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Full Name: EightNinetyFive

Birthplace: Chicago

Height: 5'11" [way taller than Stock]

Weight: 200 lbs

Blood Type: A something

Family/Relatives: your mom

Job/Occupation: Works at an old folks home (administration not administrator)

Likes: Being Human, Living on dry land [reptili-wink]

Dislikes: Mayo, People who like mayo

Hobbies: Fast Driving, RPGs, your mom

Favorite Food: Chicken, Pizza, Fuckin' Popeyes

Forte in Sports: Football, Basketball

Fighting Style: Long-range Combative Homicide

Most Unpleasant: An Un-nuked Japan and California

Story: Born and raised in Chicago, bad childhood (remember it's Chicago) but he brushed it off. Family dragged him to Florida and he just kind of stayed I guess, as a bulwark against hurricanes for the local populace. He successfully crushed Hurricane Matthew in 2016, saving the Floridians from having to rebuild their hovels. He has since abandoned his way as protector of the people, exposing to sudden and imminent death come the next hurricane, may god speed her winds.

Personality: Accusatory and dearly hopes for the people of FV to see the error in their ways and lifestyles, especially the pedophiles and the weeaboos [see all of FV], but he sees little promise in their journey towards the light, each they slip further into blackness, but he still tries in the face of this impossible, but holy task.

Powers: Average Human Bite Force: His bite force is neither above nor below the human average.


Arm up his ass

Got a 28 on his ACT (GREAT JOB ENF!)

Wears size FOURTEEN AND A HALF shoes

FV Last Blade 2 tournament champion (Okina)