Sir Daniel Fortesque

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Sir Daniel Fortesque
Mmph mmph!

It has risen again - Sir Daniel Fortesque! The Hero of Gallowmere who fell at the first charge!



Sir Dan's Move List

Sir Dan's movelist consists of a variety of wide heavy hitting close range strikes with a few useful projectile attacks.

Hero Sword Slash (SQ.png 5AP, 5AP, 25AP) is a standard three-hit sword combo ending with a knockdown. This'll be one of your most used moves for it's speed, range and reliability. In most cases you're much better off going into UA.png+SQ.png after the second attack to knock them into the air and then continue pressure. Against multiple enemies or further away ones the knockdown can be more useful though, to give yourself some time to breathe.

In the air (20 AP), this attack is a single hit smash with ok range that sends the opponent crashing down to the ground. Best used for air to air, though they need to be right in front of you for it to hit.

Hero Sword Thrust (RA.png+SQ.png 20AP, 30AP charged) does a slow stabbing attack that can be charged to break the opponent's guard. While you can roll or jump to cancel the charge, this move is overall fairly useless since it's far too slow even without charging, and you can't combo after it unless it broke their guard.

When used in the air however (20AP), this move becomes incredibly quick and deadly, though it's thin hitbox can sometimes make it tricky to hit with. It's still a very good option for hitting both aerial opponents directly in front and hopping to hit grounded ones for an extended combo.

Hero Sword Uppercut (UA.png+SQ.png 20AP) is, as the name implies, an upward slash. It's best used for finishing your combos, sending them into the air ready to be hit further by your many aerial weapons. You can repeat the move again, or even land another full Hero Sword Slash combo after hitting this, but the timing can be tricky for both of them.

The air version of this (30AP)is without a doubt his best option for engaging air opponents for it's great speed, range and AP gain. Each one gives you 30AP, so land a few of these and you'll be well on your way to a super.

Magic Sword Spin (DA.png+SQ.png 20AP) is Dan's classic spin slash. While it does hit both in front and behind you as well as allow you to combo afterwards, the startup on it means it's just too risky for it to see great usage. It guarantees decent AP gain, but be careful with it and use it when you know for sure you won't be hit out of it.

Sir Dan floats in the air and delivers a slow but very wide arcing swing (20AP) for the aerial varient of this move, which is very effective for hitting even multiple ground opponents from the air. You'll probably be using this a lot to get the drop on opponents and lead into further attacks, but overusing it can be dangerous since it takes so long to come out.

The Battle-Axe-a-Rang (TR.png 20AP) is one of Sir Dan's most useful, usable moves. While it has a bit of startup on the ground, it travels very far, staggers them on hit, can hit on the way back, builds 20AP and lets you move right after tossing it. It even returns right away after hitting someone so you can throw it again, though it can only hits one opponent each throw.

This move only gets better in the air (20AP) as it now comes out almost instantly. Toss it over their heads and catch them as it comes back to you, or use it as defense to interrupt their attacks on the way back if they land a hit.

Charge!, done with RA.png+TR.png (20AP, 30AP with shield) can be a decent way to offset Sir Dan's slow walk speed, but beware the long wind up and recovery time if you miss. Using it with the Golden Shield can be a great way to crash into a preoccupied group of enemies, but generally this move won't be used too much.

Using it in the air isn't really a good idea. (20AP, 30AP with shield) Sir Dan doesn't start charging until he touches the ground, and it still has the long charge time (even more so unless you double jump and then use it).

Sir Dan's UA.png+TR.png is the Magic Bow (5AP), a decent speed and range upward arrow shot that shocks on hit. It gives only 5AP and is alright at disrupting aerial targets, but the real strength of this move lies in the fact that after landing this move on a close enough opponent, you can combo right away into Sir Dan's level 1 super for an instant kill. You can also follow up a bow shot with an air Hero Sword Uppercut for some quick AP gain if you want/need the meter, or knock them back down to continue pressure.

Aside from an almost instant startup (5AP), this move differs little from the ground version.

