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Can't think of anything funny right meow



Level 1 - Kuro is so Mean >.< (150 AP)

Toro contemplates the meaning of life while Kuro appears behind Toro and kicks him away. During this super, Toro's body is a hitbox and travels forward. Note that unlike other "dash" level 1 supers, Toro can actually fly off ledges too, which is useful in catching someone offguard. Note this has a bit of startup, so keep that in mind in case you randomly pop it. An interesting note about this super is that even if you press the opposite direction you're facing while you hit R2, Toro will NOT turn around, despite the animation before the startup suggesting otherwise. This makes a hitconfirm very tricky to perform. Overall, this is Toro's best super as it is cost efficient and is easy to hitconfirm into. Online hitconfirms aren't listed, but anything that puts them on their butt works. Remember: Always use training mode to check for hitconfirms!

Hitconfirms: Aerial UA.png + SQ.png, the second hit of DA.png + SQ.png, Oni form's aerial DA.png + TR.png (works 25% of the time, mess with this in training mode because it's very distant dependent.), or (Oni form, medium sized) aerial TR.png.

Level 2 - Toro makes a wish O_O (325 AP)

Toro wishes he had a better level 2, but his wish fails and explodes right in front of him. This summons a giant star into the arena that lands in front of Toro and the star explodes. If there is an enemy below Toro, the star will "home" in and explode about where the enemy is. However, the star will never travel upwards. While this super seems initially good, it is very easy to evade the resulting explosion and even the star itself. Remember that the Star always goes in front of Toro, so opponents can avoid it by simply walking behind him and air dodging for good measure. This is best used for clusterfuck FFAs, and is Toro's weakest super, as it leaves him open long enough to be hit by a quick level 1 or 2. You can use a knockdown move for a weak setup, though.

Level 3 - Toro's dream comes true ^o^ (600 AP)

Toro channels the power of Akuma and uses raging demon on his taunting opposition. There isn't much to say about this super, it's a cinematic super that kills everyone on the screen. Just don't use it when someone is dead, otherwise they will not be hit. Thanks to Toro's quick meter gain and overall low AP requirements, getting this shouldn't be too difficult. Note that no matter which form you begin this level 3 with, you will come out as Oni, so plan accordingly.


Toro is quite an interesting character. As the strategy guide puts it, he's best described as a "cat of all trades". This section will serve as a beginner's guide to Toro and cover the basics of his forms.

His Justice form features fast melee attacks, with easy to chain into combos that build solid AP. Check the combo section for some easy Toro Justice combos (soon). However, Justice form lacks mobility and range, which is where the Ninja form or Oni form come in. There is not much to say, as Justice is mostly used for combos and fast melee.

Ninja form does not build as much AP as Oni or Justice, but rather serves as utility for Toro. His Shurikens from RA.pngCR.png are very fast, and while they don't build a whole lot of AP, they force the opponent to come to Toro and alter their ground approach. Toro's chain (TR.png) is good for catching opponents and is much less punishable than Parappa's CR.png. After Toro's grounded chain, you can start a good air trap with UA.png + TR.png, which forces them to tech left, right, or down. Note if they tech down they can airdodge the next set, so be ready. Opponents who don't catch on will keep getting hit while you build around 10 AP for each shuriken. Toro's RA.png + TR.png on the ground is a slide, which sends the opponent upwards and leave behind a bone fish, making it hard for enemies to catch Toro. This is a good approach method, but is very punishable on block. In the air, this move turns into a very mobile bicycle kick move. The aerial version of RA.png + TR.png is very good for evasion, but builds a lackluster 20 AP if all kicks connect. Finally, Toro's DA.png + TR.png is a teleport that has limited range and homes in on the closest enemy. It builds 10 AP and is punishable, so watch out. The teleport is best used for mobility and running away.

Oni form is the easiest form to use, and arguably the best due to its massive AP gain and moveset. His mochi balls (TR.png) are okay for keepaway, and can be charged for three different mochi ball sizes. Probably the best Mochi Ball is the medium sized one, as it leads into a hitconfirm with level 1 if the charge is done from the air and the opponent is grounded. However, it's very situational and doubtful a good opponent will give you time to charge to a medium sized mochi ball. If used in the air, Toro stops his momentum but slowly falls down while charging. He stops again to fire. Toro's Mochi Ball smash (DA.png + TR.png) is a good AoE attack to just throw out to get people off of you. As one would expect, the biggest appeal to this form is the divekick, which leads into an incredibly easy IPS combo. Try to use the move sparingly against good opponents though, as it is punishable. The mochi uppercut (UA.png + TR.png) is best used in the air to stall, as you can cancel the ender into any other TR.png move. Hammer spin is a joke move and shouldn't be used often.

When out of battle or after killing a character, don't forget to take a quick cat nap (CR.png) to gain some AP! Generally, try to stay in level 1 so you can hitconfirm into it with Aerial UA.png + SQ.png, the second hit of DA.png + SQ.png, or a medium sized mochi ball from Oni's aerial neutral TR.png. However, if you accidentally go into level 2, then try to aim for level 3 as it is guaranteed kills. Overall, Toro is a very solid character in all game modes with a varied move set. He can play almost any role effectively, but doesn't excel in any of them.


(Oni form) Aerial DA.png + TR.png -> (walk forward) UA.png + SQ.png -> Aerial DA.png + TR.png -> (walk) UA.png + SQ.png -> Aerial DA.png + TR.png -> (walk) UA.png + SQ.png -> DA.png + TR.png (140 AP, breaks IPS)

(Oni form) Aerial DA.png + TR.png -> UA.png + CR.png (cancel it with a neutral TR.png) -> DA.png + TR.png -> UA.png + TR.png -> UA.png + TR.png (130 AP)