Street Fighter Alpha 3

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Street Fighter Alpha 3
Featuring the purest of maidens


Street Fighter III was bombing so Capcom decided to make another Alpha game.

This game (which is superior to Alpha 2 in every way) went down in history in the FGC for being one of the most beloved, balanced and fun games in fighting game history. To this day Capcom and their fans give this game much of their devotion, time, and money as possible.


Same as usual.

Bison wants Ryu's body, Charlie dies, Sakura wants some Ryu dick, Cammy is the best, Cody doesn't give a fuck and Karin and R.Mika will never be in another fighting game ;_;.


Mash buttons to reduce damage while being hit by a combo i.e. Akuma V-Ism or an infinite that you are stuck in by another character.

Don't pick X-Ism, although you have a larger guard meter in it and can do CPS-1 chains, you can't air block or alpha counter. But if you do use it these characters are ok in it: Sakura, Zangief, Rolento, Dhalsim


The PS1, Saturn and Dreamcast ports of Alpha 3 include Dee Jay, Fei Long, T. Hawk, Guile, Shin Akuma and Evil Ryu as playable characters.

The GBA version includes all of the above and adds Maki, Eagle, and Yun. They also join the kawaii fighter Ingrid in the PSP port of the game :3c

GGPO Playerbase[edit]

YOYOk (Europe)

Secret Characters[edit]

Use these codes to select certain characters in the game.

Balrog (Boxer)- Highlight Karin for at least 3 seconds, then highlight any random select box, hold start and press any button.

Juli- Highlight Karin for at least 3 seconds, go to any random box. If on the top hold up, if on the bottom hold down then press any button.

Juni- Highlight Karin for at least 3 seconds, go to any random box. If on the right side hold right, if on the left side hold left then press any button.

Dramatic Battle[edit]

The best mode in the entire game.

To enter it simply hold all 3 of the kick buttons, insert coins, press start, and then let go of the buttons.

Team up with a buddy to become the Street Fighters.

But know this, you will never be a better team than Yami and Witty. Unless you teamed up with yami's sister.

They're the best around