Hammer Smash (DA.png+TR.png 20AP) is a surprisingly quick whack attack, sending anyone right next to you up into the sky. Sadly it's a little difficult to combo off of and options for doing so are slim. Worse still, it doesn't have much range and is punishable. Don't bother with it.

Use it in the air (5AP, 20AP, and Sir Dan hovers slightly, before smashing down on those unfortunate enough to be underneath. It's a slow, unsafe attack, but can be used to crash down on an unsuspecting group from high up when you want a quick drop down.

Pressing CR.png will equip the Golden Shield. The shield has two main benefits. First of all, it augments Sir Dan's Charge!, making it give 30 AP instead of 20, giving it super armour, and allowing you to keep going after hitting someone, letting you bash your way through a busy crowd. It also absorbs any projectile fired at it, giving you the AP, as long as you're not attacking and you're facing the right way so it hits the shield. The shield can only absorb 3 projectiles before breaking, at which point you'll fall over vulnerable and have to equip a new one. With all the benefits, you're gonna want to have your shield out most of the time, but don't be too hasty to pull it out, as doing so leaves you a little open.

Using it in the air is exactly the same, except for that it keeps you still in the air for the time Sir Dan takes to pull it out.

Green Hand (RA.png+CR.png (5AP) 5AP) is a sneaky move where Sir Dan puts his head on top of a green hand which then scurries along until it meets an enemy, where it will shortly then explode, damaging them and leaving them defenceless. It's perfect to send in before going in yourself and can also sometimes be mixed in with the other projectiles when fighting at range since it's so tiny.

It comes out a bit faster in the air (5AP), but doesn't start moving forward until it hits the ground.

UA.png+CR.png is the Drumstick Toss (10AP), which... do I need to describe it? It flies in an upward arc before falling down and landing a bit in front of Sir Dan. It can catch people jumping down directly on top of you, and is another option after knocking them into the air. It's also fantastic for harrassing people on top on higher platforms, just sit under and toss them till they start chasing you, and can cover the areas that Hero Sword Uppercut just won't reach. Also, if you pick up the Killer Bees item, this move works amazingly in tandem with them. Don't consider it strictly a move for those above you though, as it coming back down along with it's wide attack radius when it hits something can make it usable in a lot of situations. It's an underrated move that's just plain fun to use.

The air version (10AP) is, like many others, a little faster coming out but otherwise the same.

Last but (maybe) not least is DA.png+CR.png, the Dragon Potion (5AP, can hit 9 times max). Using this breaths flames onto the ground below you, slowly gaining 5AP for every enemy standing in them. This move has no hitstun and doesn't cover a particularly wide area, so it's rather situational and not always worth bringing out. Only use it when on small areas and platforms that you're sure you'll be fighting in for long enough. Like Stowaways. Spam the shit outta it in Stowaways.

In the air (5AP, can hit 9 times max) it comes down as a small fireball before becoming the flame carpet once it reaches the ground. Sir Dan also hovers in the air when using it. It's usually safer to do it in the air if you're ever using it, depending on the situation.


Level 1 - Lightning Bolt (125 AP)

Sir Dan's level 1 fires a bolt of lightning which can be aimed either diagonally up forward, up back, or straight upwards. It's... it's pretty bad. Don't even think about hitting anyone directly in front of you, unless you're RIGHT next to them. The lightning bolt itself is really thin so it's also awkward to aim it right when using it as an anti air. However, there is one good side to this super, and that is that after landing a shot on a close enough opponent with the Magic Bow, you can combo into this super right after if you're fast enough with it. Add to that his Hero Sword Uppercut leaving them in perfect range to pressure with the bow among other weapons, and you have a potential recipe for racking up kills against opponents not staying sharp or unable to deal with it, or AP from constant guessing games on those that know how to avoid it. Another use of it is to kill people standing on higher platforms, but just make sure you time it right and aim well.

