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Full Name: Chris Igloo

Birthdate: April 24, 1987

Birthplace: Yosemite, Iowa

Height: 5'8" (taller than Stock)

Weight: like 135 lbs

Blood Type: O

Family/Relatives: Mom (she's a virgin)

Job/Occupation: Aspiring Student

Likes: Winning, Red Bull

Dislikes: Losing, Monster Energy Drinks, Nos Energy Drinks

Hobbies: Beating up Dyne, Internet Browsing, memes

Favorite Food: Chicken Tikka Massala

Forte in Sports: Soccer

Fighting Style: El Gorilla Fistoñ

Story: Childhood filled with avid bike riding, as well as some dabbling in the skateboard arts. Unfortunately there was a tragic accident, and he no longer follows the way of the mobile wheeled sports. He had to be moved to California for the operation that would save his life, and now he is forbidden to cut his hair lest his affliction return. He longs to one day free himself from his follicle prison and become a Tekken God Prime.

Personality: Mr. Igloo is an abrasive, arrogant, blowhard who likes to stir up trouble. Once upon a time, he has a well mannered Blanka player, but now his corruption by the POWER: PRIMATE is considered incurable.

Powers: Dodging Locals: He manages to find anywhere to be other than playing videogames with people, but that's the only thing he can do. It's a sad miserable existence, and he should be pitied.

Rage Quitting: His fury is such that nothing can stop him from forcefully leaving a match once his ass has become singed enough.


Looks exactly like Fumimi's niece, a 9 year old señorita from Mexico

Played 100 games of League Bowling in a row, it took him five hours(what a loser)