Soul Calibur V

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Soul Calibur V
Let the lewdness begin

Transcending history, and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.

No one in the Fighting Generals cares about this game. (I care ;_;) The Soul Calibur generals are 99.9% scrubs that don't know how to aGA for shit. 4chan is not a way to find Soul Calibur players or judge the player base.

You want actual discussion for the game? Go elsewhere. 8WayRun is your best bet, but that site is run by a massive attention whore.

And then Tief made a bunch of lewd Pyrrha costumes.

There is literally no one good at this game that regulars 4chan. No one. The best you'll get is a Mitsu scrub or this 11'er on the Soul Calibur generales named SSNORT that got Top 5 at NCR and talks mad shit to every top player on 8wayrun because he got a free ride in pools.

Namco Thought Process[edit]

"Mitsurugi, Cervantes, and Nightmare seem to be really strong and dominating every tournament" "Lets buff them and nerf everyone else but Alpha Patroklos"

"Hey guys maybe we should nerf Zwei!" "GIVE THAT MAN A PROMOTION!" "Guys, i heard some guy in Scotland plays Zwei!" "LOL!!!! What a loser!!"

>Implying anyone cares about ZWEI


YamiAtomsk- West Coast (IA)

ClawsOfSteel DaveOfSparta - Game a shit.

TotallyBoard - US West Coast

ozzcar - Mexico (you niggers let all the cool games die hurr when is marvel coming on durr)


NinjaJesus - US Midwest (KCMO)

  • *burger*