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#1 idol of FV beloved by everyone and anyone
#1 idol of FV beloved by everyone and anyone
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Full Name: Edmund Thunder

Birthdate: May 14, 1991

Birthplace: The Badlands Of Wyoming

Height: 5'5" (shorter than stock)

Weight: 198 pounds sterling

Blood Type: B-

Family/Relatives: Mother and Father (never married). Two brothers (one deceased) one sister on fathers side. Two sisters on mothers side. He's 10 years older than his siblings. Dad is a commercial driver (so they hire him drive race cars in commercials). Mom is the owner the of a cosmetology school for like those girls in Grease. She might a run a cult instead of a school (cosmostology) this was lost in translation. Stock is stuck as the bastard child tearing two legitimate families apart. He's a sympathetic individual

Job/Occupation: Five Star General Contractor.

Likes: Arrow Gay, Ice Cold Coca-Cola, shit posting, bait fishing (brown and rainbow trout, mexican and gay), weebgames

Dislikes: Pepsi (described it as rancid horse piss), Loud Music, Bethesda games (controversial and brave), any kind of olive, hot summer days (he's an Autumn)

Hobbies: Build plamo (mostly gunpla, he likes his Qubeley the best), likes to listen to True Crime podcasts (it's basically uh someone going through the story of , usually a murder or some kind of catastrophe that something happens, they go in assuming that you don't know the story and they introduce the characters and the actors and they uh reveal who did what etc. he's working on his own plan for a perfect crime, stay safe FVers)

Favorite Food: Chow Mein specifically with char siu and some seafood, shrimp or whatever, they're a lot of variations, yeah

Forte in Sports: Sprinting

Fighting Style: Clumsy Pacifist Ram Horn

Story: Child born out of wedlock, his parents were both 19 when they had him. They tried to pursue a life together, but they were completely incpomatible as people so they never got married or anything like that. he grew up in a pretty serious uh, custody war. That pretty much defined his early childhood. The Belligerents were The Kingdom of the Great White North, and the Republic of the Spicy South. He was all alone, so he was pretty lonely. He wasn't very happy for a long time. His first PC was the first ray of happiness to shine down on his life, allowing to escape from his real and horrific life into the world of videogames and nerd shit. To this day he hasn't emerged from this world, except to take some joy in the carpet he has surrounded himself with. He came across FV because uh, in its early days, just after buttons on robotpuke, or before. He was shitposting as anon because he wanted to watch fighting games. He played SF4 in the days long past. Fighting games are now just a spectator sport to him. He also wanted to watch Tekken 6. He watched some of the BlazBlue and stuff too. He's never really been about anime fighters because of how hard they are to follow visually. Street Fighter 4 gave him a greater ability to watch and appreciate a fighting game. He thinks SF5 is really boring ot watch, he doesn't know if it's because of a meme, or the official reason which is the constant balance changes are built to make the platform continue making money on bnoth the consumer and esports end so there's a lack of consistency and it's too mainstream. Yeah I mean I was never I mean I don't like the esports angle of it, I preferred when it was "street" fighter. Considers FV his true (unbroken) home.

Personality: Cynical ironic kinda clown. He can't help but act the fool, but he does so while shitting on everything. He's a modern Pagliacci.

Powers: Got a really damaged voice despite never smoking. Keeps carpet fresh. He has a pretty titanic tolerance for alcohol. His alcoholic family lineage has allowed to him to treat alcohol the same as any other drink, with no dsicrimination.


Hearin' aint so good

Got some sweet carpet (prairie color)

Has sensitive teeth ( hard for him to bite into ice cream) so he uses sensodyne toothpaste to cope with it

Has got a unique teddy bear made from a normal teddy bear and a pair of tiny underwear that was in an advertisement in a Rolling Stones magazine when he was three years old.

He named his first cat Peckline


  1. 1 idol of FV beloved by everyone and anyone
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