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You Better Believe

Parappa is the young pup from the corner solving every problem one by one. He's joins the All-Stars cast with his funky lyrics, skateboard skills and kung fu.


Parappa's Move List

Parappa's move list is overall pretty good aside from the fact that he has zero zoning capability. His most important moves are

CR.png (Come Here!) to pull opponents into Parappa's melee range for a combo.

TR.png (Whack!) has some projectile reflection properties and can blast your opponents off you for breathing room.

UA.png + SQ.png (Uppercut!) Great anti air and sets up for an air combo.

DA.png + SQ.png (Trip!) Great for punishing opponents and starting combos.

Air RA.png + TR.png (Dash!) to get around the stage quickly and his standing version for hitting further way or multiple opponents.

Air UA.png + TR.png (Flip!) works well for both harrassing opponents in the air as well as avoiding supers and stage hazards.

Air DA.png + TR.png (Slam!) is perfect for punishing Radecs that are abusing their sniper as well as people waking up from rolls.

UA.png RS.png (Acrobatic Kick) is Parappa's best grapple and sets up a free combo.

In a 2v2 setting, Parappa's SQ.png Mash (Thousand Punches) and Air Down + SQ.png Mash (Thousand Kicks) are excellent for locking an opponent down for your partner.


Level 1 - Romantic Karate

Parappa's level 1 visually looks like Guile's Flash Kick but with none of the fun. It has a 19 frame start up and you can very easily be knocked out of it. The range is poor as it won't hit anything in front of Parappa unless you're standing right in front of the target It does at least have some decent vertical range, giving it limited use as an anti air. There are some combo set ups that would lead opponents to recover into Parappa's level 1 but they can be dodged if your opponent knows how to tech down. It's best used in chaotic situations where the opponents don't even know you're there.

The most reliable method is to kill with it is to use a wall bounce with either a forward throw or a neutral TR.png]

Techable Set Ups:

1) CR.png,R2.png

2) RA.png+SQ.png,R2.png

3) CR.png, DA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png,R2.png

4) CR.png, DA.png+SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png,R2.png

Guaranteed Set Ups:

5) TR.png, R2.png (Requires a wall bounce about 5 characters away from the wall)

6) RA.pngRS.png, R2.png (Requires a wall bounce about 9 characters away from the wall)

Level 2 - Skater Boy

Parappa pulls out his skateboard and starts skating around the stage. Level 2 is Parappa's best super as his speed greatly increases, gains invincibility from standard attacks and can easily manage 3+ kills if you use it properly. It has about 3-4 frame start up before it causes the screen to freeze for his super animation. If you are hit during this small window you will be knocked out of your super and will waste your meter so make sure you don't bust it out at random. It's best to use it when everyone is gathered in a corner to prevent them from scattering in multiple directions and causing you to waste time hunting them down. Getting bonus kills depends entirely on your opponent being impatient. Players remain immune to damage after respawning as long as they don't press buttons. Keep a look out for players who attack as soon as they respawn and abuse the shit out of them in order to get those bonus kills. Keep in mind that once the super is over Parappa is vulnerable for a brief period and can be killed by other supers.

Level 3 - Doom Box ft Parappa (The RAPture)

Parappa bust out a concert and raps his opponents to oblivion. His level 3 is a cinematic super and guarantees wiping all enemies on screen regardless of their current status. Due to the fact that it's a cinematic super it's not recommended since you're stuck with a kill limit of 3. Its use is made even worse in 2v2 as you'll only get 2 kills from it. Parappa's level 2 can get the same amount of kills for less meter and can get you back up to level 1 quickly. It can be used as a counter to other level 1s and 2s due to it's instant screen clearing ability but obviously not recommended. Only use it if you're feeling cocky and wish to taunt your opponent, or when you gotta believe.


