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Urien makes a bunch of Necro clones and tells one to kill Necro.


Don't pick Twelve.

Starting Out[edit]

Super Art Selection - X.N.D.L., no questions asked. X.D.R.A. is near-impossible to combo into (a single one-frame link) and is easy to block or otherwise avoid, X.C.O.P.Y. is unreliable except in the Twelve matchup. X.C.O.P.Y. is still the best troll, though.

Normals - Grounded, Twelve doesn't have any good moves. He has moves that are better than his other moves. With this in mind, c.LK is your main poke and pressure tool, followed by c.MK once the light is out of range. s.LP and s.MP are both good standing pokes. s.HP is to catch opponents jumping up. s.LK isn't as good as c.LK, and s.MK, although cancellable, is garbage. b.MK is an alright anti-air, but difficult to use. s.HK hits half the screen but is slow and not very good. Can be used as an occasional punish for poking or an anti-air. c.LP isn't as good as s.LK, either. c.MP is a great anti-air compared to Twelve's other options. c.HP is a multi-hitting barrel roll thing. I have no idea what that's for. c.HP is unsafe at most ranges, and I think it's pretty fair to say the worst sweep in the game. Air-wise, Twelve is actually in pretty good shape. j.LP and j.LK are both great, and stay out a long time. j.MP and j.MK are good for air-to-air. j.HP and j.HK are great for flying in at the opponent, with j.HP being used when coming in horizontally and j.HK being superior when directly above them.

Twelve's normals are mostly garbage, but really focus on c.LK and c.MK.

Specials -

  • QCF+P - N.D.L. (EX) - Needle. A projectile of sorts. light appears right next to Twelve, hard just barely misses fullscreen, and medium is closer to light than hard. EX tracks, hits three times, and pops opponents into the air. However, it's not really worth using meter for.
  • QCB+P - A.X.E. (EX) (Air OK) - Axe. Twelve's best bet for damage, A.X.E. is a slow-starting move that can be combo'd into from c.LK. L hits twice with decent startup, M and H aren't worth the risk of their startups. EX A.X.E. is Twelve's best move, an overhead that works as an excellent meaty. This is what most of your meter is going to be pumped in to. In the air, A.X.E. stops Twelve's forward movement and is a great tool to stop jumping opponents.
  • QCB+K - D.R.A. (EX) (Air) - Dragon. This move is absolute garbage, a long startup and long recovery, not to mention it's easily parried. Don't use it. Don't.

Game Plan - Use X.C.O.P.Y. and turn into a better fucking character Twelve's game relies on effective pressure with c.LK and c.MK and his air dashes. Jump up and dash, using A.X.E., j.HP, j.HK, and j.LK to hit the opponent. When on the ground, mash c.LK in an attempt to confirm L A.X.E. When out of range of c.LK, use c.MK and M N.D.L. to keep the pressure up. When you're too far to maintain pressure, start flying again. Twelve can also play some decent footsies with s.MP and c.LK, but there's not a lot of damage to find there. If you manage to score a knockdown, EX A.X.E. is a great meaty option. Make them respect it, and then use Twelve's forward grab as a mixup. After landing a grab, Twelve can afford a taunt, which makes him invisible until he blocks, parries, or is hit. Twelve's lack of health tends to end his matches early, and the key to playing Twelve is making as few mistakes as possible.


  • c.LK, L A.X.E.