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Peanut Butter-Jelly Battle Royale
AKA Sony Smash Brothers.


It's all the same shit
Story Mode Screenshot.

Omar Kendal decided to open his toybox one day and pull out his favorite action figures based on Sony's memorable characters such as Mario with a blue hat in a Tanooki Suit, Eating Disorder Peach, Bald Angry Link, Superscope Kid, Yugi Moto, Poochie, Tameem Antoniades, and Skeletor. He decided to put each other in a fight to the death where only supers kill.


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Launch Roster

CS-Kratos.png CS-Parappa.png CS-FatPrincess.png CS-SweetTooth.png CS-Radec.png CS-Sly.png CS-Drake.png CS-Cole.png CS-EvilCole.png CS-Ratchet.png

CS-Jak.png CS-BigDaddy.png CS-Dante.png CS-Heihachi.png CS-Nariko.png CS-Raiden.png CS-Sackboy.png CS-SirDan.png CS-Spike.png CS-Toro.png

DLC Roster

CS-Emmett.png CS-Kat.png CS-Isaac.png CS-Zeus.png


Battle Royale pits Playstation characters against one another in this Smash Brothers inspired party brawler. You can choose from a roster of 20 characters and fight in 14 different arenas based off locations from various games mashed together. The objective of the game is to score kills with super moves. Super moves can only be unleashed after you build up enough meter from successfully attacking opponents, picking up All-Star Points (AP), certain environment gimmicks, or items. Every character has 3 super levels. The higher the level, the easier it is to kill (unless you're Sweet Tooth). Using your supers cost meter so make them count!

Game types[edit]

There are three different game types to choose from

Stock - Start off with a set number of lives. Kill everyone else before they kill you.

Reverse Stock - A set number of kills is required to win. Reach the amount before everyone.

Time - A time limit has been placed. Get as many kills as you can while also avoiding death.

Solo Play[edit]

Arcade Mode - Go through the much hyped and very disappointing "story" mode. If you've played SF4, you know what to expect. A series of matches, followed by your rival fight and then a let down boss fight.

Combat Trials - Go through general gameplay trials, and character specific trials. The trials are more like Mortal Kombat's Challenge Tower than Street Fighter IV's trials.

Practice Mode - Training mode where you can test out your stuff with a variety of options

Tutorial - Features general basic and advance tutorials and character specific tutorials as well as a combo tutorial for.


Battle Royale features 3 different multiplayer modes

Ranked Match - Season matches that last for a set amount of days. All matches are 4 player Free-For-All on a random stage. Reach the top of the leaderboards and maintain your position. You can invite a partner and participate in the 2v2 leaderboards instead of FFA.

Quick Match - An unranked matchmaking option. You can select between the three different modes and whether you want to play Free-For-All or 2-v-2. You can invite a partner for 2-v-2. Matches can be filtered to allow stage hazards and/or items.

Versus Match - A local option. Set up games with more customization than Quick Match. Matches can be FFA, 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, 2v2,. There is no online matchmaking for this mode but you can invite online friends and have A.I opponents.

Tier List[edit]

Disclaimer: Clockw0rk says tiers are for queers (more liek TEARS, amirite????)

That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie Tier


And With Strange Aeons, Even Death May Die Tier (AKA the Glowy Helmet Triforce)


まったくもって自分の力を試すことができそうもないな、話にならん Tier (Translation: "AP Bursting With Only The Usage Of Upward Kicking ~Senpai" Tier)


My Level Two Is Usable Now Tier


You Must Be This Skilled to Ride Tier

CS-Dante.png CS-Nariko.png CS-Toro.png CS-Emmett.png CS-Parappa.png CS-Cole.png

Triangle Attacks Only Tier


The Fallen Gods Tier

CS-Kratos.png CS-Drake.png CS-Sly.png

Waifu Tier

CS-Kat.png CS-Raiden.png CS-FatPrincess.pngCS-Sackboy.png