Level 2 - Golden Chalice (325 AP)

For his level 2, Sir Dan holds up the chalice, releasing from it three homing soul orbs that track down the other players. This super can vary between amazing and awful quite a lot. The orbs tend to home in quite well themselves, but there can be cases of multiple orbs going after one person, or more than one being used up when hitting someone above you. The patch claimed to fix this, and for the most part it does, but I swear it's happened to me still (THANKS SUPERBOT SANTA MONICA). Because of that, it's difficult to know the best time to use it, but just try to activate it when people are busy fighting each other or otherwise stuck in attacks, or when all of them are right above you, like if you're on a lower platform. Also beware of using it when either you or the enemies are near the walls, since they disappear when hitting the walls or the actual floor.

Level 3 - Anubis Stone (675 AP)

Sir Dan's level 3 is potentially one of the worst level 3s in the game, which makes sense since it comes from Medievil Resurrection (AM I RITE?). Dan opens a chest containing the aforementioned Stone, which creates a green energy field surrounding him. Enemies that are kept in this field for long enough are killed, so Sir Dan's job is to chase after people keeping them in it to get as many kills as possible. I shouldn't need to explain why it's bad, but I'm still going to because it's my job. Although the field has a sort of decent size to it, it can still be relatively easy for people to avoid since Sir Dan doesn't run any faster. Quite a few stages in particular can really weaken it. Also, the time it takes to kill someone is reset when they leave the field, so if they just manage to jump out at the last second you have to hunt them down and keep them in there the whole time again. Also, anyone that's not stupid will instantly realise to split up, meaning you can only get one kill at a time if you can keep them in there. And you have very little time to do this in, so if you're lucky enough to catch 3 people on activation and they don't all split up in time, you're still only maybe going to get 1 more if you can corner someone. It's just not worth the trouble in almost every circumstance. It's got some cool music though.


With Sir Dan's large and varied arsenal, he has the means to be played either keeping his distance and diving into the fray. Personally I think it's best to balance the two as the situation requires, taking advantage of range to pester your opponent, covering your advance and then keeping them at bay with steady sword swipes.

Due to his speed, he can't be as slash happy as he'd like, but remember you can turn around during the standard combo so use this and the surprising reach of the finisher to catch opponents off guard. It can also be really easy to forget his hammer, but it can quickly send an opponent skyward much higher. On their wakeup, the Magic Sword Spin can be effective when either on the ground or (moreso I think) in the air to cover both roll directions. If you're unsure you'll have enough time to turn around for a full combo, you can actually press up and forward together with the attack button to get the upwards attack, in Sir Dan's case Hero Sword Uppercut. The same can be done for down attacks as well, just so ya know. You can also use their wakeup time to toss an axe and then keep them between it and you while safely bashing them more with your sword. A lot of the time though, the best offense can be a good defence. This ain't Medievil, and Sir Dan drew the slow straw, so it can be much safer to punish their unsafe attacks rather than start yours. Leveraging the wide range of his sword attacks and letting them create openings for you is the key to infighting with Dan.

Using Sir Dan at a distance revolves mainly around one move, that fantastic axe on TR.png. Simply throwing this constantly, jumping to stay with them can result in tons of hits. Being able to guide the axe by moving around after throwing it is a vital skill to learn as well. Controlling the axe's flight path with your location in the air can be very effective at catching people with it when they least expect it. The drumsticks can shine here as well, as their flight path covers a very wide arc and can also keep people from jumping in on you. They always have a habit of landing on someone. Mixing together UA.png+CR.png with UA.png+TR.png can really discourage aerial opponents. The Green Hand is only limited to solid ground sadly, but if that's where they're coming from, dropping one in between the axes once in a while can help with some extra stalling and AP since it's so hard to see. And if you're serious about sitting put, you can even put a Dragon Potion flame carpet down either on the platform you're on or a place they'll have to land on on the way to get to you. If you need to relocate, then just keep calm and toss the axe.

Sir Dan's throw game unfortunately is pretty weak too since he can't actually combo off of any of his long lasting throws. The most he gets is either some distance or a split second to either build some air pressure or play wakeup games, not to mention the short range of his arm compared to his long longsword can leave you just out of reach in a lot of situations. Nevertheless, quick throws are always a helpful weapon to mix in and stop people dodging, a big problem for Sir Dan and his slow swings. Stealing your opponent's AP can also help when you've not had many opportunities to build your own, which Sir Dan needs most of all.

