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doesn't jerk off, has a chastity belt
doesn't jerk off, has a chastity belt
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Full Name: Timothy Achenbach

Birthdate: February 29, 1993

Birthplace: New York, America

Height: 5'9"

Weight: Under Weight in Birth

Blood Type: No clue, honestly

Family/Relatives: Mom and Dad are Christians, has a cat and a younger sister

Job/Occupation: NEET, just graduated from university, majored in Computer Science, develops mobile applications for finding other people with pets to play with your pets, it's like grindr for cats

Likes: Cats, Animals in general, weeb card games, anime, Halloween

Dislikes: Blood, Sharp Objects (Anti-Freeman), Koreaboos, characters with DPs

Hobbies: Shadowverse, Yu-gi-oh, anime

Favorite Food: Fruit, grapes, strawbs, etc. Cheesecake

Forte in Sports: Mental Gymnastics

Fighting Style: Seven Muppet Fist

Story: As a child Auctaway was a born soccer prodigy. His prowess on the fields of soccer was so extreme that it left him bereft of any companionship as every other child bore an extreme jealousy of his natural gift. Because of this, Auctaway has attended less than 5 birthday parties of his peers, and has given up on team sports. In addition to this, his rather bizarre eating habits that developed from his childhood soccer diet have formed him into an extremely strange adult. He isn't quite sure of his path for the future, as the only thing that he's ever been gifted left him a scorched and withered husk of a human. Carefully will he tread from now on.

Personality: Soft spoken weirdo who is both endearing and creepy

Powers: Gunz2 master: never has there walked a more terrifying force in Gunz2


Has never had a burger (his dad gave him chihcken nuggest when he was a kid and he got sick, so that was enough fast food for him) or a burrito or a sandwich, his mom would give him the bread and the cheese and everything separate when he was younger so he got used to that

Won't go to Next Level because there's blacks

Likes baked chicken, doesn't like steak, doesn't eat pork, usually eats turkey bacon, used ketchup once in his life as a kid and decided he didn't like it, doesn't like chinese food, hasn't had cantaloupe,

doesn't jerk off, has a chastity belt