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Full Name: Jacob Johnson

Birthdate: November 25, 1995

Birthplace: Yosemite, California

Height: 5'11" (way taller than Stock)

Weight: 130

Blood Type: Honestly doesn't know

Family/Relatives: Brother named George, also has a Mom

Job/Occupation: Part time librarian

Likes: Granblue Fagasy, Drinking vodka,

Dislikes: mixed drinks, Counter Strike, cinnamon candy

Hobbies: Hiking, Listening to music (field recordings)

Favorite Food: Good Pizza

Forte in Sports: Discus (100 something feet in highschool was his record)

Fighting Style: Repeating Bandit Night Fist of Filth

Story: When he was a kid his dad played the Aquabats for him and he liked the song Martian Girl. His dad would later be involved in a car accident where his spine was severed from his head, however, the accident was not fatal but left him without the ability to walk. His family then abandoned him in a nursing home and has outcast him from their family. He is no longer considered alive by them. His father yearns each for their forgiveness, but their hearts are cold and cruel. A consistent underachiever, he is active in his current position as a librarian, only because it's an easy job and someone told him to apply. He will die in that library having done nothing. One guy at work only ever reads the books, he never shelves the books, but Gonnhead has never spoken to him. He looks at the people at work and realizes the situation he's in.

Personality: Really outgoing and friendly, has lots of friends. This is probably a lie that he told, so he's a pathological liar.


Spinner of untruths: manages to lie through his teeth about about things even when he isn't fully aware of whether or not he should be lying. Honesty burn his throat, and he is loathe to let it slip by.


Has never broken a bone

Owns a cassette collection from his moms dead friend

Enjoys the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola