Super Turbo (GGPO)

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Super Turbo (GGPO)
It's as if somewhere during the development process someone turned to another and said: "When you make a single mistake in this game, you should lose".


O. Sagat wins and Roo is the father.


Pick Cammy and spiral arrow to win Battle by the Bay FREE or visit the wiki Super Turbo wiki


CWheezy - Canada West Coast

TotallyBoard - US West Coast

boxw3ll - US East Coast (Maine) - Guile P.S. I'm terrible

captain_broseph - US West Coast

PurpledrinksSerhcv - US Midwest (best st player in the universe)

YamiAtomsk - US West Coast

creepr - US West Coast

Mr igloo - US West Coast (Previously worst Blanka now currently worst Guile)