Sack Boy

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Sack Boy
You are reading this in Stephen Fry's voice

Shit nigga, Sack already got a nerf? Pussy ass devs who cant space properly.

Well fuck it, Sack still gets it in and goes hard, quick ap or not. He has some of the best tools in the game, including electric trap, jelly ball and CAKEUUU. He also has some very good meter building combos, and the best tech chase in the game. Im not gonna put the moves and supers in because. Also why doesnt sackboy have a kart?


SQ.png Slap

SQ.png, SQ.png Slap Happy

RA.png + SQ.png Grabinator Suplex

UA.png + SQ.png Gripple Grapple

DA.png + SQ.png Bounce Pad Shield

TR.png Jam Session

RA.png + TR.png Jetpack Corkscrew

RA.png + TR.png (Hold) Redline Corkscrew

UA.png + TR.png Jetpack Jump

DA.png + TR.png Checkpoint Creation

DA.png + TR.png (With Checkpoint out) Checkpoint Teleportation

CR.png Cakeinator Blast

RA.png + CR.png Number One Fan

UA.png + CR.png Bounce Pad Boost

DA.png + CR.png Electric Trap



Keep in mind for right now im speaking strictly FFA, as thats the mode i usually play in at the moment.

Sack has some very good tools, but there is one very important thing that you should know right now, as it will turn your sack from dud to stud. s.2 d.3 walk forward n.1 n.1 u.1 s.2 n.3. This was a 150 combo that is very easy to land, though i dont know the post patch numbers. Your goal in FFA is to pick someone out of the group and land that shit, besides that your gonna zone the fuck out of them with traps and CAKEUUU. Jelly is ok too. Honestly i wouldn't bother with fan, as its neat but wont help much. Plus it takes a fucking year to set it up. Always have a trap down, always be ready for people jumping in on you cause you do have the advantage if they come to you. Once you have done that, slow down a bit and get a gameplan, and proceed to win that shit with lvl 2 or lvl 3.

As far as tech chasing, sacks s.1 is fucking god tier. Not sure what the AP is off the top of my head, but its a command grab, and it puts them in a knockdown state right next to you. From there you can just read what the are gonna do. If they roll back, run and reset the situation with s.1, same goes for forward roll. What if they wake up smashing n.1? well they are stupid because it will still grab them, and reset the situation. What if they jump? not today mother fucker, sackboy can do the grab in the air. Hop with that kid and grab his ass. The sack will have none of your shit you fuck. Im not 100% sure on this, but i think you can grab opponents jumping with your s.1 even when you are grounded. Someone test this and get back to me.


f2, 1, 1, u1, f2, 3