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Oro is old, and he can beat you with one arm tied behind his back. He's also looking for a successor to his martial art. (Hint: it's Ryu.)


Oro is definitely one of the weirdest characters in 3s. He has a double jump, amazing pokes, and, if he is allowed to get in, some straight-up anime combos. Oro's gameplay can be best described as a mixture of using these three tools to confuse your opponent. Depending on what super you use, you can opt for a mixup and reset-based strategy, or even more anime combos.

Starting Out[edit]

Super Art Selection - Oro has two good supers, Yagyou-dama and Tengu Stone, and one not bad super, Kishin Riki. All of Oro's supers are EX-able, which is unique. Yagyou-dama, or Booger Ball, can be used to set up unblockables and has really strong reset potential. EX Yagyou-dama costs all three bars, and throws the god damned sun at the opponent. The EX is pretty bad, though, only really useful for fun. It's surprisingly easy to parry. Tengu Stone is Oro's second good super, and the most common. EX Tengu Stone is the one worth talking about. It spawns 5 objects around Oro that attack with him. The important part is that they reset his juggle counter, allowing ridiculous juggle combos. Kishin Riki, his bad super art, puts you in a state unable to punch, instead replacing your punch buttons with an blockable grab. Note that this can be used in the air. EX Kishin Riki is more useful, Oro leaps into the air, grabs the opponent, leaps into the air better, and brings them down hard. It's invincible to nearly everything in the game.

Pick SA2 or SA3. They're better.

Normals - When I think of Oro's normals, I think of a great set of pokes. I also think of horrible redundancy. s.MP, c.MP, s.LP, s.LK, s.MK, and s.HK all have extremely similar hitboxes, although their frames can be vastly different. All are good pokes, use them all frequently. Learn which to use in different situations. f.MP is basically one of his chest-high pokes, but it moves Oro forward. Oro's sweep is slow and has garbage range. Close MP (n.MP) is a two-hit launcher that leads to all of Oro's ridiculous combos. Cancel it before the second hit happens for optimal effect. s.HP hits overhead. In the air, all of your buttons are still really good. j.MP, j.MK, j.HP, and j.HK are all very good for approaching, but the buttons aren't very effective if not jumping diagonally. c.MP is cancellable, so have fun with that.

Specials -

  • (B)F+P - Nichirin Sho (EX) - Oro's fireball. The punch strength determines the angle of the projectile, with LP sending it forward, MP at about a 40 degree angle, and HP at a 70 degree angle. EX has two hits, and it seeks the opponent. The EX is also excruciatingly slow, great for maintaining a presence on screen. A popular corner strategy is to send out EX Nichirin Sho to stop the opponent from jumping out. You can send out Nichirin Shos while you have a Booger Ball out.
  • (D)U+P - Oni Yanma (EX) - Oro's uppercut. It works how you would expect it to, with harder punches going higher. It's not a reliable reversal or reliable anti-air or reliable move at all. It can be used to end juggle combos.
  • QCF+K - Jinchu Watari (Air OK) (EX) - Chicken feet. Harder kicks go further and higher. Good for crossing up, also hits overhead. Used in juggle combos. Don't get too predictable with it, as it's not safe. EX tracks, but it doesn't cross up. Not really worth using. The air version can be used to alter air momentum, and is mashable for more hits and damage. EX increases damage.
  • HCB+P - Nioh Riki - Oro's command grab. It's blockable, and horribly unsafe. You can easily combo into it, which makes it pretty valuable. It does good damage and knocks down, but forces Oro to switch sides with the opponent. Harder punch buttons have longer startup and do insignificantly more damage.

Game Plan - Oro uses his various tools to win. Using Super Art 2, try to score a knockdown or use n.MP and then Booger Ball. Jump over the opponent and that's the mixup. Think of it like an Aegis Reflector, but worse. With Super Art 3, hit with n.MP and activate EX Tengu Stone. The big buttons with EX Tengu Stone are f.MP and s.HK. Without meter, Oro excels at poking and crossing his opponents up, and can confuse enemies with his double jump. Oro's forward dash is very fast and low to the ground, which helps him getting in to play his very damaging combo game with n.MP. n.MP can lead to big damage, but hitting the far version can not be followed up. He can zone with mild success, but his fireballs are slow and must be charged. His uppercut has a very weak hitbox, and can be stuffed rather easily.


  • All of Oro's throws (except his air grab) place him on the other side of the opponent, even if teched. Keep this in mind when in the corner.
  • Learn the game's juggle system. Oro is one of, if not the most, juggle-intensive character in the game.
  • Tengu Stone does a shit load of chip damage. The stones attack about every other hit. Use f.MP and UOH to maintain pressure.
  • Oro's UOH is one of the best in the game. Don't underestimate it, even if he can't combo into super from it.


NOTE: Most of the n.MP combos require you to only hit with the first hit.

  • n.MP xx M Chickenlegs, n.MP xx M Chickenlegs, M Oni Yanma
  • n.MP xx M Chickenlegs, n.MP xx M Chickenlegs, n.MP xx M Chickenlegs
  • n.MP xx Super Jump, EX Chickenlegs
  • n.MP xx M Chickenlegs, n.MP xx M Chickenlegs,n.MP xx EX SA3, s.HK, f.MP, s.HK, f.MP... (super art expires) n.MP xx Chickenlegs, n.MP xx Chickenlegs, M Oni Yanma
  • c.MP xx M Nioh Riki
  • c.MP xx H Oni Yanma
  • n.MK xx H Nioh Riki