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Savestate in the first download is incorrect replace it with this.


Kawaii Player vs Player SHMUP. The manliest game in existence and the ultimate test in skill.

Only playable on GGPO by romhacking


You are Mahou Shoujo Ran the girl with the power of the twinkle star or something, you have a rabbit cat named rabbicat as a companion, she grows up and her mom is the last boss after beating gay darkness overlord.


The goal is to make your opponent life bar get to 0, you do this by summoning fireballs and other shit.

You can charge your shot to summon fireballs, special attacks and bosses on your enemy screen.

You shoot the enemies in your screen, depending on the blast count is the ammount of fireball you send to your opponent.

To counter your opponent fireballs you can fire on them. Most of the time this is not a great strategy because of the following line.

If your opponent counters your fireballs, you can send them back as character specific summon attacks. You can identify countered fireballs because the flash green.

If your combo counter reaches a certain level, you summon a BOSS TYPE enemy on your opponent side of the screen, every character summons a different kind of boss attack.


Blue moon orb makes combos easymodo.

Star coin burst enemy with bubbles.

Bomb coin gives you extra bomb.