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Full Name: Tyler Dickey

Birthdate: October 1, 1992

Birthplace: The Woods, Alabama

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 200 something

Blood Type: O-

Family/Relatives: Three older brothers (One basically got him into fighting games, the other one is a musician, oldest one is a racist)

Job/Occupation: Cellphone Tester

Likes: Comics, Rock Music, Smoking Weed (it's pretty kool)

Dislikes: Bad waifus and people who jerk off to them (like the fuckin frog bitch from hero academia), Smash Kids (Stock)

Hobbies: Guitar, some other instruments

Favorite Food: Sushi (cheap shit, California rolls)

Forte in Sports: American Football

Fighting Style: Plucking Dog Palm

Story: I mean like the only thing that was really bad about his childhood is that his dad died when he was twelve in a cell phone accident (he used a cell phone on an airplane when they were taking off), which was cool cause his mom never remarried. His mom was always pretty good to him. His mom was crippled over the loss of her husband. This event led him to become a tester a cell phones to try and prevent anyone else from experiencing the tragedy and loss that brought his mother to the brink of human suffering. He did it mostly because his mom asked him to, he doesn't really give a shit. He has no dreams or aspirations for the future. One time at night when it was raining, a cat tried to jump in his window, he freaked and threw it back outside.

Personality: Sounds really passive for a guy who's mad all the time about different things. He thinks he's pretty funny. He would kill the one guy in the trolley problem.


Indecisiveness: Squid can change characters in fighting games regardless of how much he professed his love or appreciation for a certain character in the past or how much work he has put into them.


His birth name came from a randomly generated Xbox Live name

Had a ten a minute conversation with a 90 year old man about his Alabama shirt

His aux cable got stolen out of his truck when he left it unlocked, not bad overall for a car theft