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The less impulsive, more pointy haired of the twins. Still likes fighting and testing his skills. Also movies. Yun and Yang's Grandpappy taught them .


Yang is a seemingly simple character who is easy to pick up, but requires creativity and reactions to succeed with and truly become great. Compared to Yun's relentless and stylish rushdown, Yang utilizes a calculating, read-based game sprinkled with mixups.



Mantis Slashes (Tourou Zan) Colloquially known as Rekkas a la Fei Long

Rolling Kick (Senkyuutai) A dragon punch type move

Monkey Flip (Zenpou Tenshin) Command Grab

Command Dash (Kaihou)Forward moving teleport

EX Moves

Only Mantis Slashes and Rolling Kick have EX Versions, with EX Slashes being the most useful combo wise.

Super Arts

SA1:Raishin-Mahhaken Initial Mantis strike that leads into even more Mantis shenanigans

Gives you less theoretical meter to work with than SA2 and less Combo potential than SA3. While this still deals solid damage, your better of sticking to the other super arts.

SA2:Tenshin-Senkyutai Enhanced Version Rolling kick that leads into more aerial kicks

Theoretically gives you the most meter to work with, allowing you to make the most of EX Slashes. The super itself can roll through projectiles and can be combo'd into from a super cancel or a Close Mk. Good stuff.

SA3:Seiei-Enbu Custom Combo type super giving Yang a shadow that mimics his normals and specials

Honestly not as good as Genei-Jin but not bad by any means.

Normals Roundup


Lights in general are solid and can be hit confirmed off of with EX Slashes for damage

Crouching Mk is probably Yang's most important normal as it can easily be canceled into Slashes. Learn to consistently cancel C.Mk on hit into Slashes. Also probably your best normal for super cancels

Standing Mp is a decent poke that can also start a combo into C.Mk if you have your links down.

Crouching Mp is kind of there

Standing Mk launches the opponent on hit and is jump cancelable, increasing Combo, Mixup and Anime potential.

Standing HK is an okay long range poke, but is laggy, so use sparingly

Sweep(Crouching HK) shares St.HK's lagginess but has decent range and gives the universally juicy hard knockdown. Use to punish when C.Mk just won't get the job done.

Standing HP is better as a long ranged poke than Hk and will often times stuff things

Crouching HP can make due as a ghetto anti-air/stop pressing buttons, but really isn't that great.

Basically, Yang's normals actually aren't that great. He isn't particularly good at poking or footies, but rather punishment and pressure


Command Normals

Personal Action: Intense hair flick the raises the damage of your next hit/combo by almost 1/3 and your next throw by...significantly less. Doesn't stack.

Use if you want to embrace your inner Anime.