Sir Dan can be very effective when entering a battle already going on thanks to a lot of his moves. Depending on his angle of approach and where they are you can go in with a hop RA.png+SQ.png stab, air DA.png+SQ.png, drop down from high above with the hammer (DA.png+TR.png), or, perhaps the most fun, just Charge right through everyone. With his range, you can be sure to hit everyone almost every time with timing. Of course you can also sit just outside of the battle tossing axes and drumsticks until they get too close for comfort or decide to chase you around. Sitting underneath people when they're occupied is also perfect for his level 2 which pretty much kills everything above you, and lining up a level 1 can be a gamble that just might pay off huge. The tip can reach through surprisingly high platforms, so knowing when you might be able to zap someone that's distracted can go a long way. Don't overdo it however, AP is a precious thing and people can be shifty, so only fire it off if you're absolutely sure it'll hit something. Sir Dan's not as fast as the rest, remember that and pick your battles and watch for the best moments to start swinging.

There is an interesting trick when using Sir Dan's hammer that just might come in handy if used right. If you jump into the air, and use it right before you land the ground, it cancels the startup period where he hovers in the air and comes out instantly. This does nothing about the move's recovery however but it's still a nice thing to know. Spike can do the same thing, and if I ever get around to doing a page for him then I'll put it in there.

Sir Dan's level 1 is bad, yes, but it can still be used when the situation is right. Usually this situation will be from an uppercut into UA.png+TR.png setup. If they manage to dodge the arrow shot however and you're caught firing the level 1 (which you probably will cause it has to be right away to combo), all is not lost. Since his level 1 can be also be aimed up and behind him as well as straight upward, you can still catch someone in it as they drop to what they think is their safety. And few things are better than seeing someone dodge the arrow, recovering behind you only for Sir Dan to launch it over his shoulder and kill them anyway.

Going for the bow shot after the uppercut may seem like the best option, but don't forget your other weapons. Throwing a drumstick can throw off their timing and focus, causing them to stay close to you and land quickly allowing you to attempt another launch. Depending on who you're up against it can also protect against people recovering downwards as it should hit as they're trying to punish. An aerial DA.png+SQ.png can also do the trick and guarantee further damage. Adding a SQ.png after the uppercut can also mess with their heads, and you can even try throwing an axe under their feet. Of course you can always just jump up after them with an air uppercut or axe. It's important when people are wise to the standard setup to try and vary it up as much as possible so that they'll eventually get hit by the super.


SQ.png SQ.png UA.png+SQ.png, SQ.png - 35 AP

SQ.png SQ.png UA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png - 50 AP

SQ.png SQ.png UA.png+SQ.png, SQ.png SQ.png SQ.png - 65 AP

Air RA.png+SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, SQ.png SQ.png UA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png - 90 AP

UA.png+TR.png, Air UA.png+SQ.png - 35 AP

DA.png+TR.png, UA.png+SQ.png - 40 AP

DA.png+TR.png, Air RA.png+SQ.png, Air RA.png+SQ.png - 60 AP

Air TR.png (toss over), RA.png+CR.png, Air TR.png (toss over), SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, SQ.png SQ.png SQ.png - 135 AP, you'll never actually land this in a real match

UA.png+TR.png, Lightning Bolt - 5 AP, level 1 super combo

Air RA.png+SQ.png, Lightning Bolt - 20 AP, corner/higher platform level 1 super combo

TR.png (close), Lightning Bolt - 20 AP, corner only level 1 super combo

Air TR.png (toss over), RA.png+CR.png, Air TR.png (toss over), SQ.png, walk forward, Lightning Bolt - 50 AP, highly impractical level 1 super combo

SQ.png SQ.png UA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png, Golden Chalice - 50 AP, level 2 super combo (works after upthrow but you have to turn around for the last hit before super)

DA.png+TR.png, UA.png+SQ.png, Golden Chalice - 40 AP, corner only level 2 super combo