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Sly Cooper made his debut on the Playstation 2 in "Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus." Sly has a unique playstyle where his block is replaced by his ability to turn invisible, as well as parry an enemy and appear behind them, and teleport horizontally. Sly also carries a unique Backstab mechanic which allows him to steal AP from enemy players.


=Moves= I'll categorize good and bad moves. Good: Decoy, Smoke Bomb , Explosive Barrel, Rail Slide Plus, Cap Mine, Electromagnetic Raccoon Roll, Cane Swoop(followed by neutral square in the air,otherwise its a useless swoop), Cane Swipe, and Spinning Strike Charged( well on a distracted group) Bad: Rage Bomb(Its a waste of your time. Its a waste of everybodys time and it reverses controls for 3 seconds and it needs to cool down. Ignore). not charged spinning strike(you have to be in point blsnk range), Alarm Clock is mixed. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dosent. If you want to know the moves, actually play Sly's character tutorial.


Level 1 - Unstoppable Ally

Sly calls in his burly pal Murray WHO CAN'T BE INTERRUPTED BY FUCKING ANYTHING to charge in a horizontal line ACROSS THE FUCKING STAGE to crush enemies.

Setups: R2.png (Super can be activated while invisible AND TAKES 0 FUCKING SECONDS TO START UP)

Level 2 - Flying Raccoon

Sly equips a jetpack and flies across the map for a limited time, while shooting bombs (two each shot) at enemies below him. Its slow so use when everyone bunches up.

Level 3 - Recon Sly and His Targets

Sly equips a pair of binoculars which zoom in onto the stage itself and allow him to take pictures of the enemy (and KO them). Sly gets 7 photos to use and the Super lasts for 10 seconds or until all the photos are used.


Try keeping a Cap Mine (DA.png + CR.png) on the stage as much as you can. If someone runs into it, it's a free 20 AP.

You can fully control where your Smoke Bomb (UA.png + TR.png) takes you horizontally. Input a direction (LA.png or RA.png) right after using it to teleport in that direction. You are going to need this move. NEED.IT.This works both on ground and in the air. To steal AP, you need to use the neutral square fane swipe from BEHIND your opponent. To use Sly you need to rely on quick-thinking. You must learn to quickly read situations and determine which move will be most effective. And you forgot somethin. Smoke Bomb auto aims at close range. If your opponent is facing or attacking your direction, then Smoke Bomb wihout directional input will teleport you behind them, which is synergetic with the AP steal. You also want to use the Rail Slide Plus alot which is foward and circle. And its cool how Sly's moveset has little to no startup time. And your neutral circle counter is also a Level 1 Kill Confirm. But heres the catch, as soon as you confirm the counter, use the super or your opponent will get their invincibility frames if you delay for too long. I recommend mashing it out. Also dont be an dumbo idiot and spam foward and triangle or youll be way too predictable. Which is the opposite of what you want. And if your invisible, neutral square dosent make you visible again, because if you steal while invis, then it steals 40 AP. And Sly has no recovery lag. Use this to your advantage. Use all these tips and also find anymore tips. And maybe youll be a rank 999 wih Sky Cooper like me. My PSN ID is SlouchyFall2137. and im friends with SlyCooperRawks aka TheDeviousCoopers.


1) DA.png + SQ.png, RA.png + TR.png - 50 AP

2) DA.png + SQ.png, UA.png + SQ.png, SQ.png - 60 AP