomb - Down + Any Two Buttons

Energy Ball - dash + C/D

Escape Kick - back dash + B

Ninja Clones - quarter circle forward + quarter circle forward + A/B


Energy Ball with C + C + Slashing Combo + Fire Bomb

Energy Ball with C + C + C + (down + B) + Fire Bomb

While jumping D + A + A + B + (down + B) + Fire Bomb

Spinning Jump + (jump forward + D) + D + Spinning Rise + Fire Bomb

Spinning Jump + (jump forward + D) + D + Ninja Clones

Notable Players[edit]

  • Mr. Claudio Ramírez Araya



This MegaZord was re-created with CGI in "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" with the Kakuranger toys used as reference. However the movie version is significantly different from the original and for some reason uses the Shogun MegaZord's Fire Saber.