Parappa is a short range melee fighter with zero zoning capabilities but astronomical combo ability that can build AP quickly. Just about any combo can cause Parappa to trigger the Infinite Prevention System (IPS) and earn him even more AP. He excels in 1v1 fights but can have some trouble getting into crowded fights. Try to isolate opponents by pulling or pushing them away from a fight or luring them over. Your job as the rapping dog is to drop some mad moves on your opponents for that level 2 super.

Parappa's best way of getting in is with his Dash! (Air RA.png+TR.png). This lets him travel across the stage quickly and get back into a fight. If your spacing is right and you manage to hit someone with it, you can get a free combo by using Uppercut! (UA.png+SQ.png) and following up with a variety of other moves based on the situation. The easiest and most meter gaining combo following Uppercut! would be CR.png,SQ.png,SQ.png which builds 75 AP. If you're by a wall you can simply double jump after Uppercut! and DA.png+SQ.png and Mash SQ.png for Thousand Kicks for slightly more AP (79 AP).

You can also bring opponents over with Come Here! (CR.png) and immediately go into a variety of combos listed in the combo section. Some AP properties will change and characters may drop out of some combos due to the additional move. A majority of them still work and some even gain an IPS bonus from the extra move like Combo 5. Be aware that Come Here! has some beefy recovery frames so whiffing it would be an incredibly bad thing. Use it only to punish moves that also have horrible recovery frames or in the chaos of FFA where opponents aren't paying much attention.

In fights with multiple opponents, it's important to watch out for people looking to interrupt your combos. When someone else starts getting close, it can be a good idea to use Dash! as a surprise attack to cover your back and from there start comboing him instead, or using Slam! (DA.png + TR.png) to knock them down and give yourself some time to breathe. Try to stay mobile, Parappa's speed and size can make it very tricky for people to land a hit.

Come Here! also sets up Parappa for an easy Acrobatic Kick (UA.pngRS.png) which not only knocks AP out of your opponent, but can also lead into a combo to build AP for yourself. It may not have much of an effect on someone with a level 0 or 1, but on a level 2 or 3 opponent, you will end up knocking nearly 100 AP out of them (112 AP off a Level 3 Sweet Tooth). Using this set up just 2 times will seriously cripple an opponent's ability to use his level 3. If you can manage to set them up 4 times you will knock them back down to level 1.

Trip! and Uppercut! are fantastic tools to punish and start up combos. You can also set up a Level 1 kill with them on unsuspecting players who will probably end up air recovering into it.

Thousand Punches looks cool and builds quite a bit of AP, but it's best to avoid using it unless the situation calls for it. The last hit in Thousand Punches sends your opponent skyrocketing off to the other end of the stage which is something you do not want to do as Parappa. You can skip the last knockback blow in Thousand Punches but it ends up leaving you vulnerable to attacks. It serves great for 2v2 play however as it locks your opponents for your partner to come in and get additional hits or set them up for a super. It may also be needed if you want to create some space between yourself and someone that might hit level 3 in a bit.


1) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, Thousand Fist - 68 AP

2) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, RA.png+SQ.png, TR.png - 65 AP

3) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold), SQ.png, SQ.png - 70 AP

4) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold), CR.png - 55 AP

5) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, RA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png, X.png, SQ.png, SQ.png - 90 AP

6) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold), X.png, DA.png+SQ.png - 84 AP

7) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, RA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold), X.png, DA.png+SQ.png (IPS Kicks in) - 134 AP

8) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, RA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold), X.png, RA.png+TR.png - 85 AP

9) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+TR.png - 45 AP

10) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold), CR.png, SQ.png, SQ.png - 80 AP

11) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold), CR.png, TR.png - 75 AP

12) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png, RA.png+TR.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold), X.png, CR.png, SQ.png (IPS Kicks in) - 135 AP

13) UA.png+SQ.png, RA.png+TR.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold) , X.png, Turn, RA.png+CR.png, - 80 AP

14) UA.png+SQ.png, RA.png+TR.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold) , Turn, CR.png, SQ.png, SQ.png - 95 AP

15) SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, RA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png (Hold), CR.png, SQ.png, SQ.png (IPS Kicks in) - 130 AP