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One of the original concept designs for Master Chief but was rejected due to not resembling the color of Mountain Dew enough, Colonel Radec takes his anger out in the Killzone series (for a game until he dies SPOILER ALERT) and now this one.


Colonel Radec contains a unique and diverse moveset consisting of: Sniper Rifle N0 SC0P3 Laser Sight Snoipa Roifle m8 Forward Triangle, 1337 360 grenade lawn chair, 2legit2quit bolt gun, MLG pro flammenwerfer, SHOTGUN FUCKING PISTOL, awesome CQC skills that rival a snail's, SURPRIIIIISE grenades, an ARC rifle (holy shit it shoots lightning), and a butter knife. Note: Radec is for CoD pros or masochists.


Level 1: StA-X3 W.A.S.P launcher Radec busts out a W.A.S.P which shoots three small rockets. They can be aimed with a reticule which when locked on a target they will home in on them or you bust it out and fire straight in front of you to kill nearby opponents.

Level 2: StA5X Arc cannon Radec brings out this petrusite or however it's spelled cannon that is another weapon he never touched (thanks Superbutt) and shoots it in a straight line in front of him, killing anything that touches it. The beauty of this super lies in it's hitbox and it's length in time as you can catch some people off guard when they come out of the sky, even those using characters with special hovering capabilities.

Level 3: StA-X6 Jetpack Radec gets the jetpacks from the third Killzone since he didn't live long enough to use them and the game switches to a first person perspective where you control a reticule and shoot shit. Players hit by it on insta-dead and it fires really fast which could net you a good 6 kills before it ends. Geee, I wonder where Superbot got that crazy idea........!


Radec is primarily a long range character (Unlike in Killzone 2 eheuieeheue). Your goal is usually to act as a support character in 2v2, assisting your teammate from a distance. Using your Grenade (circle) is a valuable tool, arguably more valuable than the infamous Sniper Rifle (Side Triangle). The grenade acts like every other grenade attack in the game; it will stick to the opponent and explode unless they guard or dodge at the right time. This is a great annoyance tool, and will usually keep other players off your back, allowing you to use your sniper rifle. Radec's side square is also a really good annoyance tool, it usually can knock a player to the other side of the stage.


Radec doesn't have many viable combos at his disposal. However, the basic one you'll see most players using is:

Side Square, Side Triangle


Up Grab, Up Triangle

Not sure how much AP this one will give, but Up Grab, Jump, Neutral Square, Up Triangle can be useful sometimes.