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'You've just activated my trap card!'

Spike, more widely known as Yugi Moto, is the character who stands there and proves that he's better than you. Spike is an arsenal orientated character, using a wide arrange of weapons to get shit done; he also has some hella swag combos which makes him hella fun to play. Play him well, and you'll find yourself fucking up everyone's shit with banana peels and- THIS IS TRUE POWER!


Square moves

SQ.png Stun Club Neutral, Spike hits the enemy with his stun baton which can (and should) be chained with multiple square hits to send the enemy flying. Low risk, low reward and not really worth using once you start to understand his other combos.

RA.png+SQ.png Stun Club Charge, Spike will dash forward with his stun clubs, putting any opponent he hits with it in Spike's favorite position - on their asses. Can also be charged to break guard and send enemies flying, but of course, you can't combo from the charged attack.

UA.png+SQ.png Stun Club Spin, Spike will spin his clubs around himself, locking anyone he hits in place. Pressing square again will perform a final attack which sends any opponents caught packing (although be warned, this move can sometimes be dodged if you aren't careful). Assuming you can get an enemy in the air, this move can earn a ton of AP.

DA.png+SQ.png Beam Sword, any enemies caught by it's fairly long reach will be thrown into the air momentarily allowing for an easy combo. Extremely useful for this reason, but has a long startup time for a melee attack - so be warned.

(Air)SQ.png Air Stun Club Neutral, functionally the same as its ground counterpart.

(Air)RA.png+SQ.png Air Stun Club Charge, similar to it's ground attack except the attack will move diagonally downwards, which can make it difficult to aim.

(Air)UA.png+SQ.png Air Stun Club Spin, again, exactly the same as its ground attack

(Air)DA.png+SQ.png Beam Sword Thrust, Spike will thrust his sword downwards, knocking down anyone within a small radius when he lands. Useful for entering the fray, but be careful about overusing it - it's easy as fuck to avoid.


Level 1 Monkey Net, Spike whips out his trusty net and KOs anyone standing in front of or slightly above him resulting in- GOTCHA! Somewhat difficult to combo into (although you can try and fuck up an opponents defense with a quick teleport), and depending on the circumstances, may be worth trying to get to his level 2 instead.

Level 2 THIS IS TRUE POWER, and for the love of everything that is sacred, it is. Spike will send a wave across the map with his piss yellow beam sword, anally devastating anyone it hits. Assuming you time it correctly, it can really do a number on people, and in most situations this should be the super you use. Can (sometimes) be comboed into with the beam sword or boomerang, although I've found the former to be very temperamental. Proceed at your own risk

Level 3 Orbital Ion Cannon, Spike calls in his trusty friends the Global Defense Initiative to destroy all of the NOD scum on screen. Nukes the field, meaning you can only get 3 kills with it, so if you are going to use it, make sure everyone's alive. As will all nuke supers (like Parappa), it isn't really worth using unless you feel like proving that you're better than everyone, or, you're on a stage TRUE POWER won't be able to KO many people




1) Air RA.png+SQ.png, DA.png+SQ.png, DA.png+TR.png, DA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png - 55+5*5+5 AP

2) Air DA.png+SQ.png, UA.png+SQ.png - 55-5/55+5 AP

3) RA.png+TR.png (close range), Air UA.png+SQ.png - 55-5 AP

4) RA.png+TR.png (mid range), Air DA.png+TR.png, Air UA.png+SQ.png - 55+5 AP

5) TR.png, Monkey Net - 5*5-5 AP, super combo

6) Air DA.png+TR.png, Monkey Net - 5+5 AP, super combo

7) DA.png+SQ.png, Sword Frenzy - 5*5-5 AP, super combo

8) RA.png+TR.png, Sword Frenzy - 5*5-5 AP, super combo